How to start an aquarium

The number of new aquarists is constantly increasing, so the question of how to start an aquarium from scratch is constantly relevant. It is good when there is an experienced amateur nearby who has gone through all the stages in this exciting business. Otherwise, a person has to draw all the information from literature or on the World Wide Web, sometimes finding conflicting information there. Here we will give in the correct sequence a list of works that need to be carried out to bring your plans to life.

How to start a new aquarium?

  1. First you need to make a number of acquisitions to complete the new aquarium. We buy a vessel of the required volume, a special cabinet, if it is large enough, a lamp, a filter, a heating device, high-quality soil, stones. Also, do not forget about decorative elements in the form of snags, underwater castles, films for the background.
  2. Gravel, river sand, crushed stone can be used as soil. It is best to find pebbles up to 5 mm in diameter, but beware of using beautiful shell rock and marble, they are able to release calcium carbonate in water, increasing its rigidity.
  3. Everything that we will put in the tank must be disinfected and washed. We clean the soil until the dirt is gone. The vessel itself should also be first treated with water and soda, then at the end, rinse everything with clean water again, removing the remnants of the drug.
  4. We transfer the aquarium to its place and set it level on the stand. We evenly pour soil up to 8 cm thick, if you wish, you can do this with a slope towards the front wall. Next, we place the decor, filter, heater in the vessel, fill in the purified water. In order to remove chlorine, the liquid is settled in a separate container. In the case when the tank is large, conditioners are used (Vita Antitoxin and others).
  5. The question of how to start an aquarium for a beginner should never be in a hurry. We give time for about a week to the vessel in peace and darkness to stand, and only then proceed to the next stage. Sometimes the liquid becomes cloudy, but then returns to normal. On the eighth day, turn on the clock lamp for 5 and plant the first plants.
  6. Approximately on the 12th day, we begin to launch the fish into the prepared aquarium. First of all, we use the most hardy species, but we will not feed them immediately, but in a couple of days. We increase lighting up to 9 hours.
  7. Three weeks after the start of our work on the launch of the aquarium, we populate the underwater kingdom with more fastidious plants and fish. We perform a 20% fluid change, do the first cleaning of the filter. In the fourth week, if there are no failures in the ecosystem, we can talk about the successful completion of the work.

We hope that you have correctly understood the whole cycle of operations, how to start the first aquarium. This case is not particularly difficult, but it loves restraint and order. We wish all aquarists success in their endeavors.