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How to make a cat toy with your own hands?

Cats at any age remain playful and find toys for themselves in a variety of things – from flying midges to any objects lying on the floor. Due to the fact that at home it can be difficult to find an object of play for oneself, active cat pastime ends with torn wallpaper, scattered clothes, broken dishes and other problems. To avoid such troubles, you need to get a good toy for your pet. You can not only buy it at a pet store, but also make it yourself.


Toys for cats must meet a number of basic requirements. Before you start making such a little thing with your own hands, you should familiarize yourself with them.

  • Larger cat toys are safer, especially if you plan to make them for a small kitten. If you follow this requirement, you will save the animal from accidentally swallowing a small object (which can end badly).
  • A toy for a cat or kitty should not be too heavy. Otherwise, the animal will not be very comfortable playing with it. And if you are making a thing for a baby, then a heavy toy can even be dangerous for him – you will have to throw it very carefully so that it does not accidentally fall on the kitten.
  • It is not recommended to make them too hard, because a small kitten can damage their teeth on them.
  • The toy should not have sharp or other dangerous parts that the pet can get hurt on.
  • The material of manufacture must be safe and environmentally friendly, otherwise the toy can cause serious harm to the health of the pet, because he, one way or another, will gnaw it.

If all the requirements are met, you will save the cat from accidental injuries and pain.

Simple Options

For cats and cats, you can make simple and uncomplicated toys. Animals will like such things no less than expensive attributes for games. Such options are made quickly without wasting money. Materials can be used available and inexpensive. Some simple toys are worth making from improvised means.

Let’s get acquainted with some options for simple, but fascinating toys for cats.


Teaser toys are especially loved by cats. Such things always immediately attract the attention of pets and can keep them busy for a long time. For example, one of the most successful options can be a homemade fishing rod for a cat. In the game with the indicated object, the owner always takes a direct part, which makes the animal even more pleased. If the owner does not want to spend time on this, the fishing rod can be made with a longer rod so that you can play with the animal without getting up from your chair.

To make such an exciting toy, you will need the following components:

  • a stick of any size or a rod from a fishing rod bought in a store;
  • blue ribbon;
  • lace;
  • insulating tape;
  • feathers;
  • special construction knife;
  • glue gun.

Consider step by step how to make a toy-rod for a cat.

  • First, take a stick of the desired length.
  • Now it’s interesting to decorate it by wrapping a ribbon on top. The rest can be cut off with a knife.
  • Next, leaving the same length gaps, stick tape on the stick.
  • Tie the prepared feathers using a string.
  • To make the thing rustle louder, it is permissible to additionally tie ribbons.
  • Cut the end of the tape with scissors and carefully glue it.
  • Now connect the cord to the feathers and the stick using a glue gun.

As a result, you will get a good teaser for a cat. Such a thing will not only be interesting for the pet, but will also make it possible to use it for a long time.

As soon as the old nozzle is badly worn or tired of the cat, it can be replaced with something new.

If you know how to knit well, then you can make a knitted mouse or fish for a cat. Such toys made of yarn will attract a lot of attention. The same things can be made from dense textiles. The best materials in this case will be:

  • fleece;
  • felt;
  • artificial suede;
  • drape;
  • fur.

Everyone can make a teasing mouse for a cat. To do this, you will need the following manipulations:

  • cut a triangle from the selected fabric or fur, sew two of its sides;
  • now gently stuff the resulting bag with cotton wool, leftover yarn or foam rubber;
  • pull off the edge that you did not sew;
  • attach a tail and ears to the toy.

The most popular and easy to make teasers will be cute pompoms or panicles. Such things can be made from fleece fabric or knitwear. You just need to carefully cut a few strips, wrap them with a cord in the middle several times, and then tighten them tightly. On this fascinating teaser will be over. It is advisable to use fabrics that are brighter and more juicy in color for its manufacture – such a toy will attract more attention to itself.

From an old glove you can make an original octopus toy or any other funny creature that you can think of. Instead of a glove, it is acceptable to use an old sock that has lost a pair or another similar item. Embroider bright eyes of unknown monsters on these things – you can use buttons or beads for this. The main thing is to sew them well so that they do not fall off, and the cat does not accidentally swallow them.

You can make fluffy pompoms from woolen threads.

Or you can resort to another interesting solution – to put fluffy and soft covers on wine corks, similar in shape to a candy wrapper.

Teasers need to be properly fixed so that it is more convenient for the cat to have fun with them. There are several options for how this can be done.

  • You can fasten the resulting teaser toy on a string or a dense, strong thread.
  • Often teasers are attached to sticks (as is the case with a fishing rod for cats).
  • It is allowed to combine these two ways of fixing the toy. In the end, you will get something that looks like a fishing rod.

The most common options, fixed on a string, are good because they can tease the animal well, how to drive it until you are completely tired, and then just hang the little thing on a special bracket or doorknob. The kitten will be able to play the homemade toy on his own when he gains strength, or when he has the appropriate playful mood.

Stick toys involve participation in the owner’s games. But there is an opportunity to find such methods in which the pet had fun on its own, without a person. For example, you can use not too hard wood, but more flexible materials – small plastic tubes, metal springs, dense rubber. Such toys can be fixed on a special stand.

When the kitten attacks them, they will spring back sharply, resisting the pet, which will surely provoke him.


The ideal entertainment for a cat is playing with a rattle. The latter make appropriate sounds that attract a lot of attention of pets. Such toys can be quickly and easily made with your own hands. At the same time, you won’t have to spend any extra effort, time, or money – the work will be elementary.

For example, you can literally build a rattle for a cat from improvised materials in just a few minutes:

  • a round container from a lollipop or kiner surprise;
  • small items – fish oil capsules, cereals or peas;
  • tape and scissors.

The process of making a rattle for cats will be very simple and fast.

  • Take a rounded container.
  • Pour selected small details into it, which in motion will become a source of noise. It is best to use fish oil or cereals.
  • Close the case tightly so that small parts do not fall out of it.
  • To make the thing more reliable, it should be additionally sealed at the joints with adhesive tape.

You can make a rattle not from one, but from several plastic cases (containers from kinder surprises are best). Such a bundle can be connected using dense or woolen threads. Such a thing will not roll under a sofa or other pieces of furniture, and there will be more noise from it – this will surely please the cat and attract its attention.

Homemade rattles for baleen pets are the easiest and fastest to make. True, they make a lot of noise.

And this applies not only to the sounds coming from rolling small parts in the case, but also to the clatter of cat’s paws during the “races” with such things.

Complex products

With your own hands for cats and cats of different ages, you can make not only simple, but also more complex toys. These can be interesting educational and educational things that will develop the intelligence of animals. Consider a few interesting toys of this kind, which are sure to please mustachioed pets.


If you want to really keep your pet busy for a long time, then you can make exciting interactive toys for him. Such things not only occupy pets for a long time, they are also developing.

So, you can make a very interesting and unusual toy for a cat with your own hands from plumbing pipes. To make such a thing, you will need to stock up on the following components:

  • 4 plastic “knees”;
  • insulating tape;
  • drill;
  • special construction knife;
  • blowtorch;
  • ping pong balls in the amount of 4-5 pieces.

The assembly of such an original interactive toy will consist of several stages.

  • Take 4 special plumbing outlets.
  • The first step will be to connect the two knees. At the edges, they will need to be wrapped with insulation to make the joint more dense and reliable.
  • Connect the rest of the pipes in pairs.
  • At the next stage, the two resulting blanks will need to be connected to each other in order to eventually get a vicious circle of the correct shape.
  • Randomly carefully drill holes. They should be of such a size that the cat’s paw easily gets there and does not get stuck.
  • Burrs and protruding elements will remain at the edges of the holes made. They will definitely need to be carefully cleaned, otherwise the cat may be injured or feel pain by placing a paw there. Cleaning will be most conveniently done using a construction knife.
  • To make the edges perfectly smooth and neat, you can resort to melting them with a blowtorch or a lighter. It would be useful to go over the areas to be treated with a piece of sandpaper.
  • Now you can place ping pong balls inside the structure. After that, the toy can be considered finished.

Similar designs can be made not only from plumbing pipes. Shoe boxes made of cardboard, special food containers are also suitable for this. As for the ping-pong balls, they can also be changed.

Instead, many owners use their pet’s favorite treats. In this case, the result will be a kind of game feeder-dispenser. To get to the food, the animal will need to make a lot of movements, and it will not be possible to eat all the goodies at once.

Such designs are primarily recommended for pets suffering from excess weight.


Intelligent toys for cats are great solutions, as they have a positive effect not only on the mood of pets, but also on their mental development. For a cat to learn something new, it is not necessary to build closed systems with hidden balls, treats or woolen balls. Instead of such structures, it is permissible to make real labyrinths.

Labyrinths for cats can be made from a variety of materials. For example, knitted tunnels with multi-colored balls sewn to their walls will seem very interesting to the animal. Such a labyrinth cannot be called too difficult, it is most suitable for a kitten.

To do this, you will need:

  • 100 g of thick yarn (any three beautiful colors);
  • crochet hook No. 5;
  • wire with a diameter of 3 mm;
  • hook number 2;
  • thin yarn to make balls.

Consider how to make such a little thing for a kitten.

  • The pipe should be knitted in a circle with double crochets. The diameter of our thing will be 22 cm. This design will consist of three main parts.
  • The outer halves of the product should be 22 cm long, and the middle – 24 cm.
  • Dial a chain of 70 loops and connect into a ring. Knit with columns, making a crochet. At the beginning of each row, knit 3 stitches to make a rise.
  • Further, all 3 elements will need to be connected by tying single crochets with yarn of contrasting color. When you fasten all the elements of the maze, do not forget to fix the wire.
  • Multi-colored balls will need to be knitted in a circle design. For this purpose, you will need to dial a chain of 4 air loops, and then connect it into a ring. Further, in the center of the latter, it will be necessary to knit 8 columns without making crochets.
  • On the second row, you will need to make increases, doubling every second column. In the third row, it will be necessary to double every third column. The fourth row should be made without increases, and the fifth – with decreases in every third column. As for the 6th row, reductions will also be needed here, but in every second column.
  • Next, all the loops will need to be pulled together. For the lace, you will need to knit 10-12 loops from the tightened section of the balls without cutting the thread. Balls can be sewn to the resulting pipe arbitrarily.

A beautiful labyrinth that can be assembled into a whole play complex for a cat can be made from ordinary cardboard boxes. Of course, creating such a design usually takes much more time than in the case of simple intellectual toys for pets. But as a result, you can get a fascinating little thing that will definitely fall in love with the cat and attract its attention.

There are a lot of variations of home cat labyrinths.

The structure of such a design can be almost anything – it all depends on the idea of ​​​​the owner and his imagination.

So, the wonderful design of the cat’s maze should turn out from plywood sheets. On one sheet of this material, with the help of glue, various sticks and planks, the labyrinth will have to be doubled. In addition to the resulting design, it is worth laying other details, for example, yogurt cups or containers left over from chicken eggs. In the resulting labyrinth, you will need to put the goodies that the cat loves. To get to them, overcoming all obstacles, the pet will have to think carefully and concentrate.

Beautiful labyrinths for cats are obtained from simple cardboard boxes. You just need to take a few of these items and fasten them together, making holes of different sizes, so that overcoming obstacles turns out to be more entertaining. It is better to fasten different parts of the labyrinth together not in a straight line, but by making turns and branches.

There is another interesting version of the labyrinth. Inside the boxes of the same size, you will need to make grooves for the pet, then combine them and glue or fasten them using tape. There is no need to put lids on the boxes. The cat will be able to move freely through such an original and intricate labyrinth from below, or jump from above. Boxes can be used to hide treats that your pet loves, or to put small toys.

Any cat loves to sit in boxes, and playing in them is a special pleasure for these pets. Some owners show their imagination and build entire castles and caves from cardboard boxes or paper bags.

Moreover, from such materials you can make beautiful houses for pets.

What else can be done?

A wonderful and useful toy for cats and cats is a tooth cleaner. Kittens, like children, often itch teeth. If you do not give the animal something that he can gnaw, then he will look for it himself. It is because of this that wires, shoes and other necessary things in the house most often suffer. To avoid such problems, you can build a toothbrush toy for your pet. Allowed to give to kittens rubber children’s toys or rings, however, they are rarely of interest to mustachioed.

You can make your own edible toy for a cat from beef tendons. It is necessary to cut them into pieces and dry a little in the freezer. Hold them there for 3-4 days, but do not put them in a bag. Next, defrost the workpiece and give the kitten so that he can scratch his teeth. He will be able to eat such a toy completely.

Great toys for cats fur “friends”. They can be sewn from artificial material. Of particular interest to cats are homemade furs that copy real animals, not cartoon or caricature ones. You can make such a “comrade” in full size – then he will definitely surprise your pet.

Favorite toy of many cats – laser flashlight. You can’t make it yourself, but you can buy it in many stores. On sunny summer days, instead of a laser, you can use a mirror and attract the fluffy with the play of a sunbeam.

Many original and funny toys for cats can be built toilet paper rolls. In such a part, it is necessary to make a small number of holes in random order. Pass cocktail tubes, colorful woven patches and pom-poms through them. Such a toy will definitely interest the pet and keep it busy for a long time.

An unusual solution is a small ball with protection. It can be dangerous to give simple balls to cats – they can choke on threads. To save the animal from such problems, you can slightly modify such a toy. To do this, you first need to carefully roll a ball of medium density from the threads. Leave one end free. Next, the resulting ball will need to be carefully wrapped with a piece of foil.

Any mustachioed pet will be attracted by the rustling of the foil wrapper and its bright shine.

Original toys for cats are obtained from traffic jams. Cats love to play with them, because these details are very light. Of course, you can just give your pet a wine cork, or you can spend some free time and make such a toy more interesting. For example, you can crochet a cork or attach multi-colored ribbons / feathers to it.

A huge variety of figurines can be made from felt. It will be interesting for a cat to play with them if you add them with feathers, multi-colored woolen threads or bright ribbons. For example, it can be charming little fish with bright fins and a tail made of ribbons, or a miniature felt jellyfish with tentacles made of small strings or bright feathers.

To make an interesting toy for a cat, you can use an old unnecessary T-shirt. Cut it into thin strips, and then put them all together and pull off a large bright knot.

To make the animal more interested in your craft, it is best to use a multi-colored T-shirt or several different T-shirts made from knitwear of different densities.

How to make a toy for a cat with your own hands, see the following video /