beautiful aquariums

When planning to purchase a new aquarium, some novice hobbyists believe that decorating it is not some kind of complicated matter. As a result, they make blunders in the selection of plants or fish species, resulting in a nondescript landscape, which is a hodgepodge of stones, algae and floating gloomy inhabitants. It turns out that there is a real science to how to beautifully decorate an aquarium, called aquascaping. There is a set of rules that help to arrange everything in the right way so that a stable balance is formed inside the vessel, and the viewer receives aesthetic pleasure from contemplating the underwater world.

Design options for a beautiful aquarium:

  1. Imitation of the seabed. To effectively decorate the underwater kingdom in this style, you need to widely use corals, pieces of ceramic vases, shells of various sizes, sand from coral chips or soil of an exceptional light shade. In this case, we advise you to purchase cichlids, they most of all resemble colorful or striped exotic inhabitants of coral reefs.
  2. Herbalist. Experienced aquarists know that herbalists can be of the forced or regular type. A beautiful home aquarium that does not have plant growth work done has a more natural look. Most often, amateurs purchase for the herbalist fish of the carp-like, characin, and carp-tooth families. To get a forced herbalist in a large beautiful aquarium, you need to regularly apply mineral fertilizers and microelements, fill the water with additional carbon dioxide. All this should be fed in exact proportions, so caring for this type of ecosystem is quite difficult. In a forced herbalist, the main role is played not by fish, but by plants that plant up to 80% of the soil. An aquarium of this type is more like a dense royal garden of Neptune, reminiscent of a work of art.
  3. The plot of a beautiful aquarium. The main work on how to beautifully design a plot aquarium is the correct selection of scenery. At the bottom of ceramics or stones, the goal is to realistically create the ancient ruins of the castle, the sunken Atlantis, the hull of a pirate sailboat broken by cannonballs with cannons and chests filled with gold. Beautiful fish and plants in this case are a spectacular backdrop.
  4. biotope aquariums. The main goal of the aquarist is to reproduce as accurately as possible at home a piece of the aquatic environment from some exotic area. Doing this kind of work is interesting, but not easy. In addition to buying the right types of fish, amateurs have to perform a lot of preparatory operations. Attention should be paid to even tiny little things, recreating the correct chemical composition of water, flora, food base, type of lighting. But the result is worth the time and money, a biotope aquarium always looks spectacular and is the most comfortable for the inhabitants.
  5. Aquarium for large exotic fish. For such beautiful aquariums, large vessels and a minimum of decorations are needed, because the main character here is a spectacular large-sized fish. Suitable for such a show is a telescope, Aravan, flower horn, Challenger shark, cichlazoma and other large water creatures of a chic look and incredible color.