small round aquarium

A small round aquarium does not lose all popularity due to its compactness. You can place it on a table, stand, any shelf, even mount it on the wall or move it if necessary. The shape of such a vessel gives an attractive appearance to the underwater design. From different viewing angles, plants and inhabitants look different.

There are also very small round aquariums with a volume of 3-4 liters. Such funny living corners can be installed even on the desktop, they look very aesthetically pleasing. Such tanks are often sold complete with all communications, have beautiful coasters in the form of stones, waterfalls to create an attractive complete design.

A small marine aquarium is called a nanoreef and is becoming increasingly popular. Styling with live stones, reefs, corals, clean sea sand, rich blue backlighting will help to create a part of the real ocean in the interior. You can grow crabs, shrimps, miniature marine fish in it.

Features of keeping a small aquarium

A small aquarium requires more care. The average size of such a reservoir does not exceed 25 liters, so the creation of a sustainable environment in it is difficult, the water there is quickly polluted. This requires frequent water changes and glass cleaning. Since the upper part of the vessel is narrowed, oxygen starvation may begin in the fish. Therefore, it is necessary to supply such a tank with a compressor. Due to the small volume, no more than 2-3 small fish should be settled in the reservoir. It can be guppies, neons, cockerels. Snails will help clean the aquarium of dirt.

A small aquarium is a beautiful interior solution. Aesthetically designed such an item will be the highlight of any room.