Many cat owners are familiar with the problem of torn wallpaper, torn upholstered furniture and door jambs. It is useless to scold them for this, since with this they satisfy their natural need – sharpening their claws. The only correct solution to the problem is to purchase a scratching post. This is a special device with a rough surface, which is ideal for sharpening claws, which is why cats like it very much. A properly selected scratching post becomes a pet’s favorite place, repels him from carpets and sofas. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating of the best claw point models.

Top 5 best scratching posts

5 Nobby Bari

This is a very high-quality floor scratching post, comfortable for cats, made in the form of a wave. Thanks to an interesting design, it is universal – it is used with equal pleasure by cats who prefer to sharpen their claws in a vertical and horizontal position. In the manufacture, the manufacturer used only natural materials (jute, plush, sisal), so you don’t have to worry about the kitten’s health, and high quality ensures a long service life.

The owners who bought this scratching post for their pets are satisfied with its quality, unusual, but cute and generally successful design. Cats also like it – they quickly switch to it from sofas and carpets. But still, many buyers write in reviews that the price is too high for this device – there are better and more profitable offers in stores.

4 Triol Post #206

Convenient floor scratching post made in the form of a post on a platform with a ball attached to it on a rope. The model is made of plastic and MDF, tightly wrapped with sisal. It is made to last, withstands quite intensive and frequent sharpening of claws. Due to the successful design, the scratching post takes up a minimum of space, but at the same time it is suitable even for large breeds of cats. The design may seem unstable at first glance, but cats do not turn it over.

User opinions about this scratching post vary somewhat. Some consider it one of the best models, they buy it again when the old scratching post becomes unusable. Others consider the workmanship not good enough, the construction not very stable, and the price too high. But everyone refers to the advantages of a successful design that does not take up much space. They also note that the scratching post has become one of the pet’s favorite places to play thanks to the ball hanging down.

3 BRADEX Mouser

A very original, unusual model of a scratching post, thanks to which the cat can not only sharpen its claws, but also hunt for a mouse. The model is a compact design made of plastic, the upper surface of which is upholstered with a special material for the point of the claws. Inside, on a special platform, a mouse is attached, which the cat can drive around with its paw.

The owners in the reviews often write that this activity is so captivating for their pets that they can spend more than one hour next to the scratching post. For an interesting game design, the cost is quite small, the workmanship is quite decent. The only slight drawback according to users is that it is too light – when a cat is fond of playing or sharpening its claws, it can easily turn the design over, but for a kitten this is ideal. Also, some write that using a mouse to attract cats has the opposite effect – pets only play, but do not use the scratching post for its intended purpose.

2 big claw

One of the simplest, inexpensive, but at the same time good horizontal scratching posts. She has one interesting feature – she comes with a bag of dried catnip. You can lightly sprinkle a scratching post on it to attract the pet’s attention and quickly drive it away from carpets and sofas. The design is very thoughtful – the product is made of natural materials, it is a rough surface with a tray located below. When the cat sharpens its claws, the pieces of material are collected in the tray, so that the floor always remains clean.

Buyers write in reviews that this is one of the best and most affordable scratching posts, which fully met their expectations. It attracts cats immediately, and if at first they do not understand what to do, you can use a little catnip. Some pets use it not only for its intended purpose, but also take a fancy to as a couch. And the large size allows it to be used for two cats at once. Given the low cost, this model simply has no drawbacks.

1 Georplast Flipper

One of the best models that combines a scratching post and a play area. The model is made of plastic and textile. The rough surface is great for sharpening claws, so cats quickly stop spoiling sofas, carpets, and wallpaper. To entertain the pet, two balls are provided in the upper part of the scratching post, which move along the rod, making an enticing sound. Such a scratching post will appeal not only to adults, but also to kittens.

Many users in the reviews call this scratching post one of the best. They like that the manufacturer added a play area to it. Thanks to the rattling balls, even kittens like the scratching post – at first they play on it, then they begin to use it for its intended purpose. Additionally, the owners of furry pets highlight the excellent workmanship and affordable price for such a comfortable and functional model.