Features of Triol feed

The Triol group of companies has existed since 1994. The main production is located in China. For almost 30 years, the brand has been producing food for small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and others. Natural ingredients and a vitamin complex together have made Triol products one of the best, choosing it, the buyer can be completely sure of its quality. In the assortment of the Chinese company, you can also find accessories like bowls, collars and much more.

general description

All brand products, whether they are treats or food, contain natural ingredients from selected grains with the addition of vitamins. The creators take into account all the individual characteristics of the nutrition of each animal, be it a rabbit or a parrot. The composition of each feed is carefully selected, in addition, special additives strengthen the health of the pet and its immunity, and also contribute to the normalization of metabolism.

Food and treat packages are designed to keep the product fresh for as long as possible. Customers positively evaluate special fasteners – with them you can hang goodies in the animal’s cage.

The good news is that Triol food is not addictive and is always well eaten. But Triol products, in addition to grains, contain pieces of fruit, and birds do not like them, so the fruits remain together with large grains.

Rodent food range

The range of the brand includes products for both birds and small rodents such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rats. Everyone who cares about the health of their pet thinks about products that are useful for him, so that the pet would please the owner with cheerfulness and a healthy appearance. Chinchillas, hamsters, rabbits and other rodents devour Triol on both cheeks. In the Triol assortment you can find food for:

  • small rodents;
  • guinea pigs;
  • mice and rats;
  • rabbits;
  • chinchillas;
  • hamsters.

In addition, you can choose a product depending on what your pet eats best: food with fruits or vegetables. There is also food for rodents “Assorted”.

Overview of bird food

Foods in the Triol line are also available for parrots. The volume of the package is 450 g (enough for more than 3 months). There are packages of 55 and 80 g. The bird will consume healthy and balanced food with pleasure. Numerous reviews indicate that the brand can be trusted. The range includes food for birds such as:

  • budgerigar;
  • average parrot;
  • large parrot;
  • canary.

There is also food for birds and rodents. Millet is a vital component for all parrots. Widespread type of food suitable for all types of parrots. The budgerigar will definitely appreciate the food with honey and chitin, which is in the brand’s assortment. Compared to other feeds, the Triol product is rich in composition and has an affordable price.

Other products

For many, Triol products have become a real find. After all, in addition to food, the company also produces other useful products. In the assortment of nonsense you can find a bowl made of high-quality ceramics, it is easy to clean and will fit into any kitchen design. You can also purchase the “Apartments” cage, it is transparent, which makes it possible to observe the pet.

The manufacturer also offers a carrying bag with a special perforated mesh, which is convenient to take on the road. A very interesting product is a bed for animals of small breeds. In it, the pet will definitely be able to relax. There are folding houses for animals, mineral stone for birds and much more.