Is it possible to wash hamsters

In addition to cats and dogs, many people also have other funny animals, during the care of which some questions often arise. Baths are useful for some of them, but for others they are strictly contraindicated. Domestic hamsters are quite neat and clean animals, they spend a lot of time caring for and cleaning their coats. But their owners are often interested in the question – do you need to wash hamsters? Let’s try to understand it a little and help in this delicate matter.

How to properly wash a hamster?

Is it possible to bathe a hamster dzhungarik in water? Frequent baths can lead to colds or pneumonia. This animal does not require regular water procedures at all. But it happens that it gets dirty and so you want to help the poor animal. Then you need to clean the wool in this place with a swab or a simple damp cloth, gently drying it with a hairdryer in the most delicate mode. But still, there are situations when the pollution is very large or you need to deal with parasites. This is where you need to know how to do the right thing so as not to harm the hamster. Indeed, during this procedure there is a risk of catching a cold or getting severe stress.

If you still decide to bathe your pet, then follow simple rules. The water should be warm – about 40 degrees. For prevention, you can dilute a weak solution of potassium permanganate, but do not overdo it. Large concentrations may cause skin burns. It is undesirable to allow water to enter the ears. Bathing should be carried out by adults, and if you trust children to do it, then under your supervision. When bathing, you need to carefully place it in the water and hold it with your hand, waiting for it to jump into the water on its own. You can pour liquids only over the paws so that the animal only splashes a little or is limited to just wiping with a damp cloth.

Is it possible to wash hamsters

Can you bathe a Syrian hamster? The natives of the desert hardly need this help and do not like water. Djungarian hamsters, which come from the steppe, tolerate such procedures a little better. You don’t have to do this unless absolutely necessary. Washing off the fatty cover leads to the risk of getting a cold. There is one easy way that works for all kinds of hamsters. It is best to bathe them in the sand. It is advisable to purchase a special bath for this purpose. A small plastic container or other small container will do. Pour sand in there and move the bath to the cage with the hamster. Very soon, your pet will be happy to flounder there, and then carefully clean his fur coat.