Bandog dogs have become common in our country not so long ago. These are wonderful watchmen, but you need to know more about them in order to be able to lead their fighting character.


Bandogs were bred in America. Among the numerous breeds, they belong to the young ones, since they began to breed dogs only in the 70s of the last century. The first to pay attention to animals was a veterinarian named Swynford, which is why these dogs are also known by another name – “Swynford Bandogs”.

The animal was the result of selection of the Staffordshire Terrier and Pit Bull Terrier, and it is from the latter that he has fighting qualities. If a genetic analysis is carried out, it becomes clear that bandogs have much more crossbreed in their blood. List of breeds whose DNA contains an animal:

  • Neapolitan Mastiff;
  • boerboel;
  • bulldog;
  • Fila Brasileiro;
  • Dogue de Bordeaux;
  • canario press;
  • bullmastiff.

When dog fights became very popular, the breeders faced the task of creating a dog that would be distinguished by unique fighting qualities. Although the animals take part in the battles, they did not become the ultimate goal of the breeders, but they were able to bring them as close as possible to it. The fact is that bandogs, although quite large and powerful, cannot surpass the same pit bulls in strength. Sometimes the animal simply refuses to continue the fight and retreats.

“Bandog” is a name that entered the English lexicon in the 13th century. In translation, it means “chain dog”. Previously, mastiffs were called so, since they were considered the best watchmen, and it was they who could most often be found on a chain in private estates. It was customary to release the animal from the chain only after sunset, when all household members went to bed. The main task of the dogs was to protect the territory adjacent to the house.

Mastiff-like dogs sat exclusively on a chain, because an ordinary, albeit thick, rope could not hold them. Even today, only a physically strong person can walk with such a dog, since it is not so easy to cope with the power of the animal.

Today, breeders are trying to get the perfect fighting dog and guard. In many countries, bandogs are not accepted as an independent breed, and in some places they are banned, since dogs are on the list of the most dangerous to humans.

Characteristics of the breed

Most large breeds are not distinguished by intelligence, which cannot be said about American bandogs. These dogs develop equally well both physically and intellectually, but only on condition that a person is engaged in an animal.

Bandogs love the owner and other family members, they get along with children, so it is easy to find a common language with them. They are wary of strangers, but they will not rush at a person without a reason.

Bandogs are valued for the ability to quickly determine the intention of a person by his movements. That is why you should not joke or annoy the dog, he will not tolerate bad attitude and mockery and will be able to react faster than a person understands anything.

In the gameplay, the dog perfectly understands what’s what, despite his height and weight, he frolics like a little one. From the outside it looks very funny. On a thief who came to someone else’s house and intends to harm the owner, or a human aggressor, the bandog will immediately rush.

Even at the time of the attack, the dog will not make a sound, so you should not expect a warning from him in the form of a growl. This breed is silent and not accustomed to barking in vain, dogs like to act immediately and for sure.

These are dominants with an independent character that can live next to a person as a wonderful pet, but on condition that the person has approached the education of the dog correctly. You should not start a breed for an insecure, weak dog breeder, and even more so for a woman, since none of them can prove their superiority, and this is extremely important in communicating with a dog. As soon as the bandog feels his advantage, he will get out of control, which is highly undesirablebecause the to cope with the aggression of such an animal is very difficult.

Anger and ferocity are inherent in the breed genetically, which is why the puppies are explained and accustomed to the idea that such behavior with the owner and other household members is unacceptable. Experts advise to correctly socialize the dog, then it will become loyal to children and their tough games.

Bandog is always wary and hostile towards strangers.. The owner will need to teach the dog to distinguish between who came into the yard as a welcome guest and who entered without permission. Training takes years, but it is essential if you want to avoid problems in the future.

Bandog performs his duties as a guard by 10 points, but you should not expect that the dog will become an excellent watchman.

He will bark only when he sees fit.

You need to be very careful when introducing the Bandog to other dogs. Anyone will be perceived by him as a competitor. He will not tolerate intrusions into his own possessions, he is loyal only to those dogs with whom he grew up and was brought up in the same space. The same applies to other animals, including cats. Any new pet that tries to walk around the bandog’s yard can get hurt if it’s unfamiliar.

When walking with a dog on a chain, the owner must take into account the possible inadequate reaction of the dog to stray dogs and cats. The animal must obey the person, otherwise it will be impossible to keep it in a fit of rage. It is best to walk a bandog in a muzzle.

Males grow large, their weight can reach 63 kilograms. Females are an order of magnitude smaller – from 38 kg, they are also smaller at the withers. An adult male at the withers can be up to 73 centimeters.

According to the standard and the description given in it, puppies are born in different spotted colors:

  • black with white;
  • redheads;
  • brown;
  • blue tint.

The body can be described in a few words: powerful, well developed, muscular. The dog grows strong.

The head of the bandog is large, the forehead is not wide, rather of medium size. The muzzle is not narrowed towards the nose, but elongated, the nose is large, fleshy, black. The eyes on a large head seem small, slightly slanted. From the side it seems that the dog always looks at the person warily. The color of the iris is dark brown.

The dog boasts small erect ears. This is another of the differences between fighting breeds, since large ears allow the opponent to catch on them with their teeth.

The chest is deep, wide, the neck is powerful, but not long. The limbs are also of medium size, powerful. The skeleton of the dog is well developed, the stomach is pulled up to the chest.

Bandogs have short hair, it is smooth and moderately hard.

The tail is hung, not long and not thick, slightly narrowed towards the tip.

Pros and cons

Before buying a dog of any breed, you should pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the animal. Bandogs have a lot of advantages that speak in favor of such a pet, but there are also significant drawbacks that cannot be ignored.

Advantages of representatives of this breed:

  • such a dog will be an excellent companion for outdoor walks, as he loves to play and frolic;
  • this is a wonderful guard and protector who quickly recognizes the true intentions of a stranger and inflicts a crushing blow on him;
  • the dog does not bark, but prefers to act, with such a pet there will be no extraneous living creatures in the yard, and not every stranger will dare to jump over the fence;
  • genetically bandogs have excellent health, so they do not require much attention.

The disadvantages of dog breeders include the following facts:

  • to teach the dog the rules of decency, you will need to hire a professional, only he can explain to the dog from childhood what not to do;
  • bandogs have a complex and unbalanced character, they can break loose in a second if they see a stranger on their territory;
  • this breed is not hardy enough;
  • in the absence of a leader in the house, the dog becomes unbalanced and wayward.

Bandog needs not only a lot of time for training, but also a strong leader nearby. The dog will not listen to the child, so an adult man should raise him.

Character features

A person who has taken on the responsibility of raising such a dog should not forget about its fighting nature. Aggression has been invested in bandogs since childhood, which is why it is not worth keeping him on a chain, it is better to start socializing the animal as early as possible. In kennels, this issue is given enough time, where adults are trained every laziness, they play with dogs, they offer them physical training so that they can expend energy. All the same must be ensured in the home education of the animal.

For young breeders who are just starting to get acquainted with the characteristics of fighting breeds, bandogs are not suitable as a pet. You should not take an adult dog into the family when it is not known how it was raised, by whom, what methods were used.

Such animals are almost impossible to socialize, so they become dangerous, especially if there are small children in the house who are unable to control their own strength.

The dog knows how to endure pain, so it is highly undesirable to apply physical force to it. As soon as the owner shows weakness, the dog will definitely take revenge, although this quality is not inherent in his nature. In his understanding, he would rather simply prove to his opponent the right to lead. As a result of this misunderstanding, serious problems arise with the upbringing and care of the animal. Bandogs perfectly respond even to a slight change in the intonation of the owner’s voice, this is quite enough for him to understand his guilt.

The dog will have only one owner, with the rest he is ready to just get along and coexist on a common territory. You should not expect unquestioning obedience from him; it is not so easy to suppress a masterful character.

Conditions for keeping

Any fighting breed is good because it does not require special care, since it is quite unpretentious in content. In private homes, the dog often lives in an aviary, they do not carry out hygiene procedures with it, but it does require regular vaccination. A veterinarian’s examination and the necessary vaccinations keep the dog in excellent health.

A dog can live on the street without harm to health. To do this, she will need to build a warm booth where she can hide in the cold and rain.

Bandogs thrive best in private yards, as they have enough space to move freely. They get bored in the apartment, especially if the owner is too lazy to walk the animal on time. A bored dog may start to misbehave. Do not be surprised if he breaks a new sofa or shoes, because he has nowhere to put the accumulated energy.

These dogs are not just active, they need walks every day and preferably with physical activity. A small space that restricts their movement leads to depression, loss of control over the bandog. Such an animal becomes dangerous even for the owner, which is why it is so important that the dog has the opportunity to throw out the accumulated energy. Daily activity helps to strengthen the musculoskeletal system of the dog.

Walking an animal is carried out exclusively in a muzzle. This is a non-negotiable rule if the owner of a fighting dog does not want to face serious problems.

Even with high-quality professional education, a dog remains an animal, the reaction of which is very difficult to predict.

What to feed?

An important role in the maintenance of the breed is played by nutrition. Beef must be present in the diet, as it is rich in iron, vitamins and essential trace elements. Vegetables, cereals, seafood and eggs are additional supplements in the diet.

The quality of food should be given special attention. Portions are strictly regulated, the feeding time is set the same. If the dog has constant access to food, then the likelihood of obesity is high, and with it the life span of the pet is reduced.

Meat Isn’t the Only Ingredient in a Healthy Dog’s Diet. It is advisable to cook food yourself, but not every owner can afford to spend so much time on keeping the dog, so he prefers to use ready-made dry food.

They are more beneficial because they keep the dog feeling full longer. They contain enough vitamins, minerals and other components necessary for the normal development of a fighting dog. Among the assortment offered by pet stores, preference should be given to those products that come to the market from well-known manufacturers. The presence of corn in the feed indicates its poor quality.

Along with a complete diet, the dog should always have access to clean drinking water. Dry food causes a feeling of thirst, this should not be forgotten.

Bandogs are very fond of playing with bones, but giving chicken or tubular to them is strictly prohibited. The dog has a powerful enough jaw to split this one. An accidentally swallowed piece can stick into the esophagus, causing sepsis and premature death of the animal. Pet stores have special bones made from tendons. This is not only one of the favorite treats of any dog, but also an excellent means of preventing tartar.

Additionally, cereals should be present in the dog’s diet. It is advisable to give her buckwheat and rice, but do not include semolina and corn grits in the menu. Vegetables and fruits can also be added in small quantities to minced meat, for this they are crushed. Fermented milk products are also useful: cottage cheese, kefir, but they should not be combined with vegetables. Boiled eggs and boiled vegetables with herbs are of great benefit. Useful once a week by-products.

When preparing cereals, it is worth adding a small amount of fish oil or sunflower oil to them.

How to care?

If you take care of your dog properly, it will live much longer.

The dog’s coat is coarse, short, so it is not visible during molting in the yard. As for the housing conditions, the owner is required to comb the dog 2 times a year and carry out wet cleaning every day until the coat changes. For combing, special brushes are sold in pet stores that quickly remove dead hairs, thereby reducing shedding time. Furthermore, hair care is a good prevention of skin problems.

Bathing the animal is often not required. If it is kept in the yard, then you can go to the pond several times a month, where the dog can swim, or give him a shower from a hose. In an apartment, the need for taking water procedures arises when the dog is very dirty. Use exclusively specialized shampoo for washing, the water should be warm. After the animal is well wiped, you can dry the coat with a hairdryer, although bandogs are not prone to colds and can cope with a slight hypothermia.

The eyes and ears of the animal require special attention, since they suffer most often. When kept outdoors, it is necessary to clean them of dirt every week and make sure that ticks do not start in the ears and the eyes do not turn sour. Cleanliness plays a decisive role in the formation of a sharp sense of smell and vision of the dog.

If possible, experts advise regularly visiting a veterinarian who can see in advance the dog’s problems with the musculoskeletal system and eliminate them. Long and active walks are essential for the breed.

While walking in the city areas with a lot of people should be avoided, as they can annoy the dog and he will begin to behave aggressively. In large cities, there are already equipped special areas of a closed type for animals. On their territory you can use the simulators for free. Such activities allow you to keep your dog in good physical shape.

In a certain period, the bandog is vaccinated. It is especially important to exclude the possibility of infection with diseases such as:

  • distemper;
  • enteritis;
  • hepatitis;
  • parainfluenza;
  • rabies;
  • coronavirus;
  • leptospirosis;
  • trichophytosis.

The first vaccinations are done in the nursery at the age of 2 months. If the dog remains from a domestic litter, then you should contact the veterinarian. It is forbidden to wash, bring to fresh air and overfeed the dog. Immunity will develop only within 12 days after vaccination.

This time remains the most dangerous for the dog.

The owner is required to pay maximum attention to his pet so that he can easily endure the vaccination. Do not be surprised if the puppy has a fever, this is a normal reaction to the first vaccine. Often the dog becomes lethargic, inactive, she develops diarrhea.

Three weeks later, a second vaccination is given using the same drug. The dog tolerates the next vaccination more easily, but it still needs to be protected from other animals for 12 days. Any walks are strictly prohibited, after the specified period the quarantine is lifted.

At the age of 6 months, the bandog is vaccinated against rabies and other diseases. The vaccination is complex, but it is canceled if the change of teeth from milk teeth to permanent teeth still continues. Six months later, the procedure is repeated, but from other viruses. After every year, the dog breeder should take the dog to the veterinarian so that he can repeat the vaccination, so the bandog will be protected from diseases that can kill him ahead of time.

It is impossible for people without appropriate education to vaccinate themselves, this is done by qualified doctors. Before the procedure, a number of preliminary steps are required:

  • external examination of the puppy;
  • body temperature measurement.

Only when everything is normal, the vaccine is administered to the animal. The injection site can be the thigh of the animal or the scruff of the neck. All procedures are entered in the veterinary passport, the date is also written there so that the owner can navigate when the next vaccination period comes.

With proper care, bandogs have excellent health. All problems arise when the owner ceases to provide the dog with quality food, underfeeds or overfeeds the pet. In such cases, one has to deal with joint dysplasia, obesity, improper functioning of internal organs, and cancers.

Education and training

Raising and properly training a bandog puppy is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The dog demonstrates his temper from a young age, so it is important to correct it correctly without causing psychological trauma. It is strictly forbidden to beat an animal, you need to be able to quickly and clearly communicate your requirements to it.

A person with a weak character will not be able to raise a representative of this breed, it is better to give the puppy to a specialist. As soon as the animal appeared in the house, the process of its socialization begins. They explain to him what cannot be done, where his place is, who lives in the house with the same rights. Particular attention is paid to the relationship with the child.

The dog will try to prove his own leadership, at this very moment the owner is obliged to show who is the leader in the house.

If you want to make a true friend and comrade for a child, the bandog is not suitable for this. He will not perceive him as a leader and at some point will try to prove his own strength.

If the owner manages to organize an atmosphere of complete order and clear requirements in the house, then the dog will grow up obedient and friendly. He will know how and when to use aggression. If there is no experience in training, you should seek advice from a cynologist, he will explain how to gain authority from a dog correctly.

If a misdemeanor is followed by punishment, then it should not involve physical violence against the animal. The intelligence of the bandogs is enough that they can quickly assimilate commands. This is one of those breeds that people like to train, because there are no problems with the right approach. You can not buy a fighting breed and not deal with it, such a negligent attitude will lead to problems in the future. With the appearance of deviations in development, you never know what the pet will be capable of.

Bandog requires constant control, an uncontrollable beast is dangerous for the life of the owner and others. The dog will quickly determine who is the boss in the house, and will choose only one person, and he will be allowed to command and give orders. This should be remembered by all other family members.

Showing rudeness, disrespectful attitude towards the dog, you should be prepared for the fact that he will immediately demonstrate his character. Even the owner cannot always stop such an animal in aggression. Most often, the person himself and his wrong upbringing are to blame for the attacks of bandogs, but the animal suffers from this.

Next, see the general training course for the American Bandog dog breed.