The choice of food for a pet is an important and responsible task. On the shelves of stores you can find a huge variety of food: in granules, dry and wet food, in large and small packages. Having studied the rating of cat food, you can choose a quality, natural product for your pet at a bargain price.

Top Cat Food Manufacturers

On the shelves of stores you can find a huge selection of cat food. To make the right choice, you should give preference to feed from popular and trusted manufacturers.

  • Perfect fit. The company manufactures products for cats of all ages. The main goal is to maintain the activity of pets through proper nutrition and improve the functioning of the stomach, heart and kidneys of the animal. Perfect fit – a professional nutrition system for maintaining the health of cats;
  • Mars Inc. (Kitekat). Mars.Inc is the world’s leading pet food manufacturer. The manufacturer offers consumers budget options for high quality feed;
  • ALL CATS. Danish manufacturer of cat food. Using ALL CATS food, you can provide a complete diet for the animal. The main plus is the content of the amino acid taurine in the feed, which maintains the health of the animal’s eyes.

Best Dry Cat Foods

3. ALL CATS complete

Dry food for adults from the category “high quality budget food”. The manufacturer produces packages of different weights – from 0.4 to 13 kg.


  • lack of allergies in animals;
  • favorable cost;
  • convenient packaging;
  • Animals love the taste of food.


  • not sold in all stores.

According to buyers, the food is 100% suitable for adult cats. It does not have a pronounced odor, does not cause allergies and does not affect the digestive system of the animal. Some buyers found the packaging inconvenient, but you can solve the problem by pouring the food into a large jar.

2. Perfect Fit Turkey for Sensitive Digestion

Recommended for adult cats with sensitive digestion. Does not belong to the type of holistic. On sale there are packages weighing from 0.19 to 10 kilograms. This food is suitable for cats up to 6 years of age.


  • convenient packaging with a zip lock;
  • therapeutic effect;
  • does not cause allergies.


  • a small percentage of meat in the feed;
  • high price.

Buyers note that this food is great for animals that experience discomfort from any other food, including holistic ones. The best solution is to use only this food, alternating dry and wet. Animals like the taste of food – there are no leftovers left on the plate.

1. Guabi with salmon or chicken

Premium food at an affordable price. Recommended for pets aged 1 to 6 years. On sale you can find packages from 1.5 to 7.5 kilograms. Several flavors are on sale, chicken and salmon flavored foods are very popular.


  • good tolerance;
  • large packages;
  • no allergic reaction;
  • quality composition;
  • profitable price.


  • no zip lock on the package.

Buyers note that cats like Guabi food – they eat the entire serving to the crumbs. With prolonged use of food, you can notice a positive effect – the cats are active, feel good, the coat is shiny and does not require additional care.

The Best Wet Cat Foods

3. Hills Prescription Diet for Kidney Problems

Hills Prescription Diet Wet Food comes in a can. The food is intended for cats aged 1 to 6 years. The weight of one package is 0.082 kg.


  • quality composition;
  • convenient packaging with a lock;
  • normalization of digestion in an animal;
  • lack of allergies.


  • high price.

Buyers note that the animals are happy to eat food and feel good. With regular use of food, digestion in cats improves. Also, this food is recommended by veterinarians in the presence of an animal with renal failure. The only significant drawback is the high cost. If you purchase the number of packages needed to feed an animal for a month, you will have to spend more than 7 thousand rubles.

2. Perfect Fit for coat and skin health

Wet food is intended for adult cats from 1 to 6 years of age. Perfect Fit food is designed to maintain the health of the cat, increase the shine of the coat. The food does not belong to the category of holistics, but is of high quality. The weight of one package is 0.085 kg.


  • high quality;
  • convenient packaging;
  • good composition;
  • no allergies in animals.


  • high price for one bag.

Buyers are 100% satisfied with the quality of the food and note that the animals quickly eat the whole package. With prolonged use, you can notice a positive effect – the animal feels and looks good, the coat becomes smooth and shiny, there are no problems with the skin, no allergies appear.

1. Kitekat with lamb

Budget but quality kitekat cat food is sold in small bags. The content of one package is for one use only. This food does not belong to the category of holistics and is intended for animals from 1 to 6 years old.


  • high quality;
  • convenient packaging;
  • variety of tastes;
  • low price.


  • if a cat is accustomed to a different food, it will sometimes refuse Kitekat food.

Buyers note that Kitekat brand cat food is most often purchased – it is sold at a bargain price and animals like it. However, in order for the animal to receive all the necessary elements and minerals, you should choose several feeds, or combine the feed with natural nutrition.

The best premium food

4. Happy cat Supreme Sterilized Atlantic Salmon

Food from a German manufacturer with salmon flavor, suitable for adult cats. Premium food can be selected for your daily diet. Prevents the development of urolithiasis in animals.


  • favorable cost;
  • no allergic reaction in cats;
  • suitable for neutered/neutered animals;
  • prevents the appearance of excess weight.


  • small package.

Buyers are 100% satisfied with the food, and note that it causes a positive reaction in animals – cats eat food with pleasure, and if they eat it regularly, they feel good, become active and cheerful. The substances included in the composition contribute to the removal of hairballs from the body of the animal.

3. Brit Premium for Sensitive Digestion

For cats with weak or sensitive digestion, Brit Premium is recommended. This food is sold at a bargain price, is available in many stores and veterinary pharmacies, and is also suitable for most animals and does not cause an allergic reaction or a negative reaction from the animal’s digestive organs.


  • profitable price;
  • improved digestion;
  • suitable for many cats;
  • does not have a pronounced pungent odor.


  • big pieces.

Buyers note that many cats like Brit Premium, but if the animal is too picky and prefers to eat soft food, then food with large pieces may not be to his liking. The main plus is high nutritional value. It is enough to feed the cat twice a day, and she does not ask for supplements.

2. Monge Natural Superpremium with Trout

Dry food for adult neutered cats. Veterinarians also recommend this food for overweight animals to normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. On sale there are packages in mini-format, as well as weighing up to 10 kg.


  • lack of allergies;
  • quality composition;
  • sold in many veterinary pharmacies;
  • good price for a large package.


  • Some cats are not suitable for food.

In order not to make a mistake with the food, it is recommended to purchase a small package and check the reaction of the animal. If the food is suitable, you can solve digestive problems and help the animal lose weight.

1. TRAINER Natural Adult cat Sterilized White Fresh Meats dry

Dry food for animals 1-6 years old. On sale you can find packages weighing from 0.3 to 1.5 kg. There are several options to choose from: food with veal, turkey, salmon, chicken. The composition includes meat, corn gluten, freeze-dried meat, as well as other ingredients.


  • Italian manufacturer;
  • high quality;
  • affordable price for packaging;
  • good composition.


  • not sold in all stores.

According to buyers, TRANER cat food is the best option for animals that do not have health problems. Regular consumption of food helps to keep the cat’s digestive system in good condition.

How to choose food by composition

Often, buyers throw food into the basket, only “running their eyes” over the composition, and this is the wrong approach. The words on the back of the packaging can say a lot about a product. According to the GOST rules, the list of ingredients in the composition begins with the substance that is the most in the package.

The ideal food is the one with the most natural meat. It is important that the packaging indicates what kind of meat is added to the product, and in what percentage, for example, chicken 60%, veal 40%.

Offal is a common ingredient in cat food. You should pay attention to the percentage of by-products from the total composition. In addition, the manufacturer can add dehydrated meat – this is also noted.

It is not recommended to purchase feed, which is a “hodgepodge” of different products. So, if the food is natural, then it will have a lot of meat. If the packaging indicates that the food contains both natural and artificial meat, offal and other elements, it is better to choose a different pet food.

Veterinarian recommendations for food selection

To keep your cat healthy, active and in good physical shape, you need to choose the right food, as well as follow some recommendations:

  • It is important to choose food according to age. A small kitten will not be able to chew on food intended for an adult animal. In addition, feeds differ in calorie content, the more active the animal, the more calories it should receive for normal life. So, food for domestic and street cats will differ in calories;
  • on sale are feeds designed specifically for elderly cats – they can be a real salvation in cases where the animal refuses the usual food;
  • if the animal has health problems, it is necessary to give a special, medicinal food. Manufacturers produce food for cats with problems with digestion, joints, and heart. There are also special foods for diabetic cats. If the animal often swallows hairballs, you can help him get rid of them by giving special food;
  • It is important not only to choose food, but also to store it correctly. It is important to place an open jar of soft food in the refrigerator;
  • There is a big difference between the budget segment and the premium class. In the first case, the animal’s diet consists only of offal. In the manufacture of premium feeds, natural, high-quality meat is used.

There is also a separate category of holistic food, they are intended for thoroughbred animals that take part in exhibitions. The choice of food is an important task for every cat owner, because a properly composed diet can not only help avoid health problems, but also prolong life. It is important to understand that good, high-quality food is more expensive than usual, but its composition will be very different.