Brown algae in an aquarium - what it is, what it looks like, harm, causes

Ugly kelp in an aquarium is one of the most common problems that ornamental fish lovers face. They can be completely harmless if timely measures are taken to destroy them. Both chemicals and living beings will help to cope with microorganisms.

What is brown algae?

These are light-loving cells that do not survive in a dark environment. Brown or diatoms spread very quickly in an aquarium, covering the walls, plants and decorative elements. The reason for their appearance is infection from new individuals or accessories purchased at a pet store. They make the inner world of the aquarium unaesthetic and unkempt.

Experts give recommendations on how to properly and quickly get rid of brown algae in an aquarium using chemicals or preventive measures. In no case should you leave them unattended. The most common representatives are:

  • navicula;
  • pinnularia;
  • cymbella.

what is brown algae

What does brown algae look like in an aquarium?

Very often, an ugly brown or gray coating appears on the walls, stones and decorations. Such brown algae on plants in the aquarium quickly spread, polluting the entire tank. The first sign of their appearance is the formation of a yellow or brownish coating on the leaves of plants. The water becomes cloudy, light dust is visible. Gradually, layers of microorganisms grow on top of each other, the color turns from brown to black. Such neoplasms not only spoil the decorative appearance of the aquarium, but also harm all living things.

Harm of brown algae

The resulting plaque is a favorable environment for the reproduction of complex microorganisms. Red, brown and brown diatoms in the aquarium interfere with the normal functioning of internal systems, greatly spoil its appearance. The main harm from microorganisms:

  1. Living leaves of plants covered with plaque die due to a violation of the photosynthesis process.
  2. Dangerous microorganisms of the group of red algae begin to settle throughout the tank, causing the death of all living things.
  3. Decaying parts of ornamental algae gradually infect everything around them.
  4. Ornamental fish begin to die over time due to a lack of nutrients from the surrounding aquatic environment.

Brown algae in the aquarium – the reasons for the appearance

Microbial contamination occurs very quickly. It takes several weeks for the entire container to be covered with dark neoplasms. Not all ornamental fish lovers know why brown algae appear in an aquarium and subsequently multiply. There are actually many reasons:

  • insufficient illumination of the container;
  • stagnant water;
  • disturbed nitrogen cycle;
  • incorrect filter setting;
  • excess fertilizer for ornamental plants;
  • low temperature;
  • irregular cleaning of walls and decoration elements.

Brown algae in the aquarium – how to get rid of?

Diatoms should be removed as soon as they are discovered. Over time, it will be much more difficult to clean the container of microorganisms. You can learn from experts how to deal with brown algae in an aquarium. They distinguish such cleaning methods:

  • maintaining the optimum temperature;
  • avoidance of overcrowding;
  • illumination of the container for at least 10 hours a day;
  • the use of chemicals;
  • use of biological methods.

how to get rid of brown algae in aquarium

Brown algae in the aquarium – how to deal, preparations

Cleaning of the internal elements and walls of the container can be carried out using special chemicals. However, it is important to remember that chemistry adversely affects the reproduction of beneficial flora and fauna, the condition of fish and ornamental plants, so brown algae can only be removed from the aquarium if the instructions for use are strictly followed.

When describing how to remove brown algae in an aquarium, it is worth pointing out the following means:

  1. Tetra Algettenproduced in the form of tablets. The tool not only destroys brown algae in the aquarium, but is also a preventive drug. A tablet is added to 10 liters of water every month.
  2. Sulfur Algovec – a liquid that eliminates any kind of algae. For 20 liters of water, 5 ml of the product is used. During use, you need to ensure good aeration of the aquarium.
  3. Aquier Algicides, which destroys algae and has a positive effect on the development of ornamental plants. Up to 8 ml of liquid is used per 50 liters. Treatment is carried out within 3 days.

Who eats brown algae in an aquarium?

Not only chemical preparations and physical methods help to get rid of dark neoplasms. Many experienced ornamental fish lovers prefer to fight brown algae in the aquarium with the help of underwater animals. So the diet of some of them includes live microorganisms. Here are the main types of those who eat brown algae in a young aquarium:

  • snails;
  • shrimps;
  • shellfish;
  • ancistrus;
  • catfish otocinclus and gyrinocheilus;
  • algae eaters.