Hound dogs: varieties of breeds, features of their content

Beagle dogs are considered the best for hunting. These breeds include some groups of dogs, which are characterized by a unique ability to quickly and correctly search for prey. Many species and subspecies of the hound dog have an external resemblance to each other.


The hound dog is a born hunter with an excellent sense of smell and hunting instinct.. This breed has been considered widespread since medieval times. The animal deserved demand due to the speed of reactions and assistance to humans in tracking prey.

In Russia, this pet was called “vyzhlets”, “vyzhlovka”. The “yap” always led the owner along the trail with a loud bark, and only when it reached the goal did it stop.

Beagle dogs have the following distinctive appearance characteristics:

  1. Ears of different lengths that hang freely. The ends of the shells are directed to the bottom.
  2. The bridge of the straight type.
  3. The nose is painted black.
  4. The lips are close to the jaws.
  5. The large-sized skull has a connection at the border of the connection with the neck.
  6. The back is straight.
  7. The chest is voluminous.
  8. Paws are characterized by muscularity, strength.
  9. The coat is even, not long. The color of the fur can be piebald, black-backed, wolf, marble or red-yellow.

Animals of this breed are low. Growth is slightly above average, their body length can reach 0.65 m. The body has a clear outline, some dogs may have ribs protruding.

Both males and females have long, powerful paws. The tail of the animal is not short.

The muzzle of the “vyzhlovka” is elongated, the neck is beautiful. In dogs, the eyes are set straight, their gaze is characterized by clarity and liveliness. Other signs that are characteristic of all hounds are high speed of movement, endurance, perseverance, and a loud voice.


Hunting dogs are characterized by poise, goodwill, affection, devotion to people, as well as obedience. With strangers, the pet does not show aggression and behaves with restraint. This dog is a wonderful assistant for hunters. Thanks to the developed intuition, “vyzhlovka” is used by the police, during the rescue of people.

According to dog breeders, representatives of this breed behave differently at home and on the hunt.

At home, it is a friendly, calm pet, and on the hunt it is gambling and independent. Also, an adult hound, like a puppy, is quite smart, quick-witted, sometimes cunning.

The characteristics of hounds of dogs include the following:

  • loyalty;
  • the ability to search for game for a long time;
  • persistence;
  • endurance;
  • volume;
  • schooling;
  • calliness;
  • politeness.


The life expectancy of a four-legged pet is influenced by the conditions of detention, genetic predisposition, nutrition, intensity of physical activity. Each owner of a hound dog can affect the duration of its existence. Representatives of this breed live for about 12 years.

Purebred hounds are characterized by good health and the almost complete absence of hereditary diseases. Many animals of this species have hip dysplasia.

The development of this disease is impossible to predict, as well as to cure, for this reason it is recommended to reduce the physical load on these joints for hound puppies.

Dangerous for a pet are parasites and worms, from which the owner must necessarily treat the animal. In order for the life expectancy of the dog not to be reduced, it is necessary to carry out vaccinations in a timely manner.


About 80 names of breeds belong to the hound family, which were bred by the painstaking work of breeders. Purebreds are rare and expensive.


The Estonian hound can be called an excellent hunter with developed mental abilities, the ability to react quickly, and passion. At home with the family, this pet is different kindness and balance. Outwardly, this animal looks like a beagle, but it surpasses it in size. The weight of the Estonian hound can be from 15 to 20 kilograms, while the height of the male is 0.53 meters, and the bitch is 0.5 meters.

A taut and muscular dog has an elongated head and a long muzzle. The pet has a large nose with a brown or black earlobe.

The long ears are set low and rounded at the ends. The eyes of the dog are almond-shaped, medium in size with a brown iris. The body, like the neck of the animal, is strong and muscular.

The color characteristic of the Estonian breed is black and piebald and brown and piebald. There are individuals with black and crimson fur. This animal is devoted to its owner, gets along well with children. A piebald dog is not suitable for the role of a guard and a watchman, because because of his friendliness he will let a stranger into the house.


The raccoon hound has been classified as a coonhound. Unlike other similar breeds, this dog can be with a variety of coat colors. Red spots may be present in the color of the fur, as well as bluish, tricolor. Like other hounds, good-natured disposition and sociability are inherent in the English.

Young dogs are usually active and playful, they are characterized by willpower and patience to learn. The representative of this breed is an excellent pet that loves human attention. Coonhound is considered not only an excellent hunter, but also an adequate watchman and an excellent companion.


This type of hound was bred to hunt foxes, wild boars and hares. Dogs are characterized by high speed, energy, loudness of voice. This persistent animal always pursues game evenly. The dog has a kind, friendly disposition with some independence. A moving creature is rarely seen sitting in one place. Such a pet lends itself well to training and does not need special care.

The Lithuanian Hound has strong immunity and rarely gets sick. The height of the dog is average, it can reach about 48-60 centimeters.

Such a pet weighs 20 kilograms. The coat of the animal is dyed black, there are tan marks with a sharp limitation. The hairline is shiny, even and hard.


A large hunting dog of this breed has attractive features, as well as excellent performance. The animal is valued for its good instinct, viscosity, activity during the hunt for wild boar, fox, roe deer, hare. The main qualities of a pet can also include obedience, mobility, affection and devotion to a person. The Swiss Hound is divided into 4 types, while 3 of them are identical in fur color.

This is a strong dog, with an average body size, expressiveness of the muzzle and ears of great length that hang down. In a strong and enduring dog, sexual demorphism is well expressed. A male at the withers can reach 59, and a female – 57 centimeters.

There are no folds on the dry and elongated skull. The narrow muzzle is characterized by a straight and convex nose. On the black lobe of the nose are wide open nostrils.

The hound’s small eyes are oval in shape and have a dark iris color. A strong body is characterized by the presence of a flexible loin, a long croup and a straight back. The abdomen is tucked up with moderation. The tail is of medium length, saber-shaped and tapers towards the end. On the muscular limbs of the dogs are rounded paws with hard pads and arched fingers.

Laufhund has a solid brown, yellow, red coat color. In some representatives of the breed, the presence of a black saddle or with light patches is observed. In nature, there are dogs with white spots on the chest. The Swiss Hound can be considered a real member of the family, as it becomes attached to each of its members and needs constant communication with people. The dog reacts to a stranger in a friendly, but wary manner. With proper training, he finds a common language with children.


Foxhound is common in the United States and regions of the country. This dog is poorly trained, but during the hunt it shows good skills and abilities. The animal is temperamental, cheerful, courageous and affectionate. Unlike home conditions, during the hunt, the dog is quite warlike. The breed was bred to hunt foxes and wild boars. She searches for game with special speed and excitement. A light and swift animal has a height of 53 to 64 centimeters.

The head of the American hound is long, the tail is shaped like a saber, the long ears hang down and can reach to the nose. The straight, short coat of a dog can have a variety of colors.

Representatives of this breed are animals that are characterized by a graceful body, grace, and a developed sense of smell.


The little blue Gascon Hound has Bloodhound blood in its veins. The growth of the animal can reach no more than 0.5 m, while weighing 20 kg. The small size of the pet allows him to be as mobile as possible. On a long head is a black nose with open nostrils. The skull is flat and narrow.

The brown eyes of the dog have black eyelids. The ears are conical and thin. The tail is characterized by great length and thinness, and the coat is stiff and short.

The color of the fur seems blue, as it has frequent dark blotches on a white hair base.

This proud, brave pet always shows perseverance in the hunt. With his family, he behaves affectionately and devotedly. The Gascon Hound is an ideal hare hunter. Using it during the hunt, you can be sure that the return home will be accompanied by the presence of prey.


This short-haired dog is an ardent hunter who is able to drive the victim both in a pack and alone. The hound is able to overtake a fox and a wild boar. The Italian hunting dog is an ideal option for a sociable and positive person who has enough time and patience for her.

The pet has a proportional physique and a medium-sized body. The elongated head has a narrowing to the nose. The eyes are small, brown. The dog’s ears hang down and are pressed tightly to the neck.

A thin tail is characterized by a narrowing in the area of ​​the hock joint. The coat of the Italian breed of hounds is short, shiny, looks like satin.

The color of the fur may vary, some individuals have spots. Representatives of this breed require attention and communication with a person. The attitude of the pet to children is calm, non-aggressive. The dog is always ready to defend its owner and his family. This emotional pet requires education and training from an early age.


A rare breed bred in France is the porcelain hound. The animal is used for hunting hares, roe deer, wild boars. In height, the dog reaches from 53 to 58 cm and weighs up to 30 kg. The second name of the breed is porselen, this pet has a proportional physique, long legs. The skull is elongated.

The hound has pointed long ears, a thick whip-like tail. The coat of the dog is white with red spots or patches. At home, the dog is distinguished by calmness, friendliness, but on the hunt – excitement and impulsiveness.

How to choose a puppy?

Beagle dogs are hunters, so they always need attention, walking with jogging and training. If you want to have such a pet, you should consider all these points. Already at the age of 1.5 months, a puppy of this breed is able to show its hunting qualities. The best option for acquiring such a dog would be a representative of 3 or 4 litters of a female.

The future owner should pay attention to the color of the baby’s coat. According to the rules, it should be similar to an adult animal. You should not take a puppy with the wrong bulldog bite, as well as a bridle.

At the age of one month, culled dogs may have a dumped tail, which is lower than the hock.

A good sign of a purebred hound is the brown color of the eyes, but do not forget that at the age of one month their iris is bluish. Both organs of vision must be identical in color. The color of the nose of the dog should not be uniform pink or marbled. In order to acquire active healthy animals, you should choose a strong, bony puppy with thick paws.

How to choose a nickname?

Representatives of hound dog breeds are characterized tirelessness, swiftness, vociferousness, fidelity, sensitivity and responsibility. The nickname of the animal should be unusual, sonorous, and most importantly, the dog should respond to it. When choosing a name, it is worth considering the characteristic features of the dog, for example, a hound with a loud voice can be called Thunder, but one that is difficult to keep up with is Wind.

Do not give your pet a ridiculous nickname or call it the name of a family member.

It is strongly not recommended to give the names of dead animals, as this may affect the fate of the dog. If the hound already had a name, then you should not call it a new one. If a dog responds to its name, then it should be encouraged. A representative of this breed can be called Agat, Aira, Astik, Baira, Storm, Vast, Glan, Gella, Drag, Dune.

Maintenance and care

Beagle dogs can be kept in apartment conditions, however, they will need active walking and field trips. The best option would be to live the dog in a private house with an adjacent territory. This animal needs constant physical activity, otherwise it can get bored, start spoiling interior items. If the pet is well walked, then he is calm and balanced.

Representatives of hunting breeds should not be let off the leash, the dog should always be near the owner. Since a runaway dog ​​is not easy to catch.

A pet that lives in an apartment can cause discomfort to neighbors due to loud barking. Hound dog care is minimal, the owner should not forget about the following procedures:

  • combing out wool during molting;
  • daily examination of the eyes and ears, as well as their cleaning;
  • trimming nails as needed;
  • timely treatment of fleas and helminths;
  • regular vaccination.


For the health, development and well-being of beagle dogs, a balanced and quality diet is required. An adult representative is given food twice a day. A complete diet should be for those representatives who lead an active lifestyle and participate in hunting. These dogs need a lot of protein. Alternatively, you can use dry food, which contains everything your pet needs.

When choosing a natural way of eating, it is worth remembering that the basis should be meat and meat products.

Fish should be served boiled or stewed. Dairy products are given in the form of cottage cheese, milk, kefir, cheese. Also, do not forget about cereals and raw bones. Animal blood is considered useful for a hunting breed.

Foods that are forbidden to hounds include additives, spices, sugar, cocoa, mustard, vinegar, fatty meats, and food from the human table.

Education and training

Since hound puppies are mischievous and funny creatures, they should be raised from a very early age. The first step is to teach the dog to his name, and then move on to developing basic obedience skills. This dog must obey his master, otherwise he may run away.

Also, the hound should be tied to itself, but in such a way that it sees in a person not only a hunter, but also a comrade. When raising a puppy, it is strictly forbidden to use physical force, in extreme cases, you can shout at him.

As soon as the puppy appears in the house, it should be weaned from poultry, livestock and pets, as this will be problematic later on.

The hound dog is a working pet, which is worth getting for its immediate purpose. It cannot be kept locked up, as the animal will become uncontrollable. Before you decide to acquire an active hunting pet, you should evaluate your strengths and capabilities.

On the features of the breed of Russian hounds, see below.