How to feed a Djungarian hamster - we make the menu correctly

If you consider yourself a caring owner, then the task of how to feed the Djungarian hamster should be approached very carefully, carefully considering the daily diet of your pets. The main percentage of death of rodents is due to gastrointestinal diseases caused by poor hygiene and violation of the main rules of pet nutrition.

The diet of Djungarian hamsters

The daily norm of products consumed by rodents depends on the physical condition of the pet, the season, the age of your pet. The diet of the Djungarian hamster necessarily includes up to 50 g of vegetables, 20 g of grain, 10-15 g of root crops. In summer, small animals are offered 200-300 g of fresh herbs, and in winter – up to 10 g of hay. The problem of what to feed the Djungarian hamster can be solved with the help of balanced ready-made diets, trusting proven manufacturers – Padovan, Fiory, Vitakraft, JR Farm, Benelux.


How to feed a Djungarian hamster at home?

When purchasing finished products, always consider the integrity of the packaging, often moisture gets into damaged containers, spoiled food becomes covered with dangerous mold. When thinking about what you can give Djungarian hamsters, try to saturate their diet with proteins (from 14%), fats (up to 8%), fiber (up to 8%), vitamins and calcium. Carefully and in small doses, feed your pets with exotic and high-calorie fruits.

How to feed a Djungarian hamster at home

What kind of food can be given to Djungarian hamsters?

Ready-made diets for hamsters vary in quality between premium and budget products. In order to correctly determine what kind of food to feed Djungarian hamsters, you need to familiarize yourself with the composition of the proposed product, reviews about it, and evaluate the appearance of the nutrient mixture. If there are incomprehensible impurities, garbage or an incomprehensible smell inside the package, then it is better to refuse to buy this product for hamsters.

What ready-made diets to feed the Djungarian hamster:

  1. JR Farm hamster food is a quality product, where, in addition to the usual grain products, there are healthy delicacies. It includes red millet, ears of wheat, flour worms loved by all hamsters.
  2. Orm for hamsters JR Farm

  3. Benelux Special hamster for hamsters is a Belgian premium food with a pleasant taste and a complete composition of all the necessary components.
  4. Benelux Special hamster share hamsters

  5. Fiory Criceti for hamsters – here there are cereals, peanuts with peas, selenium and all useful amino acids, minerals. If you decide how to feed the Djungarian hamster in order to boost his immunity, then you won’t find a better product.
  6. Fiory Criceti for hamsters

  7. Prestige Mini Hamster Nature is a balanced hamster food with 42% grains and up to 24% tasty seeds. Contains dried vegetables, apples, pineapple, grapes, nuts, calendula extract, yeast, valuable oils and vitamins.
  8. Prestige Mini Hamster Nature

What grass can be given to Djungarian hamsters?

Many lovers are thinking about what to feed Djungarian hamsters in the summer in order to diversify the diet of animals as much as possible. At this time, hamsters are happy to eat greens and meadow herbs. Useful properties have young sprouts of wheat, alfalfa, oats. In dachas, in a field or in a forest belt, it is easy for your pets to find a little bit of plantain leaves, nettles, clover, dandelions. Try to prepare hay for your pets, it will become a valuable addition to the diet in the winter.

What fruits can be given to Djungarian hamsters?

Rodents are prone to diabetes, so you need to feed them with sweet fruits very carefully and in small pieces. If you have not figured out the problem yet, how to feed Djungarian hamsters, then it is better to focus on vegetables and cereals. Remember that dried and fresh fruits are not the main diet for our small animals, but a delicacy. It is allowed to offer them to your pets from 2 months of age, immediately take away all uneaten waste from the feeder. Pears and other varieties of fruits that have a laxative effect are given in extremely small quantities.

Fruits allowed for hamsters:

  • apples,
  • bananas,
  • peaches,
  • plums,
  • pears,
  • apricots,
  • peaches.

What vegetables can be given to the Djungarian hamster?

All the owners of these funny and tiny animals are interested in the problem of what vegetables can be fed to the Djungarian hamster. To the delight of animal lovers, they are distinguished by a picky disposition; finding healthy vegetables for small pets is not a big problem. Almost all garden crops that are grown in our region are consumed by hamsters without harm to their body.

Useful vegetables for Djungarian hamsters:

  • sweet peppers,
  • carrot,
  • eggplant,
  • pumpkin,
  • beet,
  • cauliflower,
  • salad,
  • young green peas
  • cucumbers,
  • radish,
  • string beans,
  • radish,
  • celery,
  • corn.

What berries can be given to the Djungarian hamster?

Dealing with the problem of what to feed the Djungarian hamster, lovers always try to pamper their playful beauties with some exotic dishes. We offer sweet berries to pets carefully, like fruits they are introduced into the diet of animals gradually and in small quantities, as a reward and a delicious delicacy. Be sure to remove the bone from the berry, which contains the proportion of hydrocyanic acid.

Berries allowed for Djungarian hamsters:

  • a couple of cherries or sweet cherries at a time,
  • Strawberry,
  • strawberry,
  • raspberries in very small quantities,
  • grapes (several ripe berries per reception),
  • whitecurrant,
  • gooseberry.

What can not be fed Djungarian hamsters?

There is a category of products that are strictly forbidden to be fed to hamsters, in addition to them, there are many vegetables and fruits that are allowed to be used as food by pets in strictly limited quantities. For example, white cabbage often causes severe gas formation in the intestines, so it is best not to offer it to your pets. Potatoes are not recommended to be included in the diet of Djungarian hamsters due to their high starch content. Beware of feeding animals flour, fried, fatty and spicy dishes from your table.

Prohibited food for Djungarian hamsters:

  • pepper,
  • honey,
  • sugar,
  • sour cream,
  • chocolate,
  • onion,
  • pomegranate,
  • sorrel,
  • kiwi,
  • citrus,
  • sea ​​​​buckthorn,
  • barberry,
  • mint,
  • berry bones,
  • branches of coniferous trees,
  • bakery products,
  • sausages,
  • almond,
  • mushrooms,
  • cheeses,
  • garlic,
  • pasta.

How many times to feed a Djungarian hamster?

If you have already familiarized yourself with what to feed the Djungarian hamster, then it is the turn of the question of the frequency of feeding our pets. It is recommended that babies be fed throughout the day, the crumbs actively move and play, a rapidly growing body requires the constant presence of food in the feeder. Lactating and pregnant females spend a lot of energy on offspring, they must intensively replenish their vital reserves up to 4 times a day.

For an adult Djungarian hamster, food is enough 2 times – in the morning and in the evening. It is believed that before going to bed, animals need to eat up to 40% of the daily requirement. In the morning it is better to give juicy foods, greens, protein foods, boiled vegetables. It is desirable to offer grain or delicacies to animals in the evening. We feed hamsters at strictly fixed hours, we set the dosage of products empirically so that they are eaten without a trace.

How many times to feed a Djungarian hamster