Cherry shrimp - features of care and maintenance

Cherry shrimp, which got their name for the bright red color of the shell, will become an original and bright decoration of the aquarium. For this, they are also called “Cherry” among the people. They get along well with many marine inhabitants and are undemanding in maintenance and care.

Shrimp Cherry – maintenance in the aquarium

Every year more and more aquarium lovers populate them with beautiful shrimp, which are not problematic in keeping. The unpretentious inhabitants of the Cherry shrimp aquarium, whose size does not exceed 4 cm, are allowed to be kept in large numbers, up to two dozen. If there are few individuals in the tank, then they will constantly hide from fear. To keep Cherry shrimp, please note that for 10 individuals you need a vessel with a volume of at least 5 liters.

If the aquarium is launched for the first time, then it is not recommended to immediately populate it with shrimps, since with almost 100% probability they will not survive. For the right conditions, be sure to include plenty of live plants with small leaves, such as Java moss, ferns, Cladophora algae, and floating plants in the tank. When using a sufficient amount of moss, you can not put a filter in the aquarium, but the compressor must be turned on at night. In addition, experts advise creating a good shelter for arthropods.

Another important point worth dwelling on is the loss of Cherry shrimps of their bright color. This can happen for several reasons:

  1. Cherries were bred artificially, so in the absence of selection, they tend to return to a colorless form. To avoid this, it is necessary to catch young individuals and discard pale arthropods.
  2. It is recommended to periodically add new residents to the existing population. It is better to go shopping to another supplier.
  3. Shrimps that eat foods that contain carotenoids or spirulina, such as a specialized crustacean food, will have a brighter coloration.
  4. Cherry’s coloration will become brighter if you use a dark background and a black substrate in the aquarium.

shrimp cherry content in the aquarium

Shrimp Keeping Temperature Cherry

Cherries are not afraid of water with different characteristics, so the range of acceptable temperatures is wide and is 15-29 ° C. In addition, it is important to consider other conditions for keeping Cherry shrimp:

  1. Pay attention to the pH parameters, so indicators of 6.5-8 are acceptable, and kN 3-10. Please note that the water should not be too soft, as young individuals may not develop a strong shell.
  2. Cherry shrimp do not respond well to a sharp change in aquatic environment, so every day you should replace up to 20% of the water. It is important to control the level of carbon dioxide, which reduces acidity.
  3. Arthropods do not tolerate environments high in nitrites and ammonia, which will cause the death of animals.

Cherry Shrimp – Fish Compatibility

It should be borne in mind that arthropods, both in nature and in aquariums, are easy prey, since they do not have any protected mechanisms. Cherry shrimp can suffer even from small fish. Many do not dare to keep Cherries alone, wanting to create a more beautiful aquarium, so you need to choose the right neighbors for them. Good compatibility of Cherry shrimp with peaceful fish: unusual neon, guppies, otocyclus, mollies and so on. It is strictly forbidden to settle Cherry with angelfish and cichlids.

What to feed cherry shrimp?

A significant plus in keeping Cherries is the fact that they eat almost all food suitable for arthropods and fish. When figuring out what Cherry shrimp eat, it is worth pointing out the most popular food for them: blanched spinach and zucchini, seaweed, special pellets, fish flakes, bloodworms and others. Experts say that if arthropods feed in a flock, then they are in good health, and if they hide, then they do not like the chosen food.

How often should you feed Cherry Shrimp?

It is recommended to feed once a day, and keep in mind that the amount of food should be calculated so that it is eaten for a maximum of 2-3 hours. If there is too much food, this can cause the death of arthropods, and even worsen the quality of the water in the aquarium. Keep in mind that Cherries love to collect waste, so it can be argued that they eat constantly. Once or even two days a week, it is recommended not to use Cherry Shrimp food at all.

how often to feed shrimp cherries

How long do cherry shrimp live?

On average, the life expectancy of this species of arthropod is 12-18 months, so you should not buy adults special, since it is impossible to determine their exact age. If cherry shrimp are not properly cared for, life expectancy will be significantly reduced. Poor water quality and the use of large amounts of feed can also reduce the period.

Reproduction of cherry shrimp in an aquarium

Outwardly, females can be distinguished from males, as the former are brighter and larger. In addition, we note that males have a narrower tail, while females have it wider, since it is adapted for carrying eggs. Before breeding Cherry shrimp, it is recommended to transplant them into a separate vessel. After molting, the female begins to release pheromones, which is a signal for the males to act. Mating occurs very quickly and often Cherry owners do not even notice this process.

Cherry Shrimp Pregnancy

Caviar in females is located under the tail and is attached to the legs. They hatch up to 25 eggs at a time and at first they are pale green, and after a while they darken. In order for the eggs to receive the necessary oxygen, Cherry has to constantly move, moving her legs and tail. Pregnant shrimp Cherry tries to hide in dark and quiet places, because she is afraid of everything, so you do not need to make sudden movements when near the aquarium.

If the female is pregnant for the first time, then she can drop the eggs, and they will die. To prevent this from happening, you need to place the aquarium in a quiet place and monitor the purity of the water. The duration of gestation is up to 21 days. Note that after a few days the female is already able to produce new offspring. As a result, one individual can bear eggs up to 10 times in a year.

cherry shrimp pregnancy

Cherry shrimp fry

Newborn fry reach 1 mm in length and outwardly they are completely similar to adult arthropods. After birth, they live in plants, where they are very difficult to notice. They feed on plankton and biofilm. Cherry shrimp breeding should take into account the fact that fry can not only be eaten by other fish, but also sucked in filters, so it is imperative to put a finely porous sponge on them.

Aquarium shrimp Cherry – diseases

The most common problem in arthropods is the attack of pests that settle on the shell, in the gills, heart and muscles. In most cases, Cherry’s death is almost certain. Another reason why cherry shrimp die is fungal infections, which, unfortunately, cannot be treated. Infection occurs as a result of the introduction of new individuals, which experts recommend first keeping in quarantine. Please note that if there are many inhabitants in the aquarium, then Cherries will get sick more often than usual.

Copper poisoning can lead to premature death. This happens if the wrong fertilizer for plants is used or the dosage is violated. Copper can increase if you pour tap water into the aquarium. For no reason, Cherries can die after molting, experts believe that the lack of calcium or iodine in the diet is to blame.