Cat food brands

Feed from the manufacturer Farmina

Russo Mangini, founded about 50 years ago and merged with the English scientific firm Farmina, has long been known outside of Italy. Pet food produced at enterprises under this well-known brand is well-deservedly popular in many countries of the world. Their quality is time-tested and is based on a caring attitude towards pets, pleasing their owners with a happy and healthy look.


Italian manufacturers consider healthy and tasty nutrition to be the main key to a qualitative improvement in the life of domestic dogs and cats. Farmina, a feed manufacturer, is characterized by the preparation of various types of food based on scientific developments, the database of which is constantly updated. Many specialists and veterinarians are involved in testing and implementing new trends for industrial lines. The ever-increasing demand for the firm’s products prompted its founders and owners to invest in new businesses in countries such as Brazil and Serbia.

Farmina N&D brand pet food belongs to the class super premium and corresponds to the best examples of the world standard in this industry. The company produces food for four-legged friends only from natural raw materials, balanced in the most useful ratios. Modern technologies for the production of nutritional granules make it possible to produce them with high taste and easily digestible. Filling the bags with nitrogen before packaging allows you to keep the feed fresh for a long time without the use of chemical preservatives.

To saturate the body of pets with strength and energy, grain products containing carbohydrates are included in the diet. The amount of protein is used in accordance with the recommendations of researchers in the field of proper nutrition for carnivores. Herbal supplements help to digest any food easier and are a necessary source of vitamins and minerals. The company pays much attention to the problems of glycemic control of products. Obesity prevention in sedentary pets starts in science labs and then is put into practice when formulating new lines of ready-made dry food.

Product lines

The diversity in the Farmina product range is always in line with veterinary recommendations. New types of dry food meet the vital needs of domestic carnivores – dogs and cats. Science-based strategies for feeding puppies and kittens from the first months, and then throughout life, are reflected in an extensive line of special nutritional formulations. Among them you can find diets for sterilized, weakened, nursing or small pets. Recommendations for choosing the right type of dry food depend on a new look at the natural nutrition system. With this approach, food is completely freed from any chemical additives and includes a rich content of natural ingredients. For the preparation of granules, natural meat of beef, lamb and poultry of low-fat varieties is used, with the addition of Omega-3 amino acids.

Holistic food for dogs and cats also includes vitamin inclusions from algae, vegetables and fruits. Appetite is increased by vitamins C and E, as well as herbal oils that improve the digestive process.


Grain Free N&D is high in protein, up to 98% of the ingredients. They are excellent for pet carnivores and are completely grain-free. The natural composition of a balanced diet prevents the occurrence of obesity and its consequences in the form of diabetes due to the low content of glycemic components. Natural antioxidants are present in dry and wet foods in the form of fruit and vegetable supplements, including apple, pomegranate, blueberries and other vegetable raw materials.

In the description of the product on the packaging, you can see a significant percentage of tocopherol, or vitamin E, in the feed, which successfully replaces the usual types of preservatives. The qualities of natural supplements and vitamins retain their original properties well thanks to special, gentle preparation methods, which are based on the minimum use of physical and thermal effects on products.

Among grain-free pet foods, owners can choose the most suitable type for their furry friends. Products for castrated, lactating and weakened as a result of diseases go on sale. In addition to 51% proteins in the form of processed meat and fat of young lamb, the Lamb and Blueberries food contains a wide range of plant components, including blueberries, apple, alfalfa, carrots and aloe extract. Feed is sold in various packages – from 1.3 and 2.5 to 20 kg.

low grain

The nutritional needs of carnivores in their natural environment have always been Farmina’s main focus when creating balanced dietary recipes for pet food. Therefore, in addition to 60% high-quality animal protein, the dry and wet products of this brand contain cereals such as oats and spelled. All vegetable raw materials pass quality control for the presence of pesticides and are free from GMOs.

Among cat and dog food, you can choose pellets containing chicken, lamb and beef meat. There is also a diet with fish, which contains a large amount of vitamins and fish oil for young pets. Complete food suitable for lactating and pregnant pets. Nutrients include ingredients such as omega-3s, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, as well as raw fats, fiber, and oils. Of the antioxidants, natural extracts of tocopherol, rosemary and green tea predominate.


The creators of dietary types of nutrition for cats and dogs at Farmina with the participation of the scientific team of the department of the University of Naples. Frederick II used the most suitable strategies in the formulation of products. Ideally selected diets allow you to solve many veterinary problems with the help of proper nutrition. The natural composition of the components is consistent with the physiological characteristics of carnivorous pets.

Harmful preservatives in canned food and granules have been replaced by natural types of antioxidants with a high content of vitamin E or tocopherol. They contribute to the long-term preservation of natural products in a fresh state, without losing the value of high-grade natural components. Cereals are selected with a low glycemic index, the excess of which leads to obesity in animals with a sedentary lifestyle and disruption of the normal absorption of glucose.

Farmina’s nutritional diet line has been scientifically tested on the basis of extensive feedback from veterinarians and pet owners who have been fed specialty foods throughout their treatment or recovery period. Pets who had suffered various types of diseases had a higher chance of improving their health status without being admitted to inpatient treatment at the clinic, leading to stress.

Dietary food of the popular Farmina brand is created using only high quality ingredients. They help to find the right solutions for proper nutrition for any emerging health problem of a family pet.

Studies have shown that pets consuming a significant amount of genetically modified foods experienced abnormal changes in the functioning and structure of the digestive organs. The distribution of feed with a large percentage of GMOs ultimately affects the entire ecosystem as a whole, upsetting the delicate balance that underlies it. Therefore, wheat and corn are replaced by traditional crops for Italian agriculture: potatoes, oats and spelt in the production of pellets and wet cans.

The proposed dietary feed “chicken-pomegranate” contains dehydrated chicken meat from defeathered carcasses. The protein obtained from high quality fish products has a high nutritional value and is easily digestible, which is about 95%. The lamb meat is sourced from New Zealand, and the egg powder is sourced from fresh eggs just before being added to feed preparation.

Super premium

Super premium complete pet food free of artificial colors, preservatives and other harmful additives. The meat of chickens and chickens comes from Italian producers of a quality protein product from poultry. The company purchases wild boar meat from biological farms in Europe, and lamb carcasses from countries where free grazing of small cattle is practiced. Quail and deer meat, rich in amino acids and vitamins B3, B6 and B12, is also used in the manufacture of dry granules and wet canned food.

Sea fish is caught in the marine areas of the southern and northern seas. Of the plant foods, quinoa is used in the preparation of the best foods, rich in many beneficial components, to maintain the health of pets. Carrots and pumpkins are excellent sources of carotene and antioxidants.

All ingredients of high-quality feed remain complete, as they are subjected to one-time heat treatment. This allows you to keep not only the natural nutritional value of the products, but also their palatability in good condition. Even the packaging of a company that produces 100% recyclable BPA-free cans is taking a minimal toll on the environment. By purchasing dry food for cats and dogs in an economical package of 10 kg, you can refuse to combine this type of food with other vitamin and food supplements, as it fully satisfies the need for a complete nutrition of a pet.


For the production of the best feeds, by-products, corn and durum wheat, which are common for other brands, are not used due to their high content of GMOs and other harmful substances.

Farmina recommends a balanced composition of ingredients derived from dehydrated poultry, beef, lamb, game and fish.

The fiber of potatoes, lentils, dried fruits and berries is used as a vegetable raw material. For natural replacement of preservatives, extracts of rosemary, aloe and other vitamin plants are used.

Food lines have become especially popular for a healthy pet diet. Ecopet Naturalproduced by innovative technologies. The thermostable state of the components in dry and wet types of premium feeds allows you to preserve the natural nutritional value of meat and vegetable raw materials. The presence of natural prebiotics has a good effect on the normal functioning of the intestines of carnivorous pets. The size of the granules is designed taking into account the age and breed characteristics of the animals.

Overview of reviews

Pet owners report that they are ordering the Farmina food in short supply from specialized sites, as it is difficult to find in stores due to its high popularity. The owners of cats and dogs note that their pets are happy to eat the food of this brand both in dry and wet form. There are testimonies of breeders about cases of successful cleaning of tartar in animals that regularly receive food produced by an Italian company. A large supply of vitamins and useful mineral supplements has a good effect on the condition of the coat and the tone of pets.