Features of dog psychology

Dogs have been companions of man since ancient times. They are dedicated and smart. Homo sapiens cannot but reckon with these important representatives on Earth. Dogs are his main helpers and companions. They are ready to serve until the end of their days, to love just like that and not pay attention to cruelty. Each such creature, perhaps, has a soul and character. These qualities must be considered.

Dog psychology

Dog lovers simply do not want to know that these animals are guided only by instincts, reflexes and experience. Let’s consider these concepts in order.

  • Reflex is the response of any organism to the actions of the environment. With the help of this quality, dogs occupy their own niche in nature.
  • Dog experience suggests that these animals were able to find common interests with humans and become one with him.
  • Instinct – this is one of the natural signs characteristic of all living beings on Earth. In dogs, instincts are manifested to one degree or another. It all depends on living in a certain environment.

And if you express thoughts about instincts, then a person often forgets about them (mainly because of his great love for dogs). And in vain. Keep in mind the following factors.

  • The dog may bite. This is most likely to happen because of fear, pain, because of the protection of their offspring, themselves and the owner. The animal is always on the alert. It can endure an insult from the owner, but at the same time bite an outsider for the slightest aggression. This is how basic instinct works. Dogs live in a pack, and there the leader dominates. A family of people is also a pack. And the owner is the leader. The leader must be respected and tolerated by his will.
  • And if we talk about pack behavior, then you need to remember that you can not limit your pet from contact with other dogs. A man cannot give a dog the “communion” that his fellows will give. If you are afraid that your pet will “pick up” any infection from other individuals, then vaccinate on time. Then feel free to take your pet to the site, and let him frolic there in the company of friends. Like any creature, a dog needs to learn a rather intertwined behavior in social terms, including a system of tactile, olfactory and visual communications. And every dog ​​needs to master this language.
  • Do not suppress sexual activity. Often the owners scold and punish for trying to mount other dogs during the game. Dogs are not people and do not need to be forced into moral behavior.
  • A yawning dog is not telling you that she is tired or sleepy. A yawn often indicates nervousness, especially when your pet makes noises at the same time.
  • Pets love to clean their faces on the ground. This ritual brings pleasure. And if such actions occur, then this means contentment and satiety.
  • If a dog bites someone, it does not mean that only the dog is to blame. It often happens that people themselves “run into” trouble. Each animal has its own disposition and has a personal space that should not be violated by strangers.
  • It should be remembered that the pet of your good friends is a strange dog for you. If you want constant communication with an animal, get your own personal pet.
  • Don’t be scared when a dog comes up to you and tries to befriend you by sniffing your clothes. Such actions do not mean that she wants to bite you. It’s just that the dog is trying to “see” you. Our smaller brothers “see” more with their noses than with their eyes.
  • When you go for a walk with a faithful friend, then try to take him on a leash and bypass all other individuals. Moreover, you do not need to approach your dog to meet another unfamiliar dog (due to the fact that these animals are characterized by territorial integrity).

Features of canine emotions

Science is trying to prove that animals can experience emotions. Those who have kept a dog at home at least once know that they can express certain behavior that looks quite emotional.

At the word “walk” many begin to rush about, whine or wag their tail.

And it seems to us at the same time that animals experience emotions on a par with people. Consider in order the expression of “dog” feelings.

  • Expression of affect is the influence of the tail. When troubles happen, pets wag their tail more to the left (this is how activity in the left half of the brain affects) and, conversely, when expressing positive moments, the tail is directed to the right (this is how the right half of the brain works).
  • Definitely, all dogs look at the wagging of the tail of other dogs. So they can recognize the mood of their relatives. Dogs also perceive the attitude of people towards themselves by their voices and faces.
  • Pets can learn. They can recognize human faces in photographs.
  • They have a sense of guilt. If the pet is guilty, then he tries not to look his owner in the eyes. The guilty dog ​​lowers his ears, lies down and begins to whimper. It looks like she’s ashamed.
  • Our pets are jealous. As soon as the owner turns his attention in the presence of a dog to another animal or a small child, the pet immediately begins to fuss, wag its tail and turn attention to itself in every possible way. However, we must remember: dog jealousy has not been proven by scientists.

Relationship with a person

The psychology of dogs lies in boundless devotion, so we see them as our relatives. And this is completely wrong from the point of view of the correct education of animals. However, a dog is a social animal, and a person is happy to let it into his society.

There are few people on Earth who do not like dogs. They are our main helpers. And despite the claims that dogs do not have a soul, and their behavior is based on instincts, “hardened” dog lovers do not believe in them.

The experience of many shows that our pets experience pain and know how to cry. They may yearn for the untimely departed owners and even die for this reason.

To talk about the relationship between a man and a dog, you need to experience these life moments for yourself.

Animals give friendship to man and heal. From the positive emotions of communication with them, Homo sapiens has a vitality, lowers blood pressure, and awakens motivation for an active lifestyle. Some animals perform complex work in rescue expeditions as searchers. Other service dogs are looking for drugs and weapons, thereby protecting our peace. Pets guard houses, protect people.

Nevertheless, our domestic friends are highly dependent on the person. Yes, they can survive in the wild, but it is better if they are taken care of by a person.

Owners must know their responsibility to those they have tamed. Therefore, pets must be educated and treated like children.

As soon as the dog enters the dwelling of people, it forms a huge bond with all household members. Your pet will live by your interests. Therefore, “connect” it to your favorite activities.

The dog needs to feel needed. The pet will give you affection and care for free. The main thing is that you never betray your friend. The betrayal of the owner in relation to the dog is the worst thing that can happen in the life of an animal. Therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to give up the thought of a true friend.

About the strange habits of dogs, see below.