How long do rabbits live - how long can an average domestic rabbit live?

Each breeder is interested in the question of how long rabbits live, deciding to breed these fluffy animals or just buy an animal for fun. After all, any owner wants to justify their investments and continue the period of communication with decorative pets.

How many years do rabbits live?

The life span of rabbits is determined by many nuances – breed, conditions of detention, diet. The more complex and risky the existence of an animal, the less it will live. With special care, the animals can last more than a dozen years. It is important that the fluffy is taken from a healthy family and has a good heredity. The longevity of rabbits depends directly on their size – large varieties, as a rule, live longer than dwarf ones. Before acquiring a baby, it is important to understand what conditions will be required for him and correctly select the breed.

How long do domestic rabbits live?

When asked how long domestic rabbits live, experts answer that, theoretically, an animal can live up to 15 years. In practice, it depends largely on the breed, place and habitat. Large types of domestic rabbits live 4-5 years, smaller varieties – up to 7-8 years. Lop-eared animals live longer than fluffies with erect ears. The life expectancy of rabbits at home is due to such key factors:

  1. Breed. Ornamental species live longer than tribal ones. Regular rabbits with erect ears are measured 5-6 years. There were cases when their life expectancy was 12 years, and some specimens can live up to 15 years.
  2. Heredity. It is better to acquire pets from experienced breeders.
  3. Complete nutrition. It is important to maintain a balance of herbs, vegetables, and grains in your pet’s diet.
  4. Castration. It has a beneficial effect on longevity, the animal becomes calmer.
  5. Physical activity. The more often the rabbit walks around the apartment, the longer he will live. From the very beginning, the cage of the baby should be large so that he has enough space for an energetic life.

how long do domestic rabbits live

How long do dwarf rabbits live?

Compact dwarf animals weigh 1-1.3 kg, they are very playful, love attention and communication. Decorative rabbits live an average of 5-7 years, among them centenarians have been recorded, stretching for 10-12 years. To increase the life expectancy of a baby, it is necessary to create conditions for a mobile lifestyle for him:

  1. Let him out of the cage to walk around the apartment for at least 1 hour a day.
  2. Do not allow children and large pets to squeeze.
  3. Keep calm and feed properly.
  4. It is important to give the baby all the necessary vaccinations (against myxomatosis and VGBK), purchase a spacious cage and provide good nutrition.

How long do lop-eared rabbits live?

There are many breeds of rabbits, but lop-eared sheep are very popular. This is because they are savvy and gentle, great for kids. If a lop-eared ram rabbit appeared at home, how long these pets live on average – such a question worries loving owners. The duration of their life is 7-8 years, with sterilization it is longer – from 8 to 12 years. On average, they are measured 2-3 years more than relatives with erect ears. The pygmy lop-eared ram is the sweetest creature. Its main difference is soft fur and small size. Such pets live from 5 to 7 years, with good care – 9-12.

How long do meat rabbits live?

Many farmers are concerned about the question – how long does a meat rabbit live. It is known that if a female intensively breeds, then she is measured out only about 4 years of life, with a normal breeding regime, she will live to the maximum up to 7 years. A male with a yard content can reach 8 years. But ordinary meat rabbits from subsidiary farms do not even get a chance for longevity. They are slaughtered for meat at the age of 4 months to 3 years, depending on the breed. In broilers, life is even shorter – about 2.5 months. At this age, their meat is more juicy, tender and highly valued.

The lifespan of a rabbit in nature

The life expectancy of non-domesticated animals is much less than that of pets with yard maintenance, as wild rabbits live in nature, resisting all conceivable and unthinkable threats. They need to take care continuously about finding food, protecting offspring. These rodents also have a lot of enemies who are not averse to eating rabbit meat.

The maximum period to which wild species are able to live is 1-2 years, only 1-2 individuals out of 100 wild rabbits manage to reach the 3-year milestone. Some die from illnesses, others – in the teeth of predators, many rabbits are flooded in minks during heavy rains. Such an animal will not live longer in the household – the wild variety is not prepared for existence in the limited conditions of a yard or apartment.

life span of a rabbit