All about dog breeding

Breeding dogs often becomes an expensive hobby or even a full-fledged business. Having decided to take up this business, it is important to understand that you will have to make a lot of effort and financial resources, having previously studied a vast amount of information.

Where to begin?

Having decided to breed dogs at home, the first step is to choose the breed with which to work further. As a rule, preference is given to Pekingese, Labradors, Cocker Spaniels and German Shepherds, but you can choose any breed that meets the basic criteria. Next, it is important to decide where exactly the whole process will be carried out. It is necessary to think over the place for the aviary, the presence and placement of individual compartments, the mode of feeding, walking, feeding, training and cleaning the premises. Of course, at this stage, financial calculations are also carried out.

The next step is the purchase of dogs that will become the basis for the kennel. It is better to purchase them in proven nurseries, although sometimes attractive offers are found in private ads. When choosing instances, it is important to make sure that the animal will eat moderately, multiply quickly and succumb to training.

It is important to clarify information about the ancestors of the dog and the presence of mental and physical diseases.

The breeder will also need access to carry out their main activities. Permission is granted only if there is a guarantee that the dog can produce offspring. Having acquired a healthy animal in every sense, it will be necessary to contact the RKF, where to exchange the puppy metric for a pedigree.

It should be done before the puppy is 15 months old. Then the puppy will have to be taken to an exhibition held by the official clubs of the country, capturing a copy of the owner, a veterinary passport and the puppy’s pedigree. After the inspection, the expert will write a conclusion. By taking him to the cynological association, you can get access to the breeding of thoroughbred animals.

Is it profitable to practice?

One of the main questions for a novice breeder is the question of profit. In principle, one should not expect big money, especially in the first years of the enterprise’s operation. The cost of one puppy, consisting of the money spent on feeding and veterinary services, is slightly lower than the average price in the market. To increase the benefit, it is recommended to choose small breeds that eat much less.

Besides, it is important to ensure that the selected breed has innate immunity to many common diseasesto significantly save on doctor’s services. The purchased female must have a good pedigree – this will automatically increase the cost of puppies several times.

How to choose a dog breed?

The breed of dog is chosen depending on many factors. The animal should be easy to train, have a friendly and obedient character, easily adapt to changing environments and not be too fastidious in care.. It is great if the animal does not require large portions, and also has innate immunity to most diseases. Most of the purebred dogs meet these criteria, the positive qualities of which are already laid down practically at the genetic level.

Breeding dogs is successful if the purity of the breed is maintained, so the mating process will also have to be approached with particular seriousness.

Often selected for breeding labradors, characterized by a benevolent character, devotion and activity. In addition, this breed is easy to train, which will be another plus for future buyers.

Another great option is German Shepherd – Very smart and understanding. In addition, the breed is ideal for service tasks, so it is often acquired when a home protector is required. The breeding process takes place without any difficulties.

small cocker spaniels they also have an accommodating nature. They are often chosen by families with children, as they interact well with the latter and do not pose any danger to them. Both English and American varieties of Cockers are bred. Finally, the Pekingese are also popular, having, in addition to their unusual appearance, a good character.

Breeding methods and techniques

Breeding is possible only with purebred crosses, which use several methods.

  • outbreeding implies the use of purebred animals that do not have common ancestors. The selection of pairs in this case is quite close to the natural course of events. The difficulty, and even the disadvantage of this method, may be the inability to predict the results. Heredity can manifest itself in the most unusual way, significantly violating the clarity of the signs of the breed. Outbreeding selects dogs from two different lines that have similar qualities. Over time, puppies will become less and less like their ancestors, and their proportions will differ from the standard. Therefore, outbreeding, despite the benefits, is not allowed to be used on a permanent basis.
  • Inbreeding is to involve close relatives, for example, a sister and brother or a father and daughter. This method is used to fix certain characteristics of the breed. The use of inbreeding is recommended only for professionals with a careful study of selected producers. Inbreeding can be beneficial, but sometimes it results in negative traits being inherited.
  • Linebreeding or line crossing implies the crossing of dogs that have a common ancestor, but are distantly related. This ancestor has a wide range of positive qualities, as well as a stable ability to pass them on to his heirs.
  • Outcrossing is to select pairs that do not have common ancestors in the fourth and fifth generations. However, both members of this pair must be obtained through linear crossing, and also selected taking into account the shortcomings that are inherited. With the help of outcrossing, a dog is introduced into the fund that has the qualities necessary for the breed.

As for the methods of direct knitting, there are two options.

  • Free suitable for dogs showing favor to each other, as well as when the male has long been untied. The owners in this situation still have to control the whole process.
  • Manual way selected when animals may need help. If this is the first mating for one of the dogs, a veterinarian or dog handler is also present at the procedure.

We draw up documents

As mentioned above, breeding dogs is allowed only if there are some important documents. The breeder himself must confirm his education, as well as the lease of the factory attachment and the registration of the kennel in the register of the Russian Cynological Federation. For dogs that will become the ancestors of this institution, a permit from the RKF will be required, as well as a pedigree, while it will indicate the ancestors and existing titles of animals.

If the owners decide to participate in the kerung, which is held for the selection of the best representatives of the breed, then a number of papers will be required, including an assessment for participation in three different exhibitions, identification of the dog, confirmation of the absence of hemophilia and others.

Rules for maintenance and care

The maintenance and care of dogs is largely determined by the breed chosen for breeding, but when it comes to producers, there are still some common conditions. For example, the male should receive regular mineral supplements, since a lack of calcium leads to the development of paresis. The nutrition of a dog is based on protein and vitamin in the required volumes. Besides, it is important for him to organize physical activity and walk more often.

On weekends, it is even recommended to take animals out into the countryside, where they can run around freely without any restrictions in the form of a collar or enclosure walls.

Enough attention should be paid to the hygiene of dogs, including the care of the genitals. If incomprehensible symptoms appear, it is recommended to immediately douche or even consult a veterinarian. Feeding and care for females is carried out in the same way, but additionally, anthelmintic procedures will have to be carried out before mating.

For information on how to breed dogs, see the following video.