turtle aquarium

As a rule, a turtle aquarium needs to be carefully, correctly equipped in order to create a beneficial habitat for it at home. It should be noted that turtles are aquatic and land. Requirements for the design of aquariums for different types of turtles vary.

Turtle aquarium

The land tortoise must be kept in a terrarium or a specially equipped corral. If she lives on the floor, it is fraught with diseases and leads to the slow death of the pet. The corral is a glass or plastic horizontal box measuring at least 60x40x60 cm for one individual with holes for ventilation. Its dimensions must be calculated by the number of turtles. Part of the walls can be covered with a beautiful terrarium background.

The shape of the corral should be rectangular or square. The top cover should be mounted on magnets or inserted into special grooves. It will open when caring for a turtle, feeding, cleaning the vessel. In the closed state, the pet will not be able to get out.

The terrarium should contain an incandescent lamp, ultraviolet, shelter, feeder and soil. In such a dwelling, a heating lamp is installed in one corner and forms a warm zone in which the turtle usually warms itself. It is cooler in the opposite corner, it is convenient to place a house there. In a warm place it should be approximately 30 degrees, and in a cool place – from 25 to 28.

Small pebbles are best for turtles.

Turtle Aquarium

The water turtle is a floating reptile. It needs both water and land to maintain it. On land, the individual is heated and takes ultraviolet baths. Two thirds or half of the aquarium should be filled with water. In it, the reptile moves, swims, and can stay at the bottom for a long time. Under water, she feels safe.

A rough ladder or a gentle stone descent is installed in the vessel between water and land. The island of sushi in the vessel is securely fixed. The volume of the tank for one individual needs about 100 liters. The shape is best suited rectangular low, elongated in length. The vessel with the aquaterrarium must be equipped with a reliable lid so that the pets do not get out.

From the equipment, an external and internal water filter, a 40 W incandescent lamp, a water heater and an ultraviolet are purchased. For aquatic individuals, temperature conditions must be observed. For example, the water temperature in an aquarium for a red-eared turtle should be between 23-28 degrees. The main heating is carried out using a lamp, which is located above one of the land areas. If necessary, a water heater can be installed. Temperature control is carried out using a thermometer.

It is desirable to disinfect the aquarium with ultraviolet light. After all, the water turtle needs calcium, and it is poorly absorbed without vitamin D. To maintain the ecological balance, water filtration is necessary, its weekly replacement in the amount of half the volume. Before changing the water, it is recommended to defend.

For decorative filling of the aquarium, soil, non-poisonous plants, decorative pebbles with smoothed corners are used. Aquatic turtles grow very quickly when properly fed. So after a while she will need a larger vessel. For starters, you should not buy a huge and expensive aquarium, as a small turtle is stressed in a large space.

Proper maintenance of the turtle will provide it with optimal living conditions; such a pet will delight its owners for a long time with its unusual habits and beautiful appearance.