The Arabian Mau is a cat breed with short hair, originating from steppe cats that lived in the territory of the Arab countries. They perfectly adapted to the extremely warm climate of the Arabian states. In search of food, they gradually moved closer to people, and then completely chose to exist close to humans.

Origin and description of the breed

For a long time, society was not at all fond of this type of cat. Only at the end of 2003, a project for breeding such a breed began. To date, the number of Arabian Mau has increased, and producers are only improving. The Arabian Mau is a fairly large feline with a well-developed muscular structure. Males are larger than females, and their weight is approximately up to 8 kilograms. Representatives of the breed have their own external distinctive features.

  1. The head visually looks round, but in fact it is slightly longer in length, with well-developed mustache pads. The muzzle is slightly arched, the chin protrudes slightly forward.
  2. The ears are large, sheer, looking slightly to the side.
  3. The eyes are rounded, their tone is mixed with the color (usually greenish or yellowish).
  4. The body is strong, the muscles are powerful.
  5. Paws are large, with rounded pads.
  6. The tail is of typical length, tapering towards the end.
  7. The coat is short, close to the body. To the touch, the fur of older cats is not very silky, the hardest.

    The color of the described breed may be different. The most common shades of wool: white, bright red or red with white patches, black, black and white with bright spots, gray.


Arabian cats adore small family members. If there are already other pets in the house (for example, hamsters or rats), then it is not recommended to get a cat of this breed together with them.

The Arabian Mau is considered an excellent hunter, since its ancestors in the wild hunted by getting their own food.

Their extraordinary hunting instincts are great for living in a large yard of their own. If a cat is purchased to live in an apartment, she, like air, needs daily walking. Mau prefer to make high jumps, like their counterparts from the savannah. When getting a pet, you should be prepared for this.

Mau are characterized by a love of freedom and independence. Such traits are also characteristic of their wild compatriots.

Arabian cats are distinguished by high intelligence. They are easy to train, which is why they are often compared to man’s best friends – dogs. Such qualities as curiosity, a sharp and inquisitive mind, non-conflict make this breed one of the most beloved. Mau cat easily finds a common language with other pets and children. However, the animal will not tolerate an overly familiar attitude towards itself.

They choose one owner, to whom they give their tenderness and affection. These cats are sociable and friendly, they are perfect as a companion for a single person. Their loyalty knows no bounds. Mau will accompany the owner anywhere and everywhere with pleasure – on vacation, at home, while watching your favorite TV shows, cooking, repairing, entertaining.

One of the features of this breed is their silence. With this quality, they are somewhat similar to the Burmese cat. Mau will not disturb the owners with excessive meowing. However, an animal of this breed will not lie down and purr in the arms of the owner for several hours, most likely, it will settle down nearby. With strangers, cats behave with curiosity, they are not afraid and willingly go on hands.

Another animal can perfectly adapt to everything new and will spend a lot of energy exploring an unusual place.

Care rules

This individual is considered absolutely self-sufficient, since cats belonging to this breed took care of their own food for a long time. Thanks to ancient roots, the described breed stands out for its hardiness and cleanliness. These cats are prone to weight gain because they don’t know how to eat. The owner of an animal of this breed is advised to control the amount of food he consumes.

It is best to feed your Mau with a complete dry formula or homemade foods rich in protein and fiber. Sweets, pickles, fatty, spicy and fried foods are prohibited.

Keeping track of their hair is not difficult at all. To do this, it is necessary to comb them with a special brush, periodically wash them with specially selected washing gels and shampoos. In case of contamination, it is necessary to clean the auricles, to observe that parasites – mites – do not appear in them. Nails should be trimmed at least twice a month, as they grow back quickly and become quite sharp, which increases the risk of damage to furniture and possible injury to family members.

You also need to carry out preventive treatment of cats from parasites. To maintain the health of the animal and prevent serious diseases, it is necessary to regularly show the Mau to the veterinarian. In the clinic, the pet will be examined and, if necessary, vaccinated. In general, the Arabian Mau is characterized by excellent health, which provides strong immunity, given by nature. Subject to the rules of care and maintenance, Arabian cats can live at least 10-15 years. This cat does not require much attention and time for care, but it should be walked at least once a day.

You need to play with it: the good activity of the animal is a prerequisite for health and well-being. You can build a small cat house where your pet can frolic.

The Arabian cat becomes a real faithful and reliable friend to a person.

Where to buy a kitten?

Many are interested in how much a kitten can be purchased for. Given that the breed is young and small, some difficulties may arise when purchasing a pet. On the lands of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, there are no nurseries that are directly involved in breeding Mau. The main nursery is located in Dubai. Buying and purchasing an Arabian Mau kitten will not be cheap at all, since transportation is included in the price. The final price can reach $1000.

All about the Arabian Mau cat breed, see the following video.