aquarium turtles

Small aquarium turtles are very popular with reptile lovers. They are quite easy to care for, but ignorance of even the simplest rules of maintenance can lead to diseases and even death of a pet.

Fundamentals of care and maintenance

For keeping at home, sea and freshwater aquarium turtles are suitable, which reach a size of no more than 30 cm. Under the right conditions, such a pet can live in a house for 10-50 years, depending on the species and what kind of care you provide him.

In the aquarium, it is necessary to equip two zones: an island of land (1/3) and a body of water (2/3). All aquarium turtles must be kept in clean water. Do not neglect the arrangement of the aquarium with an ultraviolet lamp. Without ultraviolet rays, a reptile will not grow a shell. Moreover, the turtle can develop diseases. The optimum temperature for most species is 27-32°C.

Types of aquarium turtles and their care

You should consider which aquarium turtles and their species are the most common inhabitants of home aquariums.

musk turtle – the smallest and easiest to care for, and, as a result, the most popular among lovers of such pets. It grows from 7 to 14 cm. It has a rather restrained dark color with light stripes. In food, the reptile is completely unpretentious – lettuce, algae, and fish can be included in its diet.

aquarium turtles1

Aquarium red-eared turtles have a very beautiful color, but most of all her red ears catch the eye. The female reaches 30 cm in size, and the male – half as much. This is an omnivorous reptile that can eat both plant foods and fish, frogs, mice, snails, and worms.

aquarium turtles2

Trionics, or shellless turtle, has a very original appearance due to a bizarre proboscis. But in fact, behind her funny cute appearance is a real predator. Under natural conditions, the turtle breaks all stereotypes about these reptiles, and many fish can envy its speed and agility.

aquarium turtles3