How to tame a hamster

A trained hamster, which sits calmly in your hands and climbs on your shoulder, evokes tenderness and admiration. Teaching a hamster tricks is quite a feasible task, although it requires a certain amount of time. And it also happens that the hamster is so wild that it does not even allow you to clean the cage: it rushes on your hand and bites. In this case, it also needs to be educated, and we will tell you how to tame a hamster in your hands.

It is best to work with young hamsters because they learn faster. No breed learns as quickly as a Djungarian hamster can be tamed. Although the breed, by and large, does not affect anything, since in order to tame a Syrian hamster, Dzungarian or any other, you will only need your patience, but there are no untrained hamsters.

We act carefully

Hamsters see very poorly, so they remember not visual images, but sounds and smells. Wash your hands before class (if you smell like food, you are more likely to be bitten), avoiding strong-smelling soaps and perfumes if possible. Rub the filler for the cage in your hands – so there are more chances to pass for a hamster “for your own”. Place the food on the floor of the cage with your hand next to it. If you are afraid of being bitten, you can wear a gardening glove. At first, the hamster will shy away from you, but will soon get used to it and will approach your hand. You can stroke the hamster, but only on the back. Soon he will no longer be afraid, and it will be possible to start feeding him directly from the hand.

Speak softly to your hamster, call him by his name during feeding, and after a few weeks of regular training, he will learn to come to your call.

When you already have a hand hamster, you can take it out of the cage. Do this carefully, covering the back of the hamster with the palm of your other hand. Be careful: for rodents, a fall from a height can be fatal. And it’s better not to give the hamster in the hands of small children during training – they can harm him, and he will lose confidence.

That’s all the simple rules on how to make a hamster tame.