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Bowls for cats: a description of the types, the best models and features of choice

The acquisition of a pet is always accompanied by the purchase of various accessories necessary for a comfortable stay of the animal. If we are talking about cats, then, of course, you can not do without quality bowls.


Bowls for cats, in the first place, should not cause any difficulties for pets in the matter of obtaining water or food. Experts do not recommend combining two containers into one, as such designs cause problems for animals. Usually double bowls have high sides that prevent cats from eating in a reclining position or touch their whiskers. The second point is especially relevant for flat-faced Persians and exotics.


Separately, it is customary to allocate bowls for water. Since their shape is of great importance, certain drinking utensils should be taken. The sides of such a container should be low, and the bottom usually has a large diameter. The size of a drinking dish can be compared to a soup bowl.

As a rule, several copies are purchased, which are placed throughout the apartment, but always away from working equipment.

As an alternative, you can install an indoor fountain in which water will constantly circulate, attracting pets.

Auto-feeders are popular, sold in various variations. For example, it can be a self-replenishing structure, which promptly receives food. It is usually made of high quality plastic.

As a rule, an automatic feeder is equipped with a timer, several containers and a dispenser. It works both from the socket, and from the accumulator or even batteries. More modern versions can be activated by voice message.

There is also an intelligent feeder designed for slow feeding. This variety is relevant if the animal has problems with eating. For example, it swallows food too quickly, practically without chewing it.

A double bowl means either using one container for two kittens, or one part of it is filled with food and the other with water. The triple bowl has even more functionality: one compartment is filled with water, the second is dry food, and the third is wet food.

Quite often, bowls on a stand are chosen.which are much easier for animals to use. The interactive bowl allows you to further develop your pet. The feeder is endowed with round spikes resembling blades of grass, and the animal must get pieces of food between them with its paws.

The non-spill bowl has a rubber ring as a base – it is this that prevents the container from moving along the floor surface.

Looks very unusual tumbler toy, inside which dry food is poured. A food puzzle can be of different shapes and have an unequal structure. Some models can be made independently at home, for example, by placing various tubes, containers on a wooden base, attaching boards and sticks. Finally, we must not forget about the heated bowls.

Materials, shapes and sizes

Cat bowls are most commonly made from plastic, stainless steel, or ceramic. In addition, porcelain or glass can be used. Plastic containers are the most popular and affordable. There are both cheap and quite expensive models on sale.

Low-cost feeders are distinguished by a specific odor, the ability to absorb odors, and sometimes release hazardous substances. As a rule, they bend and crack quite quickly. Expensive models are devoid of such shortcomings and last much longer.

However, experts do not recommend purchasing plastic containers, as the porous structure of the material becomes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

Metal bowls are characterized by resistance and durability. For convenience, the base is often covered with rubber – so the container will not slip on the floor surface. Such dishes are safe for the health of the animal, but sometimes the stirring of the pieces irritates the animal.

These bowls belong to the middle price category. Ceramic and porcelain options are environmentally friendly and safe. However, they hit quickly and also slide across the floor.

Equally important is the choice of the correct form of dishes. Most often, the feeder is a moderately deep plate with high sides and a medium-sized diameter. In some cases, it has a slight narrowing upwards.

Manufacturers Overview

One of the most popular cat bowls is the melamine model. Cibo by Savic. It is very beautiful and modern, available in black or white. This container can be used for both feeding and drinking. Melamine, from which the dishes are made, is an absolutely safe and resistant material, which is very easy to care for.

The advantage of the container is the rubberized base, thanks to which the feeder does not slip on the floor.

If we talk about plastic containers, then we should definitely mention others. Savic brand bowls. The comfortable elongated shape is best suited for kittens and adult animals with a flat muzzle. The embossed bottom prevents the animals from scattering feed.

Trixie brand metal bowl made of stainless steel. Thanks to the rubberized bottom, it is very stable. The volume of the container is 450 ml – this is enough for both food and water.

Dezzie bowls have an unusual shape. The container itself is made of stainless steel and is placed on a special plastic stand. A special advantage of such a feeder is the convenience for the animal, which does not even have to strain its neck.

Dezzie fish bowls look very stylish and organically fit into the kitchen interior. This model is made of stainless steel and is mounted on a special stand made of nubuck. In addition to durability and ease of use, users also note the antibacterial properties of the container itself.

If there is a need for a feeder with two sections, then you can pay attention to the Japanese company hello kitty. The ceramic feeder is durable. The containers themselves are located at some distance from each other, which prevents the process of getting food into the water.

Ring brand metal bowls available in red and black. Their round shape looks quite stylish, and the bottom is anti-slip thanks to the material used. However, often such a feeder rattles strongly and thereby scares pets.

ROGZ bowls are made of melamine and have an original design. The convenient shape of the dishes prevents touching the whiskers of cats, and additional sides prevent food and liquid from splashing. The bottom of the tank is made of non-slip silicone, and the tank itself is non-toxic due to the use of melamine with anti-corrosion characteristics.

How to choose?

You should start with the fact that many owners prefer to place bowls not on the floor, but on special coasters or rugs. They give the bowls stability, visually enclose the eating area and prevent the spread of crumbs and pieces of food throughout the room.

Some models can be attached to the wall, freeing up space on the floor.

However, not all pets react normally to such an accessory. For example, the sides of the stand can make it difficult for the animal to access the bowl from different sides. It is better to purchase a mat or stand only if the animal prefers to eat sitting or standing.

The cat bowl should not move across the floor during operation, so the choice should be made either in favor of massive models or on stands, otherwise you will have to buy a rug. The shape should, first of all, be suitable for the cat, and then the owner should like it. For example, a bowl in the form of a cat’s face may look very unusual, but the food will clog into the “ears” where the animal cannot reach normally.

Oval and circle are the most successful shapes, while the depth of the bowl should be medium.

Despite the purpose of the bowl, it should be moderately spacious and wide. A double bowl is more suitable for two animals, because if you adapt one for water and the other for food, then a not too neat pet will start throwing crumbs into the water. In any case, you should observe the behavior of the cat and, in case of any inconvenience, purchase a replacement.

The size of the bowl, of course, is determined depending on the characteristics of the pet. Enough food should be placed in the container so that the cat has enough for one meal. Water should be enough to take it for the whole day. If the bowl is too narrow or deep, it will be inconvenient for the animal to eat, since the muzzle will not fit. For small kittens, it is worth taking a feeder that resembles a saucer in shape and size.

In addition, the choice of a bowl also depends on the type of food: a dry one will fit perfectly in a plate with raised sides, and for a canned version, designs without such high devices are suitable.

Where to put?

Experts recommend always putting bowls in the same place. It should be away from the stove, sink, and the main passage to the kitchen. Dishes must be placed on the floor, and not on elevations, for example, on a bedside table or window sill.

It is strictly not allowed to place bowls next to the tray. Do not forget that the selected area should be easy to clean.

It is important that the cat always has free access to liquid, but it is better to replenish the food container at a certain time in the amount of the required portion. Hygiene rules require daily washing of dishes: it is enough to clean the liquid bowls once a day, and the feeders after each use.

In the video below, you can learn more about how to choose dishes for a cat table.