Automatic feeder for dogs - pet care in the absence of the owner

Having taken a dog into the house, we are responsible for its life and health. Nutrition is one of the key points in caring for a pet, because its balance and regime give strength to the body for active growth. For a busy owner, an auto-feeder for dogs will help solve the problems of constant absence from home.

Automatic feeder for dogs – device

There are two fundamentally different options for filling the feeder with food:

  • the first design involves filling the compartments for each meal separately, the amount of food is only for one cycle;
  • the second is designed to fill the feed for the future for several days, food comes from the compartment in portions.

All existing feeders are equipped with a timer, where the owner indicates the number of servings per day, their volume and the interval between feedings. As a result, the automatic dog feeder provides the correct diet for the dog without the involvement of the breeder. The most modern models are equipped with an additional function: when feed is supplied, the device speaks in the voice of the owner, phrases are recorded on a built-in recording device.


Types of dog feeders

  1. The first design option is as similar as possible to a regular pet bowl with a lid. The container is divided into segments, which are filled with feed or canned food. After a predetermined interval, the lid opens segment by segment, and the dog receives the desired portion.
  2. round with compartments

  3. A feeder with a hinged lid has the advantage of keeping the food airless, and this is true for canned food. Food is stored under the lid, the container opens at the specified time. You can put two feeders with different feeds to provide variety.
  4. with lid

  5. A convenient automatic feeder for large dogs with a large container for several kilograms of food will solve the problem for several days. This option is one of the most expensive, and it takes up many times more space than a regular bowl. However, this is an excellent solution for large breeds, the device is functional and reliable.
  6. with large container

  7. The most affordable option in terms of price would be an automatic feeder for dogs without automation in the form of a timer. A large container is filled with food and placed on a bowl. As it is eaten, the food itself spills out of the container under its own weight. If the pet is not prone to overeating, the feeder will be an affordable and convenient choice.
  8. simple design

Automatic feeder for dogs of small breeds

A convenient automatic feeder for cats and dogs of small breeds is considered a model with compartments. The round container can be divided into four or six compartments, so the serving size is medium to small. Since the feeder itself differs little in size from an ordinary bowl, its contents will be enough for a medium-sized dog for a day. For a small dog, the volume of the feeder with a hinged lid is enough, about half a kilogram of food is placed there.

for small breeds

Automatic feeder for large breed dogs

A large dog needs to take in a lot more food at a time, so a container in the form of a bowl is not always the right solution. For large dogs, an automatic feeder with one large storage is more suitable:

  • the tank is designed for the amount of feed up to 10 kg, this is just the size of a standard package for large breeds;
  • the storage container itself is well protected from being opened by a pet and hit;
  • the power cord is also well protected from damage by animals;
  • the design is designed for different sizes of feed pellets.

for large breeds

Automatic outdoor dog feeder

If the dog does not live in an apartment, two types of feeders can be used. This can be an automatic design if it is possible to safely connect it and provide protection against voltage surges. A good choice would be a design without automation, when the feed is poured out under its own weight. But this option of feeding from an automatic feeder for dogs is only suitable for animals that are not prone to overeating.

street version

Do-it-yourself dog feeder

It is quite possible to make such a device on your own, even if you have never dealt with automation. An auto-feeder for dogs with a timer of our own production consists of the simplest devices: an ordinary Chinese desktop clock, a round tin box, a thin sheet of plywood.

  1. The base is made from a tin can. With the help of clay or other material, partitions are molded and the entire volume is divided into compartments.
  2. mk first stepmk watchmk first step base

  3. In the center leave a place for the clock mechanism.
  4. mk step twomk step two bowlmk step second bowl clock

  5. Next, a circle is cut out of thin plywood according to the size of the bowl. A segment is cut out in a circle according to the size of the dog feeder compartment.
  6. mk plywood

  7. The cover is attached to the clockwork hand.
  8. arrowarrow winding

  9. As the arrow moves, the lid will also move, revealing a new serving of food.
  10. mk togov coverlid in placefinished feeder