List of fox-like dog breeds

Of the more than 400 varieties of dogs, there are those who, in their appearance, are very similar to other animals. Dogs that look like foxes look especially cute. Their appearance is so reminiscent of forest beauties that sometimes they can be confused from afar.


The appearance of fox-like dogs meets the following criteria:

  • predominantly red color (although there are animals with wool of other colors);
  • erect ears;
  • the coat is fluffy, the collar and tail are more pubescent;
  • the muzzle has an elongated shape;
  • slanted eyes.


Fox-like dogs come in different sizes: large, medium, and small. All of them have both common characteristics and purely individual ones.


Rough collies reach a height of 60 cm and a weight of 30 kg. With such parameters, they are distinguished by grace and harmonious physique. In the past, the animals were used as shepherds or working dogs, but now they are considered decorative.

The resemblance to a fox is enhanced by an elongated head, almond-shaped eyes, and a lush collar and tail. Due to the dense undercoat, the coat of the collie is thick, the color is mainly sable, with shades of yellow, red and light golden tones.

They resemble a cunning fox with their ingenuity. In care, Scottish Shepherds are unpretentious, but they are distinguished by endurance and a calm character.

They treat children with special attention and affection, being amazing nannies.


One of the most ancient breeds that lives in the north. Representatives of the breed served as sled dogs, as well as hunting and watchdogs. In weight, they can reach 25 kg, and the height of an adult dog is up to 57 cm. Samoyed is characterized by great similarity with the white fox, and not only strong, somewhat elongated physique and coat color. They have a similar head shape – a wedge-shaped, slightly elongated muzzle, triangular erect ears of small size and slightly slanting eyes.

In addition, they also have a similarity in the structure of the coat, in both animals it is two-layered, with a dense white or cream collar. Although the character of the Samoyed is quite stubborn and independent, it is easy to correct it with the right upbringing and attention of the owner.

The breed is absolutely not inherent in aggression, with children they are extremely friendly and patient.

norwegian elkhound

Belongs to the old hunting breeds and is characterized by similarity with the silver fox. The ears of the dog are triangular, straight, the coat shimmers with brilliant black and gray shades. Despite its hardiness and northern hardening, the Elkhound has a gentle disposition. He is friendly, smart and good with children.. The negative aspects of the breed include excessive independence and the desire to dominate, as well as aggression towards other animals.

Representatives of this breed need training and socialization, otherwise they will become uncontrollable.

shiba inu

A Japanese hunting breed used for catching small game. Today, the dog has become a friendly companion and family pet, having lost its original purpose. Shiba Inu belong to medium breeds, they can reach a height of 41 cm, and weigh up to 12 kg. Dogs are playful and energetic, but unpretentious in content. By its nature, the animal is quite self-confident, and this feature can be a problem for an inexperienced or too soft owner.

To achieve obedience and respect from a dog, it needs to be given a lot of time and attention.


The dog belongs to the species of Spitz. Previously, she was kept as a guard, and now they are being acquired as a companion. The maximum height of the animal reaches 45 cm. According to external data, the Keeshond resembles a silver fox. The head is wedge-shaped with a slightly elongated, rectangular muzzle.

Dogs are quite independent, but very peaceful. They get along well with other animals, in particular cats, and adore children. In education, the breed is easy, because it has high intelligence and curiosity.

American Eskimo

Its appearance is very similar to the white fox. A fluffy coat, a pointed muzzle and a sly look give a great resemblance. Dogs come in three varieties depending on height: standard, miniature and toy. Representatives of the breed are distinguished by a well-developed intellect, attentiveness and an active disposition. In addition, they are very loyal and excellent guards.

The dog needs physical activity, and it also needs to be given quite a lot of time.

Sheltie or Shetland Sheepdog

Differs in medium size, Sheltie average height is 35-40 cm, and weight is about 10-12 kg. In addition to the characteristic resemblance to a fox, it also has a thick fluff, the color of which can vary from sable to a combination of brownish with red and white.

Gives the dog a resemblance to a fox and a sly look of slanting eyes. The Sheltie is distinguished by excellent health, well-developed intelligence and high efficiency. In the past shepherds, but now it is exclusively decorative dogs, have friendliness and sociability.

Their character is calm and peaceful, graceful posture gives the Sheltie a certain aristocracy.


A small shepherd dog that resembles a black fox. The breed combines the characteristics of a spitz and a fox. The average height of a dog is about 30 cm, and the weight reaches 7 kg. Animals are very active and inquisitive, with a calm character. Dogs can spend a lot of time with children, love to play and indulge.

finnish spitz

Very reminiscent of a fox, even has a similar look. In addition to the golden-red coat, it can have a dark gray, black or brown color, as well as fawn with black. The breed belongs to hunting and was used for baiting both birds and much larger animals, such as a wild boar or a bear. It can reach 50 cm in height.

Due to his independent and too independent nature, he needs a strict owner, as well as intense physical activity.


A representative of this breed acquires the features of a fox only with age. The color of dogs is different: from red and golden red to blue and black. They weigh an average of up to 3 kg with a height of about 20 cm. Dogs are smart and active. Self-confidence and courage often leads to showdowns with other dogs, even if they are significantly superior in size.

Spitz needs daily active walks and regular training.

welsh corgi

A breed of small dogs with short legs and large ears. In height, adults can reach 25-30 cm, and weigh up to 12 kg. Corgis are characterized by a good disposition and a reverent attitude towards the owner.

Despite squat paws, dogs love vigorous games and long walks. Their balanced nature makes them wonderful companions.


A hybrid of the Pomeranian and Husky, the breed is quite young, not yet very popular and little studied. Depending on the characteristics of the parents, they may have a different color and parameters. Dogs are energetic and curious. They love active games and walks. Their nature is not aggressive, but they love to bark. Of all the household members, the pomsky will choose a favorite for himself and will obey only him.

Care rules

Keeping fox-like dogs does not require much effort and expense. Their dense “coat” repels water and dirt. And also animals are characterized by cleanliness, they themselves are able to maintain the cleanliness of the coat, and besides this, they try not to get dirty. Hair care is in combing with a stiff brush, the frequency depends on the length of the coat. For breeds with a shorter coat, once a week is enough, but for dogs with long hair It is worth combing about once every 2-3 days.

If mats have formed in the wool, they must be carefully combed out. During molting, the procedure should be carried out more often, since the densely pubescent undercoat sheds quite heavily, ideally once a week. Bathe dogs rarely or when heavily soiled, using special shampoos. Dog grooming is best left to a professional. In terms of hygiene, you need to cut the hair between the pads of the fingers and in the lower zone of the tail.

The ears, eyes, and teeth of dogs should be checked regularly: the ears are cleaned with a damp swab as they get dirty, and special toothbrushes and pastes are used to brush the teeth about 3-4 times a week. The paws of the animal must be inspected after each walk to avoid damage. Nails are trimmed about once a month.

The thick coat is a good habitat for parasites, especially mites. After each return from a walk, the coat is examined for their presence. It is necessary to regularly undergo examinations at the veterinarian, carry out vaccinations and anthelmintic prophylaxis.

In the past, almost all fox-like dogs were shepherds or hunters, so they love active pastime, long walks and physical activity. Due to their waywardness and too independent nature, animals simply need training and socialization. Classes will not be too difficult, because dogs are very smart and have a fairly developed intellect, but their stubbornness can become an obstacle.

Here you need to find the right approach to the pet. Such dogs need a confident owner with a strong character who can show his leadership. Otherwise, the animal will take over this role, and it will be impossible to control it.

What to feed?

The main requirement for the diet of fox-like dogs is that it must be balanced and of high quality. Animals do not put forward special requirements, but you should not mix different types of food, as well as give food from the table. The diet should be dominated by:

  • lean meat (beef, turkey, chicken):
  • cereals;
  • dairy products;
  • liver;
  • sea ​​fish (fillet).

Do not feed your pet with bones, river fish, pork, flour products and sweets. From time to time, you can give raw vegetables to gnaw, they perfectly clean tartar. Meat is given scalded or lightly boiled, and porridges are boiled in meat broth or water. When choosing dog food, you need to focus on premium food. It is recommended to give food 15-20 minutes after the walk.

Puppies need to organize 4-5 meals a day, and from 6 months they need to be fed 3 times a day, the indicators may vary depending on the breed. Adult dogs should be fed twice a day.

The animal is recommended to be fed at certain hours. The water in the drinker must be constantly fresh and clean.

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