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A comfortable and functional leash is the first thing dog owners need in the city. There is road noise, an endless stream of cars and many other irritants that distract pets. In this mode, it is very difficult to relax and enjoy a walk with your furry friend. To make this possible, our experts advise you to choose the right leash. It will make your pet’s life safer, and daily walking will be a real joy for you. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a dog leash. After analyzing the market, we have compiled a ranking of the 6 best brands trusted by hundreds of experienced dog breeders. It will help you quickly understand which brand is best for you.

How to choose

There are many benefits to buying a leash. Among them:

  1. Heat is one of the most frequent situations when it is not possible to let the dog go for a walk without supervision. Then a leash will come to the rescue. You can let go of the tape or cable for a sufficient distance and walk the pet.
  2. The smaller the weight of the dog, the longer the tape measure lasts. In decorative breeds of dogs, the tape measure retains its original appearance for the longest time.
  3. It is very difficult for puppies to maintain an optimal level of activity on a short leash. The roulette wheel helps them to gamble.
  4. The leash-roulette does not sag and does not stain clothes. This is the most convenient type of leash for the city.
  5. Roulette quickly responds to the need to stop the movement of the pet. One press of the stop button and the dog is stopped. The only downside is that, unlike a regular leash, you can’t pull it sharply towards you. In this case, the tape measure will break.
  6. If you want to give your dog a feeling of complete freedom, but at the same time control him discreetly, this is ideal. The tape measure allows it to move in the desired direction and control the length of the leash until you press the stop button.
  7. Also, owners of dogs of hunting breeds, who sniff out something, most often walk with a tape measure. The owner at this moment goes and thinks about his own.

As you can see, roulette leashes have a lot of positive aspects. Modern brands offer a wide range of products for every taste. However, not every tape measure will become your reliable assistant in walking your pet. When choosing a leash model, follow these tips:

  1. Choose the correct size of tape or cable. Only you know how far your furry friend runs most often.
  2. Ask the seller if the product has a swivel. If it is present, the correct rotation occurs without twisting the tape and cable.
  3. In some situations, you will have to react quickly and stop the animal, so stop button should be comfortable. Test pressing it at least several times before paying for the purchase.
  4. The smooth body is considered the most wear-resistant. The fewer bends the tape measure has, the better.
  5. Don’t neglect the weight category. The weight of the pet must strictly correspond to the category of the leash, otherwise it may not withstand it.
  6. Another important point that many people forget – safety loop. Some models come with it. If you do not find it, try to purchase it separately as soon as possible. To fix it, slide the carabiner through the first ring, then the second and fix it. This additional element will work if the cable breaks. The dog will not be able to escape and will remain under your control.

Rope or tape

Pet owners are constantly arguing about which type is best, but our experts have found advantages in both options. For example, a metal cable retracts more easily and slides comfortably inside the device. It never twists, but is heavier than tape. The cable is convenient for those who walk in open spaces. If you prefer to walk in a forest park or any other place where there are a lot of bushes, it is better to choose a tape option. Then it will be easier for you to unwind the tape when it is wrapped around the branches.

So, we told you about the main points in choosing leashes-roulettes. But do not rush to go shopping. Below you can also get acquainted with the most popular and reliable manufacturers of dog roulettes.

Rating of the best roulette companies for dogs




Rating of the best roulette companies for dogs one Flexi 5.0
2 Lishinu 4.9
3 KONG” 4.8
four Collar 4.7
5 Fida 4.6
6 Ferplast 4.5


Rating: 5.0


Flexi roulettes are very fond of fashionistas. In their assortment there are even models decorated with Swarovski crystals. Flexi company has leashes of different lengths – 3, 5, 8 and 10 meters. Their tape measures are very durable and serve pet owners for several years. However, the manufacturer strongly recommends carefully choosing a leash according to the weight category. If you exceed the allowable weight for a certain model, the high quality of the cables and tape will not help, and the leash will deform.

According to buyers, the Flexi tape measure winds up sharply and strongly, so you should be careful with small breeds. Leash is not dangerous for other dogs. German roulettes also stand out for their light weight, convenient stop mechanism and flawless performance. The anti-slip handle makes it easy to hold your dog even in the rain. From the comment of a user of the Ozon.ru service with several months of experience using roulette: “It is comfortable in the hand, weighty, but not heavy. Pleasant to the touch. The stop mechanism is implemented very well. Fastening for boxing with packages. Good carbine.”


Rating: 4.9


Models of leashes from Slovenia almost immediately became mega-popular. No wonder, because the company’s products allow dog owners to free both hands while walking. Ergonomic tape measure is attached to the wrist and resembles a fashion watch in shape. The bright bracelet is made of neoprene. Despite their fragile appearance, watch tapes can withstand even large dogs weighing up to 25 kg. The roulette mechanism holds the dogs well at different distances and does not creak during movement. For better visibility in the evening and at night, the leash is stitched with a reflective thread.

The only disadvantage of Lishinu roulettes in plastic is that if used carelessly, it can break. Otherwise, roulettes are praised for their convenience. From the comment of a user of the Yandex.Market service with several months of experience using a roulette leash: “It is very convenient to run with a dog, which is very important for me. The dog cannot run sharply somewhere, but runs nearby. For the original design and the ability to free both hands, our experts gave Lishinu roulettes a place in the ranking of the best. These products give maximum comfort to dogs and their owners.


Rating: 4.8


The history of the Chinese brand KONG began with a small toy. The fact is that the founder of the company loved his dog very much, but could not come to terms with her habit of chewing everything. He created something like a rubber snowman, from which other dogs came to a real delight. Today, the company manufactures a variety of products for cats and dogs, including leashes. A big plus of the company is that in its assortment you will find leashes for any weight. There are quite budgetary roulettes for dogs up to 20 kg in a jump. If your pet weighs more, you can always pick up any other models up to 69kg.

The surface of the case in each tape measure of the company is covered with an anti-shock layer. A convenient locking mechanism makes it easy to fix the cable or tape in the desired position. Of course, the company’s products are an order of magnitude more expensive than their counterparts, but their wear resistance is pleasantly surprising. “I love the KONG roulette! Month lived in the sea, swam, drowned. And there are 2 of them – small and large. There were no wedges, I ordered a couple more pieces. The pet weighs 33 kg – a bull terrier. The tape measure of the company is distinguished by a long service life and excellent ergonomics of products, for which they got into our rating.


Rating: 4.7


Collar has been manufacturing pet products since 1995. The company’s product range already includes more than 3,000 different items. The company also deservedly received the American Pet ICON Awards. Her products are distinguished by a soft running of the tape and a stylish design. During the walk, the Collar cable moves freely, depriving the pet owner of the need to run from side to side.

Customers really like that the models of this brand have different lengths – 1m, 3m and 5m. In the brand’s product catalog there are enough models for medium and large breeds of dogs. The only drawback of the brand’s leashes is that their bodies are not rubberized. However, the overall functionality of tape measures is impressive and inspires confidence, so Collar leads have retained their popularity. The streamlined shape of the handle and a durable carabiner are another undoubted pluses of the brand’s models. The manufacturer boldly gives a two-year warranty for its products, although in 95% of cases the Collar brand roulettes work without mechanism failures. That is why they are included in our rating.


Rating: 4.6


The Chinese company has been producing high-tech dog tape measure since 1991. During this time, hundreds of owners of dogs of different breeds managed to evaluate its quality. Adjustable leashes are made from textiles. Among the models are tape and cable options in bright colors. In production there are roulettes that are perfect for large breeds of dogs up to 15 kg. High-quality assembly without a large number of screws is very popular with buyers – you can’t get close to the mechanism, so its strength is many times higher than its counterparts.

FIDA Roulettes are often used by owners of Jack Russell, Dachshund, Corgi, English Bulldog breeds and so on. Among the features of the brand’s models are a pleasant to the touch handle and beautiful design. These roulettes can easily withstand the jumps and jerks of the animal. The only drawback of Fida tape measures is the miniature handles, which do not always fit the male palm. From the comment of a user of the Ozon.ru service with several months of experience using the product: “A good obedient tape measure. Withstands two dogs 10+5 kg on a double leash.” Our experts believe that these tape measures are ideal for owners of small hands.


Rating: 4.5


The first thing that distinguishes the roulettes of this brand is the convenience of the handle, which exactly repeats the shape of the palm. Extensive experience helped the company to achieve high results in the production – Ferplast has been on the market for more than 50 years. Buyers also note the easy and smooth running of the tape. The high quality of the plastic makes the tape measure impact-resistant and allows you to maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance for a long time. Dog owners also like the ability to change the design by changing the plastic housing cover.

According to customers, their pets feel free with Ferplast leashes. The most popular models have become tape, as cable ones are often frayed. Basically, they only last a few months. All roulettes of this brand have a relatively compact size. For carefully thought-out ergonomics of the handle, our experts have included Ferplast tape measure in the ranking of the best. From the comment of an experienced user of the Ozon.ru service: “Rubberized and does not slip in the palm of your hand. The leash is easily fixed on any segment with a button that works very well.”

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