Triol Cell Diversity

Owners of some types of pets often face situations where it is necessary to provide maximum comfort for their beloved pets. One such decision may be to purchase a special cage where the animal will spend its time. In this case, the pet will always be in one place, so it will be easier to feed and watch him. The manufacturer of such accessories is Triol.

Advantages and disadvantages

The range of this manufacturer is very famous among pet owners. Customers choose Triol products because of a number of advantages that influence the final decision before purchasing. The most important plus is the variety of the model range. Each buyer can choose for his pet a two-story, three-story cage that will meet all the necessary requirements. In addition to a large number of options, it is worth noting that each of them differs depending on the size, internal arrangement, and the location of various objects. Triol also focuses on a variety of colors so that a potential purchase can fit into a variety of room interiors.

In addition to a wide range of models, this manufacturer manufactures products at a wide variety of prices, depending on the design, its complexity and the presence of other elements that allow the pet to be more active in the cage. The consumer can find good options that have a fairly low cost. All this makes the product more affordable and attractive to buy.

It is impossible not to note the quality, which is achieved through the use of efficient modern manufacturing technologies. The paint always stays in place, the rods made of durable materials do not deform even under the influence of physical damage.

If the structure is made of plastic, then it does not crumble and is not subject to cracking.

But, in addition to the advantages, there are also disadvantages. They are associated with the features of only specific models, and not the entire range as a whole. It is worth saying that on some products there is not a very convenient system for locating or fixing drinkers, bowls or other parts of the structure. The most common problem can be identified when, due to the tilted position of the accessories, their contents begin to fall or spill. To eliminate this shortcoming, you should take care to install the structure correctly on your own.

Overview of large and medium models

Triol C4-1 – one of the largest cells of this manufacturer. A high degree of versatility allows this model to be used for a wide variety of animal species – chinchillas, ferrets, large rats and other rodents, as well as squirrels, degus, small cats, rabbits. In C4-1, the pet will always feel free and comfortable due to the large interior space. Depending on the selected configuration, this cage can have 4 or 5 floors, which allows the consumer to choose their number before buying in accordance with the size of the animal.

This model is very diverse, because it includes quite a lot of different components – 4 wheels, one plastic bowl, one drinking bowl with a secure fastening, as well as 4 or 5 ladders and shelves, depending on the final configuration. The tray is insulated, so the remains of the pet’s food will remain inside and will not clog the surface on which the cage stands. The whole structure is mobile due to the presence of a mobile system, there are two doors on the front panel. It is possible to find an old version of the model with three doors.

As for the colors, there are only two of them – black and white. Pretty comfortable ladders are very well suited for keeping a budgerigar. This cage-aviary has a distance between the bars of 22 mm, vertical 2.3 mm thick, horizontal 4.1 mm, pallet depth 3.5 cm. The doors are closed by a lock, which is a metal rod on a chain. Dimensions 790x525x1400 mm, weight 16 kg.

Triol YD-435 – the average model, designed to contain a variety of types of small rodents. A design feature is a retractable tray, with which you can quickly clean the cage. Its lower part is made of metal mesh, so that fallen stale food cannot be eaten by the pet. Among the structures in the inner part, it is worth noting a small plastic house, a running wheel and one bowl. A 90 ml drinker is attached to the side.

Two metal shelves and two ladders provide the necessary space for the animal, while not adding too much weight to the YD-435 compared to larger models. A distinctive feature of this cage can be called a diverse appearance, which is possible due to a variety of colors. The grille, for example, has a green, white or blue color option, the pallet is green, blue or red. The owner of the pet can pick them up in a variety of combinations.

The distance between the bars is 1 cm, the dimensions of YD-435 are 350x280x480 mm. Only 3 floors, there is a single door on top. Given the complete set, this cage has a very low price, and therefore is in great demand among consumers.

Triol BC27 – another large cage specialized for keeping small and medium-sized birds. In addition, the model can be equipped for rodents. The strong and reliable design is equipped with wheels for movement. The distance between the bars is 1 cm. On the sides there are special doors 11×13 cm in size, designed to fix feeders, drinkers, nests, bathing places and other accessories. Access to the inside of the cage is provided by two convenient front doors, the closing mechanism of which will not allow the animals to leave the enclosure on their own.

It is impossible not to note the paint applied to the structure. This type of enamel is resistant to physical impact, so the birds will not be able to just tear off the paint layer. The retractable tray has a depth of 4 cm, which greatly simplifies the cleaning of the enclosure, because you will not need to open the cage and disturb your pet. The design is stable, which is very important for the owners of especially active animals. Due to the use of high-quality materials, BC27 will last a long time and reliably. The length of the installed legs is 25 cm, with wheels this figure increases to 30 cm.

The set consists of four large feeders and two wooden perches that can be installed in a variety of places. The dimensions of this model are 560x560x1250 mm. BC27 is one of the heaviest cages, since its weight reaches 20 kg, but this is not so critical due to the presence of transport wheels.

Assortment of round cages

Triol 33A – an attractive model that will be a good place to keep feathered pets. This cage successfully combines structural strength and attractive appearance, thereby achieving overall ease of use. The internal space is completely enough to make the pet feel comfortable.

It should be noted the complete set, which includes two plastic feeders, one wooden perch and a swing. The 33A is equipped with a handle located on the top of the structure to increase ease of transport. A plastic pallet with a retractable installation method is provided. Thus, the owner can easily remove garbage and remnants of stale food.

The dimensions of the cell are 330x330x565 mm, the color of the enamel is purple. The distance between the bars is 12.92 mm. In general, this model can be called one of the most practical due to its good capacity and convenient location of accessories. Among other round cages, one can single out the 350G model, which is similar to the 33A in its configuration.

The main difference is the shape presented in the form of a ball. Attractive appearance and light color of the enamel is perfect for any room design.

Features of curly cells

This cage type is best for ferrets, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small animals. Due to their activity, the manufacturer has equipped its products with special transitions both within one floor and several at once. Feeders, running wheels and other accessories are located at an optimal distance from each other so that the pet can move comfortably.

Another characteristic feature of this type of cells is the appearance, expressed by a large number of very different colors. – pink, blue, yellow, red and others. This not only allows you to choose a model for the interior of the room, but also make the perception of the environment for the animal more diverse. A convenient cleaning system makes it possible to empty the lower part without any inconvenience.

Due to not the largest size, the transportation of curly cells seems to be very simple. An important role in this is played by the material of manufacture. If for birds, rats and other larger pets, cages are made of metal rods, then these models are made of plastic. This option noticeably reduces weight and makes operation easier.

Among the curly Triol models, it is worth noting such as 31003A, 31002A, 3305B-K, Monstropolis. The latter is equipped with a removable roof, as the upper and lower parts are separated by special structural tunnels and other accessories.