how to determine the sex of cockatiels

Determining the sex of a Corella parrot is a rather difficult task, which not even every experienced breeder of this type of birds can do. It’s all about the sexual demorphism inherent in all varieties of the order of nymphs.

The most reliable data can only be obtained by performing a DNA test using a feather or a drop of bird blood. Another effective way to determine the sex of a cockatiel is to carry out an endoscopic examination. However, the possibility of conducting such experiments is available only if there are appropriate indications.

It is also possible to determine the gender of a bird of this species visually, but this can only be done if it has a natural color and does not have any impurities in its genus. Usually such individuals are represented by gray parrots, in males of which the cheeks begin to become bright when they reach 4 months of age.

If the cockatiel is a carrier of genetic mutations in the color of feathers, then it is possible to establish its gender only when there is data on the parents. It is worth noting that all young birds of this species have an identical coloration, which persists until the first molt. Then the color of the feathers remains unchanged.

Ways to determine the sex of a cockatiel parrot

Among bird breeders, there are several ways to visually establish the sex of a parrot of a given species, for example:

  • an adult with a pearl color can only be a female;
  • the tail plumage of females is wider than that of their partners, it has a beautiful and bright pattern, of course, in the absence of diseases;
  • the tails of cockatiel males are always of the same tone;
  • females have about 5 rounded spots on the inside of the wing web;
  • An interesting way to find out the sex of a Corella parrot is to observe its “squeaking posture”, when the male stretches into a string, spreads its wings a little, lowers its head, the tail is located in the same plane of the body and the bird makes a characteristic squeak. The female, for her singing, strongly throws her head back and raises her tail.