Breeding crayfish at home - important points that beginners need to know

Breeding crayfish at home has long ceased to be just a hobby: today it is a profitable business that does not require serious investments and is suitable for implementation, both in large and modest volumes. This animal does not need expensive food and the purchase of many accessories for keeping.

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The main aspect that will have to be decided in advance is the scale of production of a popular delicacy. Since it is possible to breed crayfish at home in artificial and flowing reservoirs, it all depends purely on the desire and financial capabilities:

  1. If the family plans to provide meat exclusively for their own needs, then several aquariums will suffice – they can be installed in the basement or utility room.
  2. For a small business, crayfish farming at home can be done in a pool equipped in the backyard or suburban area.
  3. An impressive profit will be provided by an artificial reservoir, and if there are two of them, then crayfish can be grown for sale all year round.

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Crayfish at home in aquariums

It is forbidden even to try to breed these animals in the same container with fish or squid. Crayfish can behave like cannibals, destroying tankmates. The main rule is to maintain the purity of the water, because the young die as soon as it turns green and harmful microorganisms appear in it. Some of the main recommendations that make it easier to breed crayfish at home for beginners also include:

  1. The minimum size of a suitable aquarium is 250 liters: only 7-8 large individuals can live in a smaller volume at the same time.
  2. Coarse soil and pebbles, decorative driftwood and ceramic tubes should be laid at the bottom – it is more comfortable for crayfish to live when there are shelters nearby.
  3. In the cold season, pets need a heater – when choosing, special preference should be given to filters with a built-in thermostat or heating bottom mats.

Breeding crayfish in the pool at home

You can dig a breeding tank yourself and pave its bottom with large gravel mixed with clay. Growing crayfish at home in the pool has one significant plus – it can be covered in the winter, which will at least double productivity, since then the crayfish will not hibernate during cold weather. Animals constantly eat and grow, which will give a noticeable increase in weight and size of each individual. Simultaneously with them, you can grow some types of bottom mollusks – barley or scallop.

breeding crayfish in the pool at home

Cancer – home care

Far Eastern and European species of the animal are recommended for breeding, because they are undemanding to the conditions of detention and are inexpensive. They are divided into lake and river crayfish, but the latter cannot be bred in containers with stagnant water – only artificial lakes are suitable for them. The rest of the care consists of observing the following rules:

  1. Purification of the reservoir not only before launch, but also during the entire life cycle of mollusks. The key equipment for breeding crayfish at home is a professional cleaner equipped with a descent and supply system.
  2. maintaining oxygen balance.
  3. Selection of quality food for crayfish.
  4. Creation of conditions for reproduction of males and females.

How to feed crayfish at home?

For the nutrition of young animals, the same products are used as for adults. You can independently compose a diet for them, having learned what crayfish eat at home, or buy ready-made food. The healthy diet that these animals need should include fats, high-fiber vegetables, protein, and calcium mineral supplements. The daily food intake for one crayfish should be 4-5% of its weight. It may include:

  • grated carrots;
  • snails;
  • dead fish;
  • earthworms;
  • steamed cereals;
  • boiled potatoes.

Reproduction of crayfish at home

For breeding to be profitable, it is important to take into account the real offspring that shellfish can give. The average female produces up to 200 crustaceans per year, but only 20% remain alive and grow to the desired size. This indicator can be significantly increased by observing the feed rate – then the older relatives will not eat the young. There are other rules that promote reproduction when breeding crayfish at home:

  1. Mating in adults occurs in early autumn. It is important to try to regulate the number in such a way that there are two females per adult male – he will not be able to fertilize anymore. Experts with extensive experience in how to properly breed crayfish at home assure that if a male sees a third female, he will eat her.
  2. After mating, all females are placed in separate tanks: by the end of spring, the eggs will move under the tail and can be seen with the naked eye.
  3. After the crayfish hatch, the female is removed – this will give the offspring the opportunity to grow.

breeding crayfish at home