American Ringtail (American Ringtail)

Main characteristics:

  • Name synonyms: American Ring tail
  • Country of origin: USA
  • What felinological organization is recognized?: TICA
  • Year of origin of the breed: 1999
  • Lifespan: 15-20 years
  • General form: body of medium size, slightly elongated
  • The size: average
  • Weight, kg: 2.5-4.5
  • Wool: short, shiny
  • Wool length: shorthair

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The American Ringtail (synonymous with American Ringtail) is a cat with a tail curled into a ring, like a Laika dog. Researchers and breeders paid attention to the breed relatively recently, although they met much earlier. The popularity of ring-tailed cats is steadily growing, although the breed is at the experimental stage.

Origin story

The breed from the USA is recognized so far by only one felinological organization TICA in 1999.


The life expectancy of the American ringtail varies from 15 to 20 years – real champions among centenarians. Cats are quite beautiful, with a clear outline of the body, medium-sized paws, a broad, smooth tail at the base, tapering and curved towards the end. Animals are characterized as medium-sized: weight 2.5-4.5 kg, the body is slightly elongated, covered with short and smooth shiny hair with thick undercoat. The rounded muzzle has well-defined cheekbones and ends at the top with medium-sized triangular ears at the base and rounded ends without tassels.

Any color is allowed, up to tri-color and the letter “M” on the forehead.

Character and behavior

The nature of active cats is quite calm: despite the tendency to play and communicate, animals calm down easily. With a person, they are friendly, loyal enough, extremely curious and tend to stick their nose in everywhere. Ringtails are distinguished by such friendliness towards children, they are neutral towards strangers, however, they quickly find a common language with them if they feel goodwill towards themselves. Easy to contact, cats are friends not only with people, but also with other pets. They like to master the high zones in the apartment, and the higher, the more attractive for them, so special ladders and shelves on the walls will not be superfluous. The breed is self-sufficient, calmly tolerates loneliness, but the rest of the time it prefers to keep the owner in sight. Animals love to drink tap water and make food preparations. Another feature of the ringtails is talkativeness, because cats are very fond of “talking”.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the breed include friendliness, activity, unpretentiousness in content, beauty and contact. Among the shortcomings, one can mention the high cost and the possibility of acquiring a thoroughbred kitten only in the USA.

Maintenance and care

Care is in standard methods. A cat can be kept in a city apartment and in a private house, in families with and without children. Animals are washed about once a month, but with a constant stay at room conditions, the event is carried out only as needed. But cleaning the ears and teeth should be regular, as well as trimming the claws, if there is no good scratching post. During molting, the pet is combed out. Vaccinations are required, even if the cat does not go outside – the pathogen can be brought on the shoes that animals like to sniff.

Nutrition Features

Cats of this breed have excellent appetite, are characterized as prone to obesity, so it is necessary to monitor their weight. The food may be dry, but in this case, preference should be given to quality premium, super-premium food from trusted brands. With natural feeding, care should be taken that the animal receives enough lean poultry and animal meat, offal, mice, greens, vegetables and cereals. We must not forget about vitamin and mineral complexes and dairy products. All ingredients must be fresh, food slightly warmed up. If the pet is kept on drying, then fresh water should be plentiful.

Health and disease

Since the breed appeared not so long ago, there is no reliable data on hereditary and genetic diseases yet. Breeders are just beginning to collect and systematize information about the tendency to certain diseases, and the data is still very scarce. Owners should simply take care of the health of the pet and regularly examine it in a veterinary clinic.


Unfortunately, the official mating of American ringtails is possible only in the nurseries of America and Canada, since the breed, if it exists in Russia, is in piece quantity, which is clearly not enough to create a nursery. If any are declared, parental lines should be carefully traced. Unscrupulous breeders can purchase a pair of substandard kittens or from one litter, and then sell offspring from them that cannot be full-fledged.