Large breed dog food - how to choose the best?

Buying a puppy comes with a whole host of decisions about keeping it. The first question always remains what kind of food for dogs of large breeds to choose, because this is the most important condition for growth and development. For a large breed dog, it is not so much the amount of food eaten that is important, but its quality and composition.

How to choose food for large dogs?

If your four-legged friend belongs to the representatives of large or giant breeds, the funds for his food will go systematically. High-quality dry food for large dogs not only satisfies the hunger of the animal, it contributes to the active and proper growth of the body, which has its own developmental characteristics:

  1. A large breed dog never complains about his appetite, but his metabolism is slow. As a result, the danger of obesity remains the main problem of the breeder, you need to look not only for a quality composition, but also for a product with a low calorie content.
  2. Low calorie content is good for the animal’s digestive tract, but you also need to feed it satisfyingly. To solve this issue, you should pay attention to super premium dog food for large breeds: they offer croquettes that the dog will have to chew with different intensity due to different sizes, this will slow down the absorption process.
  3. We must not forget about the composition of the feed. Each category has its own percentage of meat content, it can be turkey, lamb or offal. Of the carbohydrates, rice and wheat with oats are acceptable, corn is found.
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Food for adult dogs of large breeds

If the dog does not have digestive problems, is not sterilized and does not have allergies, it is permissible to select the optimal solution among premium class feeds. In the composition you will find the classic list of ingredients:

  • chicken, turkey or lamb meat;
  • carbohydrates;
  • offal.

If you take super premium food, there will be additional items on the list on the package with useful additives like vitamins, useful acids for a healthy coat, you can find rosemary or green tea additives to improve digestibility. A good dry food for large breed dogs helps the breeder raise a healthy animal if alfalfa is added: it has a beneficial effect on digestion, which large breeds have problems with.

Food for old dogs of large breeds

With age, problems with digestion and metabolism are added to problems with joints, bones, pressure and heart problems. Without the right diet, a pet is automatically at risk. Dry food for large senior dogs has the following features:

  1. High-quality balanced recipes provide the animal with the necessary amount of fats, protein and carbohydrates without the danger of weight gain.
  2. Large breeds weigh a lot, and with age, it becomes more and more difficult for the bones to carry this weight. The tissues gradually wear out, and the dog becomes inactive, therefore, the minimum weight gain for the body is a real test. This is taken into account by feed manufacturers and develop a special diet.
  3. A lot of problems arise with the teeth, therefore, the size and hardness of the feed pellets will be important.

Food for neutered dogs of large breeds

If the aging process begins gradually, then after the sterilization or castration of the animal, the breeder should act immediately. After such a procedure, a change in the hormonal background occurs, for males this problem is especially relevant. However, this does not mean a drastic change in the diet, often it is enough to reduce the portion of the standard food or switch to a specialized food for large breed dogs.

Premium large dog food is about 30% fresh meat and 30% dehydrated, with the rest being carbohydrates and animal protein in the form of whole eggs. From carbohydrates, the composition of high-quality feed includes green peas with lentils, medicinal herbs and vegetables are often found. For feeds with an average price category, the recipe is somewhat different, here dehydrated animal proteins are added instead of meat, corn and wheat can be found. This should be taken into account if the dog is allergic to such ingredients.

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Food for sterilized dogs of large breeds

Neutered bitches are less prone to obesity after surgery, as their hormonal levels do not change so dramatically. But even here it is advisable to switch to a diet and pay attention to premium dry food for large dogs:

  • instead of meat, poultry meat flour may be present, soy flour or pea bran flour are among the first to be indicated;
  • in such feed, the majority are plant ingredients, among which are the same corn and wheat;
  • on the shelves of stores there is a discrepancy between the price and quality of food for dogs of large breeds, therefore, breeders are advised to look at the composition, and only then compare well-known brands.

Food for pregnant dogs of large breeds

Most manufacturers offer food suitable for a pregnant dog in the last third of pregnancy and for puppies up to two months old. The composition is also calculated for the lactation period. Premium food for dogs of large breeds helps the animal at all stages:

  • after birth, the dog needs strength to feed, the composition of food for dogs of large breeds satisfies this need, at the stage of lactation and when puppies are weaned from the mother, a safe transition from milk to granules for offspring is ensured;
  • it is important for a nursing dog to provide the right amount of nutrients, which should be enough for feeding puppies;
  • by feeding the mother and offspring with the same food, the transition will be safe for the digestion of babies;
  • softening the pellets and making porridge, and then gradually transitioning to solid food is a simple and safe strategy.

Hypoallergenic food for large dogs

In addition to meat or its substitutes, the composition necessarily includes additives that improve taste. The problem is that the dog’s body does not always perceive these useful additives. A hypoallergenic product or holistic food for large dogs differs from the standard:

  1. Not all meat ingredients are safe for a dog’s digestion. In the composition of specialized products, rabbit, pike perch, salmon or horse meat are indicated instead of traditional game.
  2. Vegetables and rice are added instead of cereals. There are no eggs, food colors or chemical additives in such food, you will not find tropical ingredients. They will be replaced by herbs, vitamins and fatty acids.
  3. When choosing a brand, you will have to carefully study the composition, because well-known premium brands do not always completely exclude certain potentially dangerous ingredients. On the other hand, food can be safe, but not contain the necessary substances for good nutrition.

Food for large breed puppies

The full growth of a large breed puppy is possible if there is about 30% animal fat in the feed, it needs about 450 calories per day. In order not only to feed, but to fill the growing body with all the necessary substances, the nutritional composition must be of high quality:

  • Canadian super-permium firms use the meat of Cobb breed chickens grown for this purpose as the main ingredient; ocean fish meat is added to poultry meat;
  • further in the composition are vegetables with fruits, oats for better digestibility;
  • useful additives in puppy food include alfalfa, green tea, rosemary extract – all this helps the young body to develop harmoniously, improves digestion;
  • premium dog food for large breeds, instead of pure meat additives, may contain animal fat and offal, sometimes there is herring meal and egg powder.

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The best food for large breed dogs

Disputes regarding the attribution of one or another food to a certain class are ongoing. Some sources call the same brand a premium product or super premium, at the same time there is the concept of an improved premium class. Regarding the question of what is the best food for large breed dogs, breeders have their own definition:

  • premium products are not the best option for a pet, however, compared to the economy class, the composition is noticeably richer (there are more animal fats, but these are still by-products and waste);
  • super premium food for dogs of large breeds boasts the content of natural meat, but it still contains a small percentage of components that the dog’s body does not fully absorb;
  • the holistic class consists of products where exclusively natural and fully digestible components, and meat at least 50%.

Brit food for large breed dogs

This brand appeared on the shelves of stores in mass sale relatively recently, but many have already managed to evaluate the value for money. The Czech product has two lines Care and Premium. The second option belongs to the premium class and quite satisfies most breeders. The Care line includes complete and grain-free foods. It belongs to the improved premium or super premium class. The line includes food “Brit” for older dogs of large breeds, the composition does not allow you to gain excess weight.

brit premium

Hills food for large breed dogs

If you look at the rating of food for large dogs, this product will be in the list of premium foods. Produced in the Netherlands and USA. If the dog does not have food allergies and his body develops normally on the products of this brand, there will be no problems. However, breeders call offers for allergic dogs safe with a stretch. Products are designed to maintain the muscles and skeleton of the pet in good condition.


Akana food for large dogs

The Canadian product belongs to the holistic class. In it you will find Cobb chicken meat, ocean fish and natural ingredients. Akana food for large breed dogs from a Canadian manufacturer, according to breeders, has only one drawback – a significantly high price. Therefore, products for pregnant and lactating dogs, as well as food for puppies, turned out to be in demand, because they do not risk saving on offspring.


“Eukanuba” food for large dogs

The product is classified as super premium. It is produced in the USA, the Netherlands and Russia. According to the breeders, the food is good, but among about fifty offers, you should always look for the best solution. There are separate foods for specific breeds if the food is for the size of the dog. Whichever food for dogs of large breeds you choose from all the offers of Eukanuba, read the composition. Not every recipe contains natural meat, sometimes it is replaced with dehydrated analogues or animal fats and proteins are simply indicated.


Food for large dogs “Royal Canin”

In pet stores, products from this brand are positioned as the best dry food for large dogs, but in fact they belong to the premium class. They are produced in Russia, Poland and France, therefore the composition may differ slightly. The opinion of breeders about these products is similar to the opinion about Hills: if the animal develops normally and transfers all the ingredients from the composition, you can feed it without fear.

royal canin