All about RIO feed

RIO food, widely distributed in specialized retail chains, is a complete diet for budgerigars and cockatiels, for finches, canaries, goldfinches. Each product has a special recipe, contains a composition of proteins, fats, microelements, which allows maintaining the health of the bird throughout its life. Finding the right composition for medium and large birds among egg and other feeds will help to study detailed information about them, as well as customer reviews.

Advantages and disadvantages

Mealberry RIO food is highly valued by breeders of exotic and forest birds. The brand from St. Petersburg became one of the first manufacturers of such products in Russia. The company has its own factories in Germany and the Russian Federation, regularly replenishes and expands the range of products. Among the obvious advantages of RIO feeds, the following can be distinguished.

  • Strict quality control. The contents of the package are clean, free of debris and husks.
  • Variety of assortment. The company has not only basic products, but also delicacies in the form of sticks, biscuits, food for feeding chicks.
  • Harmonious composition. Ingredients used will include traditional crops and seeds from exotic plants, fruits, vegetables and nuts sourced from around the world.
  • The optimal ratio of cost and quality. The feed is enough for a long time, and in terms of its characteristics it surpasses the offers of other companies.
  • Active cooperation of the brand with nurseries. When compiling diets, the company takes into account the opinions of breeders, their practical experience.
  • Availability of egg and soft foods. They, like germination kits, are a specialized product that birds need at certain periods of their lives.
  • Bright and secure packaging. It keeps RIO feed from mold and insect damage. The opaque structure of the packaging prevents food spoilage due to contact with sunlight. It remains fresh throughout the shelf life (up to 3 months).

There are no significant drawbacks in RIO feeds. The proportion of weed impurities in their composition is quite small, but if they are present, you can simply rinse the grains before sending them to the feeder. The disadvantages include the lack of a clasp on the package.

It is recommended to pour the contents of the opened package into airtight containers.

Variety of food for parrots

Popular cockatiels and necklaces, lovebirds, cockatoos and budgerigars need their own types of food. RIO has 2 product lines for such pets at once. Feeds from the “Gourmet” line are designed for the most capricious picky eaters, “Basic Diet” can become a guideline for the selection of optimal nutrition for novice bird owners.

For wavy

RIO has 3 separate products to feed these birds.

  • “Gourmet”. The exquisite mix of ingredients in this recipe contains dried insects, eggs, dried fruit pieces and whole berries, yeast extract. Coriander seeds provide appetite stimulation for birds. The correct balance of protein and fat components takes into account the daily energy consumption of feathered pets.

  • “Basic Diet. A versatile blend with Abyssinian nougat and other valuable grain additives.

  • “In the period of molting”. The enriched composition of this diet contains fat supplements, as well as sesame, a source of calcium.

For medium

Medium-sized parrots need special nutrition. For all popular bird species in this category, RIO has created feeds that take into account the characteristics of their organisms. The Basic Meal type product contains a mixture of vegetables, dried berries and grains of the optimal size, as well as Abyssinian nougat and paddy rice. During the period of feathering, birds are given special food with an enriched composition and a good balance of proteins and fats. Such nutrition facilitates and accelerates molting.

For large

Parrots of the largest size need the maximum variety in their diet. Here the RIO brand is ready to offer the following feed options.

  • “Gourmet”. The food is also suitable for medium parrots. Its main difference is the large size of the fractions, their crispy texture. The food is rich in berries, vegetables and fruits, contains pieces of papaya, apples, pineapples, malt extract and buckwheat, honey and peanuts.
  • “Basic Diet” RIO’s special blend of grains and cereals for this product contains many ingredients. The composition is enriched with dried berries and fruits, nuts, the texture of the ingredients is as diverse as possible. Additionally, calcium gluconate and seaweed are added to it.

The basis of food for large birds is always a mixture of plant seeds, horticultural crops, cereals and cereals.


Additional receipt of egg products is an important component of the rehabilitation of birds during the molting period, during the breeding. RIO has a dedicated line of products with optimal performance for this purpose. The composition of different products is fully adapted to birds of different breeds and sizes. Feeds include the following.

  • For wavy parrots. Highly nutritious food based on whole eggs, nougat, honey, seeds, minerals and plant extracts. The product is able to successfully support and restore the body of small birds during the period of active growth, during rehabilitation after illness, during molting and during breeding.

  • For medium and large. Extruded baked food with optimal particle size and crunchy texture. In addition to eggs, there are chili peppers, turmeric, spirulina used as a dye. To improve the taste properties, honey, oil and fat components are added to the feed.

For sprouting

RIO’s complete sprouting kit easily solves the problem of enriching the diet of feathered pets. This feed contains more beneficial enzymes, minerals and vitamins. When germinating, grains and seeds perfectly replace similar options for milky-wax ripeness. The resulting product is mixed with a dry diet in a volume of up to 50%, removed from the cage after 4 hours: you should not leave uneaten food for the bird.

Description of food for canaries

Feeding these birds has its own characteristics. They do not consume millet very well, so this ingredient should be less in the feed than in similar products for parrots. In addition, the brightness of plumage and the readiness of canaries to sing directly depend on the diet. RIO took this into account in its lines, developing 2 special products at once.

  • Diet during molting. During this period, birds require an increased amount of proteins and fats in order to speed up the restoration of plumage. Food with sesame seeds, rapeseed, flaxseed, oatmeal and Abyssinian nougat helps to achieve the desired result. It is impossible to constantly feed the birds with this product; after molting, they must be transferred to standard mixtures.

  • Basic diet. A balanced blend of grains and seeds to replenish the energy expended by birds throughout the day. The composition is based only on plant components that are useful for canaries.

The packaging of the product is presented in volumes of 500 g, 1 and 20 kg.

Products for other birds

RIO takes into account the needs of all pets. For example, for the smallest parrots and for finches, the food should be different. Songbirds born in the wild also require their own diet, taking into account their energy needs. Some special varieties of such diets deserve special attention.

For forest

The food from the “Basic Diet” series is designed to provide complete nutrition to birds traditionally living in the wild. For wild songbirds, RIO offers an original grain mix based on the most beneficial ingredients:

  • Abyssinian nougat;
  • yellow, red and black millet;
  • rapeseed;
  • milk thistle;
  • paize;
  • oatmeal.

Algae, flaxseed, perilla are also added to the mixture. With such a diet, songbirds feel good, remain in their voice, and maintain normal digestion. The nutrition is supplied by the brand in packs of 500g and 20kg, convenient for use at home or in the forestry.

For exotic

For Finches, Astrilds and other birds that are rare visitors outside of tropical latitudes, RIO has developed a special diet that can meet all nutritional needs. The choice of ingredients for it is determined by the individual needs of pets. The dimensions and structure of the components also fully meet the expectations of the owners.

RIO exotic bird food contains beneficial algae and calcium gluconate. The remaining components are represented by the following types of cereals and cereals:

  • yellow millet;
  • Panicum red and yellow;
  • canary seed;
  • paisa;
  • white, red and black millet;
  • oatmeal;
  • Abyssinian nougat.

All feed ingredients perfectly complement each other, improve the condition of feathers and skin, help birds to better adapt to stressful situations.

For chicks

Feeding the chicks from the moment they hatch is a responsible task. RIO offers them special nutrition that can fully satisfy the needs of feathered babies. The food has an optimal consistency and is easily diluted with warm water. Such a ready-made mixture significantly facilitates the process of hand-feeding birds of all breeds, provides them with full saturation.

The composition of the product includes cereals and vegetable proteins, eggs, sugar and yeast. Also in the feed there is a ground dried banana – a source of healthy sugars and dietary fiber, prebiotics to normalize digestion.

The optimal balance of calcium and vitamin D helps the chicks form strong bones.

Treats and Healthy Supplements

In order for the diet of poultry to be complete, it is saturated with not only the main nutrients. You can diversify the nutrition of pets with the help of treats that are given to birds no more than 1-2 times a week. Among the products of the RIO brand, this class of feed is represented by the following products.

  • Abyssinian nug. Not just a healthy treat, but also a must-have food supplement that promotes easy egg laying. In addition, Abyssinian noug helps to restore the health of feathers and skin, provides the body with calcium and phosphorus.

  • Sesame seeds. Valuable source of calcium and vitamins. Suitable for inclusion in the diet of birds that need to strengthen immunity, reduce stress during molting or when recovering from illness.

  • Senegal millet. Universal delicacy for poultry in ears. From the inflorescences, pets will peck out grains in the husk, receiving valuable active substances along with fiber. For all feathered pets, such natural treats are also an excellent toy that can interest birds for a long time.

  • Cedar cone. A 100% natural treat that doubles as a bird toy. When drying, RIO uses a special technology that reduces the formation of resins. A special carabiner in the kit makes it easy to attach treats to the cage.

  • sticks. They are available in different versions, the most popular being for exotics and wavy varieties, which is an original delicacy of a convenient size with various additives. For medium parrots, RIO offers stick options with tropical fruits or honey and nuts. The brand also has special sticks for canaries. There are 2 flavor options here: on honey and fruit bases.

  • Sticks for all birds. Universal delicacy is suitable for any decorative types of birds. Baked sticks on a durable beech core contain eggs, sea mollusk shells, and are easily attached to the pet’s cage.

  • Biscuits. This versatile product is presented in 2 versions: with useful seeds of herbs and plants, as well as with dried berries.

The optimal combination of sugars, cereals, eggs and bakery products will appeal to birds of all kinds.

  • Useful seeds. The universal mix is ​​based on field, vegetable crops, garden plants. Such a supplement to the diet will be useful for birds during periods of stress, when molting, nesting or during recovery from an illness.

  • Seeds obtained from meadow grasses. A real delicacy for domestic poultry is a delicacy based on 16 plant species. The size of the seeds in the mixture is optimal for medium-sized pets.

  • Bird Singing Stimulation Mix. The unique combination of ingredients in this delicacy was formed taking into account the natural preferences of forest birds in the choice of food. It contains essential oil-rich fennel and anise seeds to stimulate appetite, while other ingredients include sources of vegetable protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

  • Fruit and nut mix. The product comes in a convenient jar with a lid. The blend includes dried juniper, coconut, pineapple, papaya, dried apricots, apple, raisins, walnuts and almonds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. The supplement is given to medium and large parrots 2-3 times a week, at a dosage of not more than 1 tbsp. l.

Delicacies from the RIO company serve as an optimal addition to the diet of feathered pets. Each product is focused on a specific type of birds, taking into account their food preferences.

Overview of reviews

It is safe to say that RIO feeds are the most popular among Russian breeders of exotic birds. Buyers praise the company’s products for a diverse composition that takes into account the needs of pets of different sizes. A lot of positive feedback is left about egg feed, which is very necessary for birds during the period of molting and feeding chicks. Buyers note that the birds willingly eat the products of the basic diet. RIO food is used by many professional breeders, trusting the brand with the health of their pets.

Of the shortcomings noted in the reviews, one can single out the inconsistency of some grains and fractions with the type of birds. For example, budgies may get caught by components that are too large. Also, not everyone likes the lack of a translucent “window” that allows you to evaluate the fraction of the diet. Some owners complain about the strong dustiness of the composition.