Pyrenean mountain dog: characteristics and breeding of the breed

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a rather unusual pet in its appearance. If you want to know what features and distinctive features are inherent in a dog, then it will be useful for you to read our article.

Origin story

The Pyrenean mountain dog is an animal whose homeland is the Pyrenees mountains (this can be inferred from the name of the breed). Dogs of this breed served as shepherds and protectors of livestock herds. According to scientific data, the animal appeared on earth quite a long time ago – about 8 thousand years ago.

It is not known for certain where and how these breeds originated, but there are suggestions that the ancestor of the Pyrenean mountain dog is a white Tibetan mastiff.

In Europe, animals belonging to this breed appeared during the reign of Louis XIV. He issued a decree that the Pyrenean dogs should play the role of court servants (information about this can be found in ancient chronicles that have survived to our times).

In addition, historical sources report that the Pyrenean mountain dog saved Charles V from the attack of a wild boar, due to which it gained great value (not only in aristocratic circles, but also among the general public). In the XVII-XVIII centuries, the Pyrenean mountain dogs spread far beyond the borders of France and become popular in other European countries (for example, in Italy and Great Britain).

It is important to note that at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, animals belonging to this breed become full-fledged participants in cynological exhibitions. Also, in relation to this breed, cynological standards are accepted at the official level.

However, in the history of the existence of the Pyrenean mountain dogs, there are also sad pages. So, during the years of wars (World War I and the Great Patriotic War), the livestock was almost completely exterminated (and not only and not so much by force, but by natural causes). The whole point is that such large dogs were quite difficult to keep.

However, even in such difficult times, there were enthusiasts who directed all their efforts to the preservation of this breed. French scientists became such enthusiasts, who started searching for Pyrenean dogs in their homeland – in the Pyrenees mountains. Thanks to the efforts of the initiative group, the breed was restored, and already in 1960 the animals received official recognition and were included in all relevant registers.

Generally, Initially, this breed performed well-defined work functions, namely, security and protective. However, today dogs have practically lost their natural skills, so they are perceived as ordinary pets.

Description of the breed

The appearance of the Pyrenean mountain dog deserves special attention. The animal is able to make a lasting impression on almost everyone.

  • The dog has a rather impressive size, thick and long white hair. In general terms, in its appearance, the dog may resemble a polar bear. There is no consensus among scientists as to which category animals of this breed should be classified into: some consider them shepherd dogs, others – dogs or mastiffs.
  • The length of the coat throughout the body of the animal is uneven. So, in the head area, the hairline is much lower than on the tail or collar.
  • The color of the animal is replete with a wide variety. Although white is considered the most common color, there are other varieties that have multi-colored spots: fawn or gray. Of particular value are representatives of the breed, which have a so-called mask located on the front of the head.
  • If we compare the dimensions of the head and body of the animal, it can be noted that the head has a rather small size. Moreover, the shape of the cranium has the correct outlines.
  • The jaw of the animal is quite powerful, the bite belongs to the category of scissors. The ears are triangular.
  • The dog has well developed muscles. The legs (both front and rear) are parallel to each other and are erect.
  • The body weight of the dog is in the range from 55 to 60 kilograms, and the height can be from 65 to 80 centimeters (females are lower than males).

Character and behavior

It is believed that the Pyrenean mountain dogs are animals that exhibit such qualities as nobility, courage and highly developed intelligence. Dogs are not prone to aggression, they are calm and patient.

The character of a particular individual begins to appear from a fairly young age. At the moment when the puppy has reached the age of 4 months, the features of character and behavior patterns that will be inherent in the animal throughout its life begin to appear.

That is why during this period, you should be especially serious about training and training a puppy.

Important character traits of the animal, which are distinguished by many owners, are loyalty and devotion. Animals are friendly and affectionate not only to their immediate owner, but also to all family members. In addition, you can not be afraid to have other pets – the Pyrenean dog gets along well even with cats. However, at the same time, one should take into account the fact that in relation to unfamiliar and strangers, the animal may show aggression, growl and bark (especially if the dog feels any danger).

Pyrenean dogs can be brought even to those people who lead an active lifestyle, are on constant trips and business trips. Despite the fact that the four-legged pet loves the company, he easily endures loneliness and does not experience negative emotions about this.

Conditions of detention and care

First of all, it is worth considering the fact that due to the rather impressive dimensions of the animal, it will not be able to live in the cramped conditions of a city apartment. However, even if you plan to keep the dog on your own site, you should not put him in an aviary or put him on a chain. The Pyrenean breed is considered independent and freedom lovingtherefore, any constraint on her life can lead to mental, and later to physiological deviations.

In the process of keeping an animal, it is important to remember that the dog needs regular long walks. Moreover, these walks should be accompanied by active games and training.

In addition, it is important to regularly carry out hygiene procedures: combing, bathing, cleaning. It is recommended to brush your dog at least 3 times a week. Otherwise, the wool may become tangled. Water procedures should not be carried out too often, the optimal regularity is 1 time in 3 months. It is also important to follow for the condition of the ears, eyes and teeth of the animal.


By nature, Pyrenean mountain dogs are predatory animals. That is why the basis of the animal’s diet should be meat and meat products saturated with protein. This category also includes products such as eggs, cottage cheese, fish. It is desirable for the animal to boil fish and meat.

Be sure to feed your dog raw vegetables and fruits. These products have a positive effect on the formation of the internal microflora of the dog’s intestines and, in general, have a positive effect on the body.

Contrary to popular belief, porridge should not be given to dogs, as cereals are poorly absorbed by the animal’s body. On the contrary, they can lead to weight gain and even obesity.

If you decide to feed your pet with dry ready-made mixtures, then choose premium food, as well as food compositions belonging to the super-premium category.

Education and training

The Pyrenean dog breed has developed mental abilities, so individuals belonging to this species quickly and easily memorize not only simple basic commands, but also more complex and complex tricks.

In the process of training, it is important to be strict and in no case should you give up slack. Otherwise, you will lose your authority in the eyes of the animal, and it will feel superior.

If in this regard you are not confident in your abilities, then entrust the process of training to professionals and enroll your pet in specialized cynological courses.

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