How to determine the sex of a parrot - sure signs of differences in the most popular breeds

Bright overseas birds have long ceased to be exotic in our homes. They are bought for the purpose of further breeding and as a pet for children. Males and females have their own characteristics in care, so it is so important to know how to determine the sex of a parrot.

How to find out what gender a parrot is?

Let’s make a reservation right away that most ways to find out the sex of a parrot do not guarantee a 100% result. The differences between males and females are not always pronounced, so sometimes even breeders cannot say for sure who they are selling – a boy or a girl. In difficult cases, it is possible to determine the gender of a feathered pet only after genetic analysis, which, not only is it not at all a cheap pleasure, but not every veterinary clinic can do it.

At home, it is usually possible to determine the sex of a parrot only after the pet has reached maturity. In some species of birds, it is achieved by 7-8 months, while others will have to wait several years. After this, differences in the color of the feathers and beak, as well as the behavioral characteristics of males and females, become visible to the naked eye.

How to find out the sex of a budgerigar?

Acquaintance with the world of feathered pets, most begin with budgerigars. They do not require complex care, have a cheerful disposition and can not only sing, but also speak. Males are easier to train, so the question of how to determine the sex of a young budgerigar is especially relevant. Immediately after hatching, males and females are almost indistinguishable. From the fortieth day of life, the following signs will help to understand the gender of the pet:

  1. The color of the cere (beak). In young birds, it has a light purple color: solid in boys and with white circles around the nostrils in girls. With age, the color of the cere in males changes to blue, purple or lilac, and in females it acquires a pale blue, white or brown color.
  2. Activity. It is laid down by nature that female parrots have a calmer disposition: they talk less, almost do not react to the mirror. Males are more active: they move, make noise, communicate with their reflection.

how to find out the sex of a budgerigar

How to determine the sex of a cockatiel parrot?

Corella parrots are suitable for people who want to have an exotic pet in the house and at the same time maintain the usual calm lifestyle. Male cockatiels are distinguished by their remarkable vocal abilities, and females attract with a peaceful disposition. How to find out the sex of a cockatiel parrot:

  1. By tuft. Poultry farmers have noticed that in cockatiel boys it is pointed, and in girls it is not much inferior to the head in width.
  2. Feather color. In parrots with a natural color, males have a much brighter plumage than females: the cap on the head is yellow, and the cheeks are red. The inner side of the wings and tail will help to calculate the sex of yellow cockatiels (lutinos) – in females you can find darker spots there.
  3. By body structure. You can determine the sex of a parrot both by setting the paws (in girls they are much wider apart) and by planting the bird: males look more toned than ruffled females.

how to determine the sex of a cockatiel parrot

How to determine the sex of a lovebird parrot?

A great way to distract your child from the computer is to give him a lovebird parrot. These cute parrots have such a cheerful disposition and funny habits that you can watch them for hours. Once having created a couple, lovebirds do not part all their lives, hence their name. Several ways to find out the sex of a lovebird parrot:

  1. The shape of the head. Males are distinguished by a low forehead, a flattened nape, and females by a rounded domed skull.
  2. By body structure. Smaller females have twice the distance between the pelvic bones: 1 cm versus 0.5 cm in males. You can determine it by gently turning the bird on its back.
  3. By behavior. At the time of probing the pelvic bones, the birds will behave in completely different ways. Males will endure the procedure with stoic calmness, and females will fiercely defend their honor, using their beak and claws. The paper test is also indicative – a sheet of paper placed in a cage will not cause any interest among males, and the female will hide it for the future nest.

how to determine the sex of a lovebird parrot

How to determine the sex of the Senegalese parrot?

Senegal parakeets attract not only with bright colors, but also with intelligence. They can be taught not only to talk, but also some tricks. These are large (about 25 cm) birds, with proper care living in captivity up to 50 years. The Senegalese parrot cannot be called a problem-free pet. It requires not only regular attention and care, but also strict upbringing, otherwise it can harm itself and others.

How to determine the sex of parrot chicks:

  1. By the beak. In males it is black and large, in females it is narrow.
  2. By body structure. Females look sleeker and lighter compared to larger and even overweight males.

how to determine the sex of a senegal parrot

How to determine the sex of a Jaco parrot?

Another representative of large parrots is Jaco. The body length of an adult reaches 30-35 cm. Jaco is not a simple pet – each representative of this species is not only very beautiful, but also has a pronounced character, somewhat self-centered. To prevent the bird from becoming aggressive, it should be given a lot of attention: buy toys and communicate regularly.

The differences between the sexes in Jaco are very slight and can only be noticeable against the background of other individuals and only in adulthood (over 5 years old) age: males have a flatter head and a massive beak, and females spread their paws wider. Since it is not possible to know the sex of a gray parrot by eye, DNA analysis (80% accuracy) and endoscopy (100% accuracy) are used for this.

how to determine the sex of a parrot

How to determine the sex of a necklace parrot?

The necklace parrot gets its name from the distinctive tie-necklace that appears around the male’s neck at about three years of age. Checking for its presence is the best way to find out what gender a parrot is. Other signs of a bird belonging to the stronger sex are a brighter plumage and an elegant body structure. Female necklace parrots have thicker legs and a stockier frame.

how to determine the sex of a necklace parrot

Rosella parrot – how to determine the gender?

Native to the Australian continent, bright and mobile rosellas attract the attention of many parrot lovers. They have a good memory and a pleasant voice, but at the same time they are aggressive towards other representatives of birds. Because it is possible to determine the sex of a rosella parrot only when it reaches 12-16 months, until this age it is recommended to keep each individual in a separate cage. How to find out the gender of a parrot:

  1. The shape of the head. In females, it is rounded, and in males it gives out a beveled nape.
  2. By the beak. In males, it has a more massive base.
  3. By wings. Adult females have light stripes on the inside of the wing.

parrot rosella how to determine the sex