Breeds of chickens - meat, egg, meat and egg, fighting, decorative and others

Breeding poultry has always been a profitable business. The most important thing for a farmer is to determine the right breeds of chickens for his farm. Two types are popular: leghorn-based, which lay white eggs, and New Hampshire and Rhode Island-based, which have colored eggs. The main difference between them is productivity, which should definitely be taken into account.

What are the breeds of chickens?

If determined by the color of the eggs, then there is another significant difference. Egg breeds can boast of white eggs, and meat and egg breeds can boast of colored ones. There are also meat and sports. The Oryol, Liven and Yurlov breeds of chickens, which were bred by breeders, are more readily bred. Their viability is especially valued. Species features:

  1. Chickens of miniature breeds are distinguished by high egg production, and they consume little feed.
  2. Meat breeds rush weakly, but adapt to any conditions.

Laying hens are the best breeds for the home, they have the following qualities:

  • up to 300 eggs per year can be laid;
  • weight of roosters – up to 3 kg, females – slightly above 2 kg;
  • assimilate all types of feed;
  • their maternal instinct is somewhat worse.

Meat breeds of chickens

Most farmers raise laying hens for good egg harvests, but there are also farms specializing in chicken meat, so there is a steady demand for meat chicken breeds. They are distinguished by their large size and compact body, loose plumage, short legs and dense, strong bones. The most popular types:

  1. Brama chickens. A characteristic feature is the almost complete absence of a crest and fluffy plumage on the paws.
  2. chickens brahma

  3. Faverolles – a very large species, after a year they gain weight up to 3.5-4 kg. Give up to 160 eggs per year.
  4. firerolle

  5. cochinquin – the breed of chickens is very common because of the weight. Cockerels pull more than 5.5 kg, and laying hens – up to 4.5 kg. The original color of the feathers: black, white, fawn and blue.
  6. cochinchin chicken breed

Egg breeds of chickens

To successfully breed birds, it is important to know not only the breeds, but also their features. Laying hens can produce up to 270 eggs per year, while hybrid breeds can produce up to 320 eggs. for the same period. Among the egg breeds, there are both unpretentious and capricious to the conditions of detention, so not all are suitable for large poultry farms. The most popular types:

  1. Russian whites. The result of crossing leggorns to breed large and egg-laying birds. Males weigh about 3 kg, and females up to 2 kg. They produce up to 250 eggs per year.
  2. Russian whites

  3. Hamburg chickens. The plumage is silver-spotted in hens, and black-green in roosters. Weighing up to 1.5 kg, about 200 eggs are produced per year.
  4. hamburg chickens

Meat and egg breeds of chickens

Farmers also love this breed, because they manage to keep two directions on the farm at once, selling both chicken and eggs. They rush well, the meat is very tender, they ripen early, almost the same as egg chickens. Unlike them, they are not so capricious to the conditions of detention and are calmer in character. Most Popular:

  1. rhode island. Strong body, brown-red color. The weight of males is about 3.5 kg, females – 3 kg. 170 eggs are brought per year.
  2. rhode island chickens

  3. Orpington. They are more praised for meat qualities, the weight reaches 5 kg, up to 180 eggs are given out. year. Massive, short tail, light plumage.
  4. Orpington

Fighting chickens

A special topic is fighting chickens, they are considered the most ancient of all, since cockfights appeared in Central Asia, these regions are called the birthplace of bullies. The weight variation is very large – from 500 g to 6-7 kg, but one constitution: a dense body, strong legs and a beak. Good as a meat breed. Loose plumage, afraid of frost. Most Popular:

  1. English fighting. Considered the most common breed for fighting. By weight, the male tightens up to 3 kg, and the chicken – up to 2 kg, give up to 100 eggs per year.
  2. English fighting

  3. Azil chickens. One of the ancient fighting, there are several subspecies. The weight of males is 2-2.5 kg, for hens – 1.5-2 kg. Lay – up to 120 eggs per year.
  4. ashil chickens

decorative chickens

In recent years, ornamental chicken breeds have become increasingly popular. Their main value is their appearance, although they lay quite well – from 100 to 200 eggs per year. Many of the fighting breeds have been bred. The roosters have a luxurious tail with an unusual color, the hens are more like pheasants in brightness. Most Popular:

  1. Chinese silk. Solid plumage, head, paws and tail resemble the original balls. A rooster weighs up to 1.5 kg, chickens – within 1 kg, give about 100 eggs per year.
  2. Chinese silk

  3. bantams. Considered the most numerous breed. The weight of roosters is about 1 kg, laying hens – 650 g each, up to 120 eggs are laid per year. There are 15 subspecies.
  4. bantams

Vociferous chickens

For a long time in Russia they tried to keep at least a couple of vociferous roosters in the courtyard. There is a separate breed of such birds, they first appeared in ancient China, and now Japan is the leader in their breeding. There are about 20 species, but only one is known in Russia – the Yurlovskaya vociferous breed of chickens. Most Popular:

  1. Totenko. Also originally from Japan, they sing for a long time and very loudly: from 7 to 24 seconds, the timbre is high. Laying eggs are small and do not lay well.
  2. totenko

  3. Ayam-pelung. Bred in Indonesia, locals even prepare a special menu for them. Once a year, the best song rooster is determined at state competitions.
  4. ayam-pelung

  5. Yurlovskaya vociferous. They are also called the pride of Russia, this breed is more than 100 years old, and, according to researchers, originated from chickens imported from the Ottoman Empire. The rooster weighs about 5 kg, the chicken is closer to 4 kg. Egg production – 160 eggs per year.
  6. Yurlovskaya vociferous

Rare breeds of chickens

If we talk about the origin of chickens, then scientists are still arguing on this topic. According to some versions, this is Asia, India or China, according to others – Ancient Egypt. Varieties and breeds of rare chickens are the merit of breeders only. In addition to meat, egg and meat and egg, there are also elite species that are extremely rare. The most unusual:

  1. Decorative chickens Breda. Derived from the La Fleche and Cracker breeds. Color white, black, pearl and blue. Roosters weigh 3 kg, laying hens – no more than 2 kg, give up to 180 eggs per year.
  2. decorative chickens delirium

  3. Ayam tsemani. The rarest breed – black chickens, are recognized as the most exotic. A rooster weighs about 2 kg, a chicken – 1.5 kg, egg production – up to 100 eggs per year.
  4. ayam tsemani

  5. Fayumi or fayumi, it is also called the Egyptian, the most ancient breed. Silver plumage. They run very fast and easily take off on branches. They rarely carry.
  6. fayumi or fayumi

New breeds of chickens

Although the surge in the activity of breeders fell more in the 20th century, even today chicken breeds continue to improve. The main goals of such work are to increase egg production, quick adaptation, unpretentiousness in food. There are several popular species, each of which is a leader in a particular area. Popular types:

  1. Tetra. It was created as a meat and egg breed, with a very high productivity. Birds quickly gain weight, the meat is dietary, tender. Laying hens are lilac, roosters are white.
  2. tetra

  3. Hisex Brown. They were bred 50 years ago. They are the result of a double crossing: first Leghorns and New Hampshire, and then from them – from Rhode Island. Very high egg production – more than 300 eggs per year. The color is brown-red, the hens are of the same color, the roosters are with dark feathers on the neck and in the tail. The weight of roosters is 3 kg, laying hens – 2.5. Disease resistant.
  4. highsex brown