An overview of dog breeds that should not be walked


  1. Characteristics
  2. How to choose?

It is believed that caring for a dog takes a lot of time and physical effort. However, there are also breeds that are perfect for too lazy owners, leading a passive lifestyle, and the elderly. They are so unpretentious that they do not even require regular walks and feel quite comfortable for several days in a row, being in the apartment. We will talk about the features of such dogs in our article.


Each breed of dog requires specific care. Nowadays, there are even dogs that you don’t have to walk with. These animals can stay at home for a long time. Oddly enough, most of them have similar characteristics. Dogs that do not require walking are most often friendly and very calm. They are quick-witted, can easily memorize new commands and follow them.

The immunity of dogs is quite high, so they rarely get sick.

Such dogs most often do not have leadership qualities and feel quite good in the family. They love children and are happy to make contact with other pets. And also it should be noted that most of them do not have a specific smell, do not require painstaking care of the coat and do not cause allergic reactions.

How to choose?

Dogs that are unpretentious in care can be considered as the first pets. However, it must be borne in mind that it is still necessary to pay attention to them, and the life expectancy of an animal will average 13-15 years. The choice of a puppy must be approached thoroughly. It is necessary to evaluate a number of factors and decide already in accordance with them.

  • First of all, we are talking about dimensions. A large dog that does not even require long walks will not have enough space in a cramped apartment. But not all miniature breeds are suitable for home keeping. The nature of the pet is important, for example, the Cocker Spaniel is overly active. If you do not provide him with space, daily walking and physical activity, the dog will become sad, and this threatens to damage furniture and other things.
  • You should pay attention to how often the dog’s coat is updated. Breeds that shed less are undoubtedly preferred in this case. Dogs with saggy lips suffer from strong salivation, they also require constant care.
  • When getting a puppy, you need to focus on other pets already living in the family. Some breeds are quite conflicting and, under the influence of instincts, can harm animals, so it is better to think over this moment in advance. It is better not to buy miniature dogs if the owners have small children who, through negligence, can injure a fragile baby.

Important! Either way, spending time with your pet is vital. If the dog is alone for a long time, this will affect its behavior in the most negative way. Therefore, too busy people are advised to refuse to purchase a puppy.

Toy Terrier

This is one of the smallest breeds in the world. Toy Terriers have a rather serious character, have fighting instincts and will always defend their owner. They easily tolerate neighborhood with other pets, are distinguished by sociability and friendliness. Doggies do not require walking, they will absolutely calmly relieve themselves in a tray, and they can even play and run at home.


These dogs can also easily do without walking. However, if necessary, they can easily fit into a handbag and take with you anywhere. They have good immunity and a strong psyche. Dogs are good-natured, easy to make contact and calmly spend time without an owner.

They will obediently go to the tray, because on the street, especially in frosty weather, they feel very uncomfortable.

Yorkshire Terrier

As for Yorkies, they simply cannot be on the street for a long time. Temperature fluctuations have an adverse effect on the delicate skin of these babies, so it is recommended to keep them only in the apartment. Yorkies are playful and good-natured, adore bathing and combing. It is contraindicated to take them out without clothes, especially in the cold season.


This breed is rightly considered good-natured and calm. Such dogs can even be called slightly phlegmatic. Their main entertainment is lying on the couch next to the owner, so they are ideal for lazy and inactive people. Pugs need to clean their eyes and nasolabial folds. They are calm about the lack of walks and very rarely ask to go outside themselves.

In general, caring for representatives of this breed does not present any difficulties.

shih tzu

This breed has not received active distribution in our country. Such dogs are very attached to their owners, they try not to leave them a single step. They are very trusting and kind. At a tender age, they can bark a lot, but this is not a manifestation of aggression, but rather a breed feature. They can cater for their needs in a tray, and going outside is limited to 1-2 walks a week.

welsh corgi

These dogs rightfully become the pets of the owners. Despite their innate activity, long walks can be avoided. Dogs are very unpretentious in care, they easily find contact with children and pets.

They are ideal for keeping in a family, feel comfortable in a city apartment and are very attached to their owners.

Chinese Crested

Among these dogs, fluffy and naked can be distinguished. They do their business in the tray without any problems, and bald pets really don’t like walks, especially in the cold season. It is enough to walk the animal several times a week for a short time.

Their content does not cause problems, and special care is not required.

Japanese Chin

These dogs are very calm and feel good at home. They are clean and affectionate, and can spend hours with younger family members. They have miniature dimensions, the maximum weight is 4 kilograms. They love to walk, but they will calmly react to the tray. These dogs are very attached to the owner and dependent on him.

bichon frize

This breed originates from Italy. She is considered very unpretentious and may well live in an apartment. Walking dogs are not required, just 1-2 times a week for a short time to bring them to the fresh air. Since the dogs are small in size, they have enough space in the apartment to actively move and splash out their energy. They are very sociable, easily make contact with both people and other animals. However, owners should be aware that The coat of such a pet must be regularly looked after.

If groomed on time, they will practically not shed and cause unnecessary trouble.


This breed is widely known in our country and has found its admirers. Dogs weigh from 3 to 5 kilograms, so it is very convenient to keep them at home and take them out for a walk only at the request of the owner. They are easily accustomed to the tray, have an inquisitive mind, are quick-witted and devoted to the owner. Pomeranians make great friends for children, play with them with pleasure and are able to find entertainment even in a small apartment.

They are quick-witted and easy to train, they are happy to follow commands.

Standard schnauzer

When getting a dog of this breed, you need to consider that it will be exclusively attached to the owner. Doggies react painfully to the long absence of their owners from home. They are smart and quick-witted, easy to learn commands and fulfill them with pleasure. Besides, they are very friendly towards all family members, while wary of strangers.

Such dogs can feel comfortable in a city apartment, but from time to time it is recommended to pamper them with long walks. Grooming is simple, but you will have to visit the groomer regularly to keep the coat in order.

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