The largest domestic cats

Many people think that a large cat is also a big problem in terms of food, their behavior and order in the house. However, this is not quite true. The largest domestic cats are often more graceful, elegant and obedient than their small relatives.

What breed of domestic cats is the largest?

  1. Chartreuse – This is a blue large French cat, characterized by a special “taciturnity”. From her only sometimes you can hear a faint purr. These cats are smart, docile and unpretentious, and also very devoted to their owner.
  2. The largest domestic cats -1

  3. short-tailed pixie bob looks like a lynx. Cats can weigh up to 10 kg. Animals of this breed are unobtrusive, gentle and tactful. They are very attached to their owners, actively participate in all household chores, resourceful, quick-witted and smart.
  4. The largest domestic cats -2

  5. Cat ragdoll with a chic appearance, has a complaisant character. These blue-eyed creatures get along well with children, are completely non-aggressive, and their character is calm and friendly.
  6. The largest domestic cats -3

  7. Adult weight Turkish van can reach 9 kg. This cat is wayward and independent, smart and easy to train. However, he does not like to live in an apartment, so it is better to keep him in a private house. Cats make great companions for any member of the family.
  8. The largest domestic cats -4

  9. The domestic cat is one of the largest breeds. Maine Coon. Some individuals of this breed weigh more than 15 kg. This beautiful noble cat with tassels on the ears and thick hair looks like a lynx.
  10. The largest domestic cats -5

  11. Weight of large and tall cats of the breed Savannah can reach 15 kg. This short-haired animal is very active, loves to jump and run. Therefore, enough space is required to keep such a cat. Savannah is very smart, inquisitive and friendly.
  12. The largest domestic cats -6

  13. Chausie or domestic reed cat sometimes reaches a weight of 18 kg. This cat with wild grace is smart, affectionate and curious. Caring for her is not difficult, since the pet is completely unpretentious. Fig. 1. 7.
  14. The largest domestic cats -7