What is pet care?


  1. Care Tips
  2. Basic Rules

Everyone who plans to adopt a pet faces a number of questions regarding the care of a new family member. The baby who appeared in the house will have to create comfortable living conditions. We hope that this memo will provide answers to questions about how to care for a pet, what care consists of and what are its main aspects.

Care Tips

Before taking any animal, it is necessary to carefully study the conditions to which he is accustomed. In addition, you need to take into account the temperament, character, preferences of the animal. Not every baby can adapt to a person’s lifestyle, because many of them naturally lead a nocturnal lifestyle (for example, raccoons, certain breeds of the cat family, loris). And if the potential owner is not ready for changes in his life, you should not take a new friend.

It is important to understand why the animal is taken. For example, some animals are unpretentious and can live quietly on soft bedding. Others need to equip a spacious cage or even an aviary. However, there are also animals that cannot live in cramped conditions. Other aspects will also need to be taken into account.

Basic Rules

They are necessary for both the pet and the owner himself. An animal is not a toy, it is a living being. It wants to eat, drink, sleep, gets sick from time to time, defecates regularly, needs walking, care, affection, attention. The owner does not take a toy, he will have to take care of a new family member, regardless of whether he is tired, whether he has a desire or mood.

From the beginning of their stay in the house, the animal is forced to obey the basic rules. They contribute to the socialization of the pet, directly affecting its character and upbringing. You can’t forget about the rules: slack can ruin the baby. It is unacceptable to shift the execution of the rules from day to day: the older the pet, the more difficult it will be to educate him.

The animal must have its own place, its own diet, its own things, a tray.


The animal must have its own place. The master’s bed, sofa, armchair will not be his alternative. An animal that is taken to bed eventually begins to believe that this is its place. If in childhood it also recognizes the authority of the owner, then in the older one it will consider itself the leader. And the leader can do whatever he wants.

Bedding (cage, house, aviary) and food bowls must be kept clean. An unpleasant odor must not be allowed to spread in the room. If the pet breaks its bedding, it is changed. If it is dirty, it is cleaned. The place of animals that cannot be accustomed to the tray is cleaned more often.

Dirt is disposed of daily: it can cause a pet to feel unwell and a breeding ground for bacteria.


Trays are bought for cats and dogs. Models may be different, while it is necessary to take into account the height of the sides and the size of the animals. Toddlers take products with low sides, so that it is convenient for them to climb inside. Adults try to choose such that they do not have to huddle inside.

The small size may cause the owner to constantly remove excrement from the floor or walls. Buying a filler can temporarily solve the problem of bad smell. However, it must be constantly changed, separating and discarding wet granules. Sand does not solve the problem of unpleasant odor, as does sawdust.


Your pet needs to be seen by the veterinarian regularly. The specialist determines vaccination schedule, which is undesirable to miss. In addition, a specialist is contacted when pets notice any inflammation or profuse lacrimation. Self-medication can lead to negative consequences.

The doctor will quickly identify the problem and prescribe the correct treatment. He also tells you when it is better to carry out antiparasitic treatments. The veterinarian treats the ears, treats the inflamed eyes, removes ticks that the pet can pick up while walking. He monitors the health of the animal and enters all the data in the veterinary passport.

Toys and accessories

Many pets need their own toys. Due to their natural activity, they have a need for permanent employment. For example, even the raccoon has it, which is vital for rinsing small objects in water. Do dogs need own toys for active games on a walk and training sessions.

Other animals (for example, African hedgehogs) need running wheels. Thanks to them, the animals can get rid of the energy accumulated during the day by running. They put the wheels directly into the cage, securely fixing them behind the gratings of the walls. In addition, inside you can buy ordinary wooden or soft houses-burrows.

Game complexes

These accessories are needed by representatives of the cat family. You can buy them in the store or make your own. Products can be very different (in the form of tunnels, houses with one, two floors, different numbers of entrances, toys).

A useful addition will be a scratching post, which is needed in order for the animal to sharpen its claws on a special object. This can divert his attention from the wallpaper and carpets.


The pet needs affection and attention. It is necessary to talk with him, to communicate. A pet without communication and care feels useless to anyone. Contact is necessary, because it is he who allows you to tame the animal, help him adapt to new conditions, feel needed.. Even hedgehogs, getting used to their owners, allow themselves to be caressed and stroked.

However, communication can take place in different ways. If, for example, some exotic animals avoid harsh noise, while others can be wayward, then dogs are always ready to accept affection. They love to be stroked, love to play with their owners, often play sports together, swim in a race. Many pets wait for their owners to come home from work by looking out the windows and then waiting at the front door.


You need to walk your pet regularly. Not all pets need a simple airing of the apartment (house). Individuals that often walk in the fresh air are stronger and more active. It is difficult for them to be in a confined space when you need to constantly splash out excess energy.

For example, it is vital for dogs to play and frolic outside. Individuals of many breeds love to splash in ponds, swim and train for a long time. Without walking, they close in on themselves, become apathetic, start to be lazy. Some become aggressive. Besides, walking will allow you to accustom the animal to defecate less at home. Cats also need to be walked, because without this socialization is impossible, they become shy.


Depending on the species of the animal, it may need grooming. To do this, they acquire special care items, selecting them according to the type of wool, its length and the size of a particular individual. The frequency of this procedure depends on the breed of the pet. By ridding it of dead hair, the growth of a new one is stimulated.

Some animals need to be bathed in warm water. To do this, acquire special zoosredstva. Pets are washed infrequently, show individuals are taken to the groomer, who bathes them, cuts them, and performs all hygiene procedures.

It is necessary to monitor the condition of the eyes, ears, skin. With any inflammation of the animals are taken to the veterinarian.

In addition, four-legged friends are examined after each walk. This allows you to notice cracks on the paws in time, as well as prevent the spread of, for example, fleas.


Animals must be fed properly. Food from the master’s table is not suitable for many, ignoring this fact is the cause of the upset of the digestive system of pets. Before putting food in the bowl, it is necessary to study the diet of a particular animal. For example, few people know that kittens need milk, while it is undesirable for adult cats to give it.

The diet should be varied and balanced. If it is an industrial feed, then it is concentrated. So, you need to give it in a smaller amount, compared with natural. When buying, you need to look at the composition of the product: bone meal is not meat. The diet should include vegetables, cereals.

Hedgehogs, for example, need to be fed with larvae, zofobas, bananas, as well as some types of vegetables. The gargle eats eggs, nuts, dairy products and may steal food from other pets. Lemur needs insects, lizards, frogs, dates and bananas. Madagascar cockroaches will be happy not only with vegetables and fruits, but even paper and fallen leaves.

For information on how to care for pets, see the following video.