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How to determine the sex of the Djungarian hamster?

When buying a Djungarian hamster at a pet store, few people wonder what gender the new pet is. And even if the gender of the pet is important to the owner, he can be deceived in the store. Even the merchants themselves rarely know how to tell a girl from a boy for sure. Let’s try to figure out how to determine the sex of the Djungarian hamster and why it is needed.

Why find out gender?

The difference between a female and a male is as important a question as the issue of feeding and caring for a hamster. Knowing the gender of the purchased pet is necessary for the following reasons.

  • Sometimes the owner plans to breed jungars, and then the issue of gender becomes the main thing in this matter. Buying two same-sex animals will not lead to a result. There are also reverse situations. Perhaps the owner of one animal wants to add a friend or girlfriend to him, but is afraid of uncontrolled reproduction, and therefore tries to choose a pet of the same sex. By the way, this is not a very reasonable approach, Djungarian hamsters are solitary animals that do not tolerate another partner on their territory. Most likely, two same-sex tenants will regularly fight, take treats from each other. Most likely, one of them will settle next to the house, since the neighbor will not let the new tenant inside. Perhaps, over time, one of the animals will be left without a tail or even without one paw.
  • Even if the owner is lucky, and he got a boy and a girl, then the sale or return of little hamsters will soon come. Perhaps the future buyer will also need an animal of a certain gender, and then the seller will be able to show all the guys and girls with confidence.
  • It’s no secret that jungars breed very quickly, and there is a high probability of buying a pregnant female in the store. If the owner does not need the babies, then it is better to immediately acquire a male, so that in a few weeks you will not receive a surprise in the form of an unnecessary offspring.
  • It is also important to know the gender of the animal in order to choose a suitable name for it. You can choose a neutral nickname, but it will still be correct to name the animal in accordance with its gender.

At what age is it easier to recognize?

Small hamsters are almost impossible to distinguish by gender. To determine the sex becomes real after the four-week age of the rodents.

However, at this age, experts do not recommend separating babies from their parents and, in general, taking hamsters in their hands.

Let the cubs develop normally in their first month, get used to an active lifestyle, run in a wheel.

To make it easier to determine the sex of a pet in the future, do not allow it to become obese in the first weeks of life. To throw out all the energy and calories, the hamster must run several kilometers a day. You can settle babies in separate cells at the age of 35–40 days. During this period, it is recommended to determine the sex of rodents.

If further offspring is not planned, then it is important to separate the boys and girls into separate cells.

Same-sex littermates are allowed to be kept in the same cage, but still these animals prefer a lonely existence and will feel uncomfortable surrounded by brothers or sisters.

That’s why it is better to seat the family in individual dwellings. In addition, it is important for each hamster to provide a certain area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe cage, and a small structure is not suitable for keeping five individuals at once.

Don’t let the Djungarian hamster grow in a jar. Some believe that there is enough space for him. In fact, in such a small area, the hamster will constantly lack vigorous activity, which means that he will not live very long. Do not forget that dzungars breed with enviable regularity, and therefore do not leave two individuals of different sexes in the same cage, even for a short time, if you do not need offspring. This applies not only to brothers and sisters, but also to parents with children.

By the way, hamsters don’t care about moral problems, but hamsters that are the result of the love of two relatives can turn out to be inferior, and the more often the owner receives offspring from relatives from generation to generation, the worse genetics will be, and the weaker babies will be born until the birth won’t die at all. Sometimes female rodents, having acquired inferior offspring, simply eat their own cubs. In this regard, it is very important to know the gender of pets.

How to distinguish a boy from a girl?

By appearance

Pay attention to the condition of the coat. Some people think that males have thicker and longer fur. However, this sign is by no means 100%, since the condition of the coat mainly depends on the health indicators of the pet, the conditions of its maintenance. If the store sold an animal with rare fur, you should not think that this is a female. Perhaps this is how a boy who was kept in substandard conditions looks like. There is also an opinion that the shape of the back in the male is pointed, and in the female it is rounded.

By behavior

It is believed that female Dzungars are more active and mobile. They rarely sit in one place, rush around the cage like a whirlwind, and actively use the running wheel. Some ladies turn out to be more aggressive than males, and are poorly tamed by hand. But this sign is also indirect. When determining the sex, you should not rely only on the behavior of the pet, as there are quite energetic boys or girls with a calm disposition.

By gender

The study of the genital organs of rodents is the most accurate method for determining the sex of a pet. As soon as the babies have reached the age of one month, the boys can notice the testicles located near the base of the tail. If you slightly press on the stomach, they will be even more pronounced. The distance from the genitals to the anus in adult boys is 1-1.5 cm, and in girls – 3 mm. On the guy’s abdomen, you can see a gland that looks like a navel – with this part, male hamsters mark their territory.

In girls, on the belly, you can see eight nipples arranged in pairs, but their navel, unlike guys, cannot be felt.

Differences in sex characteristics are the main method of determining sex, and methods of differences in behavior and appearance can serve as additional methods.

Pro Tips

Specialists in the field of breeding Djungarian hamsters give their recommendations for determining the sex of pets.

  • Don’t try to find out the gender of the Jungar until he is at least three weeks old. Trying to discern sexual characteristics, the owner risks harming the fragile hamster, whose body is still being formed.
  • To see the genitals, gently take an adult animal with your fingers by the scruff and lift it up. So the body of a fluffy pet is in an elongated position, and sexual characteristics become more visible.
  • You can try to see the floor in a less stressful way for the animal. Place the rodent on its back in your palm and securely, but very carefully, hold it with your thumb so as not to hurt. To calm the animal alarmed by such manipulations, you can gently stroke it on the abdomen, and then the parts of the body of interest will be clearly visible.
  • If, nevertheless, there is a need to determine the sex of a small cub, then you can carefully feel it at the location of the genitals. The boys in the groin area feel a slight swelling – the future testicles.
  • Pay attention to the size of the pet. Females are usually larger and fatter than their partners.

Observing the behavior of a hamster and noticing its passivity or aggression, one should not draw conclusions regarding gender. Both aggression and excessive calmness are more often associated with the health of a pet. If you notice that the animal has lost its appetite or has begun to bite the owner’s fingers, take the hamster to the veterinarian, perhaps the rodent has caught a cold, poisoned or is deficient in vitamins.

Do not forget to properly feed your pets, change the water daily, clean the cage regularly and let the kids out for a walk. And then it is possible to grow a healthy long-lived hamster or get full-fledged good offspring from him.

You will learn how to determine the sex of a hamster from the video below.