how to determine the sex of a rabbit

How to determine the sex of an eared animal worries all owners of the rabbit brethren. Often, due to a lack of knowledge in the field of sex determination, pet stores slip a boy instead of a girl and vice versa. And so that you do not have to find out one fine morning that your boy became pregnant and even gave birth, you need to study the main criteria for the sex difference between males and females.

You can still determine the gender in the store, but it’s difficult. Therefore, study carefully this small instructive essay to always be confident in yourself and your furry friend.

Sex determination in adult rabbits

Already at the age of four to five months, you can safely consider all the sex differences in fluffy lumps. It will be necessary to focus on the fact that although by that time the testicles of males are already lowered, they do not look exactly like those of dogs or cats, and it is much more difficult to determine the sex of a rabbit than the sex of a kitten or puppy

Be sure to wash your hands before the procedure. Then gently turn the animal on its back with its hind legs away from you, pull the tail a little to the back – if you have a boy in front of you, you will see a slightly protruding bright pink elongated testicular area and a slightly protruding genital organ. It looks like this: a small cylinder with a round hole in the middle.

how to determine the sex of a rabbit (male)

In females, no “tumors” are observed. If you stretch the genital area with one finger towards the tummy, and with the other towards the tail, you will notice a rather long opening that resembles the loop of a girl dog. In more detail, the female genitalia look like a tongue in the shape of a cone or a tube cut obliquely with an elongated slit.

how to determine the sex of a rabbit (female)

There is a difference in the genitalia in color and shape, which depend on the age of the animal. In a young rabbit, the color of the mucous membrane is pink, but in an adult it is darker. In boys, the penis is white, while in adult men it resembles a bullet in shape and acquires a pink tint. Also, in “adult” males, the testicles are easily palpable. Each of them is in its own bag, and not together as a couple, like cats.

In general, in order not to get confused, take the swelling of the testicles as a guide. Then, even if the rabbit behaves like a boy – jumping on a toy, performing an imitation of sexual intercourse – you will know that all these actions do not mean that you have a male in front of you. This is how females behave during the period of excitement to show who is the boss in the house.

How to find out the sex of a little rabbit?

Everything is much more complicated here. The testicles are not yet lowered, so you have to rely only on your attentiveness. And now it is better to focus on females. Firstly, their genital gap is “in place”. Secondly, it originates right next to the anus. But in boys, the genital opening is quite far from the tail.

And how to find out the gender of a decorative rabbit? Yes, just like the standard one – all the signs are exactly the same, except that the sizes are smaller. So, if you are puzzling over how to determine the sex of a dwarf rabbit, reread our recommendations and simply follow the indicated procedure. Although usually one or two times is not enough. And the animals do not like it at all when people find out something there, turning them upside down. So get ready for fierce resistance.

Although experts talk about the external differences between male and female. Boys seem to be smaller than females, their heads are round and their bones are stronger. Girls look more graceful, although wider in croup, and her head is elongated.

So if you decide to buy a baby, then do not suffer yourself, show a specialist who will tell you who you have – a boy or a girl. And you can deal with adults on your own.