Owners of domestic cats pay great attention to their nutrition, especially if the animal is sterilized. This procedure is a humane way to save pets from the suffering associated with the need for mating. But after surgery, serious hormonal changes occur in the cat’s body, and without an appropriate diet, the health of the animal can be seriously affected. That is why veterinarians advise using special food for sterilized cats for feeding. The best products are listed in this ranking.

Features of choosing food for sterilized cats

Before buying food, it is advisable for the owner to familiarize himself with the need for special nutrition for sterilized animals. The fact is that after sterilization or castration in the body of a pet, the level of hormones is greatly reduced. This leads to rapid weight gain, which is fraught with other health problems. Since only adults are sterilized, special feeds are also being developed for them. They contain the necessary vitamins and mineral compounds that prevent weight gain and serve to prevent urolithiasis.

In order for the animal to receive enough nutrients, it is advisable to use dry food for sterilized cats in combination with wet food. You need to buy only special products for animals after sterilization, as recommended by veterinarians. This will help avoid many problems in the future.

The best dry food for spayed cats

Royal Canin

This well-known manufacturer of pet products also produces dry food for sterilized cats. The package weighs 2 kg, so the product is enough for about 2 weeks if fed 2-3 times a day. The composition of the feed includes fiber and animal fats, which contribute to quick and safe satiety without gaining weight. To normalize the digestive processes, rice is also included in the composition. By consuming this food, the cat will receive all the necessary nutrients, as the formula of the product is additionally enriched with mineral components.

The energy value 3641 kcal/kg
Garnish Cereals
main ingredient poultry meat


  • makes the coat thicker and gives it shine;
  • keeps animals active;
  • balanced composition prevents the formation of kidney stones;
  • normalizes stool and digestive processes;
  • laboratory tested and does not cause allergies.


  • high cost, in comparison with domestic counterparts;
  • fakes are often on sale.

Review: “I used to buy other food, and the cat constantly had eating disorders. After that, everything went back to normal.”

Perfect fit

One of the best food for sterilized cats and cats. It has a balanced formula that prevents obesity and the development of urolithiasis. The components in the composition make the animal’s coat shiny and thick, and vitamins and minerals allow the pet to remain active. Additionally, the formula is enriched with prebiotics to normalize the digestive system. The food is provided in a large package (10 kg), and a long shelf life allows you to buy the product for future use.

The energy value 3000 kcal/kg
Garnish Cereals
main ingredient poultry meat


  • large packaging provides economical consumption;
  • saturates the body with vitamins to preserve the vitality of the animal;
  • affordable cost;
  • almost always on sale;
  • does not have an unpleasant odor.


  • not very convenient system for closing the package;
  • allergies may occur.

Review: “I doubted the quality of this food, so I first bought a small package for testing. The cat ate with great pleasure, now I buy packs of 10 kg, it’s really more profitable.”

Purina Pro Plan Sterilized

This dry food is specially formulated to keep spayed cats healthy and active. The composition includes all the necessary nutrients, as well as vitamins A, C, E, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. The recipe is low-fat: the main ingredient is poultry meat. It saturates the cat, but does not lead to weight gain. Such a balanced composition of the product normalizes the level of acidity in urine and prevents the formation of stones.

The energy value 3200 kcal/kg
Garnish Cereals
main ingredient poultry meat


  • reliable French manufacturer;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • normalizes the processes of digestion;
  • improves the condition of the skin and coat;
  • big packing on 10 kg.


  • some cat owners complain that the animals refuse to eat food because of the characteristic smell;
  • over time, cats lose interest in food.

Review: “My cat is very prone to allergies. We tried a bunch of feeds, but only this one came up.

Mera Finest Fit Sterilized

A large 10 kg feed package is designed for long-term storage. At the top of the package there is a special fastener that prevents the product from drying out and spoiling. The special formula has been clinically tested and has proven effectiveness. The composition includes vitamins and minerals to preserve energy, rice and corn gluten to normalize digestion processes and vegetable oils to strengthen immunity. The food has a pleasant smell and taste, does not cause allergies and digestive disorders even in exotic breeds of cats.

The energy value 3513 kcal/kg
Garnish Cereals
main ingredient Bird


  • proven effectiveness;
  • affordable cost;
  • convenient packaging with a strong clasp;
  • improves the quality and density of wool;
  • does not cause allergies.


  • not always on sale;
  • some users note that the first time after switching to a new food, cats suffer from flatulence.

Feedback: “Very cool food, and a large package ensures economical consumption. The optimum ratio of price and quality”.


A distinctive feature of the feed is its special formula with a reduced energy density. Due to this, with regular use of food, cats do not gain excess weight. The composition also includes dietary fiber of plant origin, which dull the feeling of hunger and prevent overeating. Additionally, the food is enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids, which effectively eliminate inflammation in the lower urinary tract and reduce the risk of urolithiasis. There are no grains in the composition of the feed, so it can be bought even for cats who have intolerance or allergies to these crops.

The energy value 3610 kcal/kg
Garnish Vegetables
main ingredient Poultry, seafood


  • suitable for cats with intolerance to cereals;
  • special formula prevents overeating;
  • makes the coat thick and shiny;
  • saturates the body with vitamins and makes cats more energetic;
  • big packing on 10 kg with a convenient fastener.


  • fakes are often found in stores;
  • not all users like the size of the granules (9 mm).

Review: “I buy only this food for my cat. At first glance, it seems that more than 5 thousand is expensive, but the cat eats up quickly, so the feed consumption is small.”

The Best Wet Foods for Spayed Cats

Animonda Vom Feinsten

The uniqueness of this wet food is that it is not produced in the form of meat pieces in sauce, but in the form of a pate. Cats eat this product with great pleasure, because more than half of the pate consists of natural meat, and the remaining ingredients are cheese, minerals and plant components. There are several options for pate, but in any case, lean meats (chicken or turkey) are used for cooking. They perfectly saturate the pet, but at the same time do not cause rapid weight gain.

The energy value 912 kcal/kg
Garnish Not
main ingredient poultry meat


  • sealed tin packaging ensures long-term storage;
  • one jar is enough for two meals;
  • pleasant smell, reminiscent of stew;
  • saturates the animal, preventing obesity;
  • affordable cost.


  • packaging volume is only 100 grams;
  • not always available in supermarket chains.

Review: “A couple of times I bought pies from other manufacturers, the cat refused to eat them. This pate came up perfectly, the cat eats with great pleasure.

Hill’s Science Plan

For the production of this feed, only natural ingredients and advanced technologies are used. The finished product must undergo clinical trials, therefore it has proven effectiveness in the fight against obesity and urolithiasis. The food contains natural antioxidants that strengthen the pet’s immunity by neutralizing the effects of free radicals. The formula does not contain dyes, fragrances and preservatives. Most of the ingredients are natural meat and meat products. Due to this, the pet is quickly saturated, but does not overeat.

The energy value 75 kcal/100 grams
Garnish Cereals
main ingredient Bird


  • natural pieces of turkey or chicken in the composition;
  • the jelly-like consistency of the sauce accelerates the digestion of the feed;
  • affordable cost;
  • proven European manufacturer;
  • suitable for the prevention of urolithiasis.


  • not always available in regular supermarkets;
  • not very convenient packaging: some of the meat pieces remain inside.

Review: “First time I bought this food. The cat liked it. The product itself smells nice, does not cause allergies or eating disorders.

Brit Premium

Inexpensive, but high-quality wet food, which includes natural ingredients, balanced in nutritional value. After eating such food, the cat does not feel hunger for a long time, but at the same time it does not become prone to obesity. The composition does not include dyes, flavors and preservatives: only meat, minerals and products of plant origin. Thanks to this, the pet’s immunity is strengthened, its skin becomes healthier, and its coat becomes thick and shiny.

The energy value 80 kcal/100 grams
Garnish Not
main ingredient poultry meat


  • the main ingredient is dietary boiled chicken;
  • no unpleasant odor;
  • preserves the natural activity of the pet;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • protects against urolithiasis and digestive problems.


  • if not stored in the refrigerator, the food spoils quickly;
  • strange cloudy consistency of the sauce.

Review: “A couple of months ago I bought this food for testing, and now I take only it. The cat eats with pleasure, looks healthy and full.”


The main ingredient in this food is turkey. The meat of this bird is a valuable source of protein, which is easily digestible. Consumption of such food gives the pet the necessary energy, maintains muscle mass and protects against obesity. An additional ingredient is cranberries. It contains vitamins and minerals that saturate the animal’s body with the necessary nutrients, and at the same time protect the pet from urolithiasis. The composition does not include dyes, flavors and flavor enhancers, so the occurrence of allergies is excluded.

The energy value 73 kcal / 100 gr
Garnish Not
main ingredient Turkey, cranberry


  • only natural ingredients in the composition;
  • pleasant meaty smell;
  • affordable cost;
  • protects the cat’s body from urolithiasis;
  • improves the condition of the skin and coat.


  • not very convenient packaging;
  • hard to find for sale.

Review: “I switched to this food on the advice of a veterinarian and was satisfied. The cat became more active, began to slowly lose weight, and the coat became very thick and shiny.


Premium food for sterilized cats and cats. Cereals are used as a side dish. They contain essential carbohydrates that are slowly digested in the stomach and contribute to long-term saturation of the pet. The source of animal protein is poultry meat. It is dietary and helps to build muscle mass of the pet without excessive weight gain. The inside of the package has a foil coating, so the food can be stored at room temperature. It is better to keep the opened package in the refrigerator so that the natural ingredients of the sauce do not deteriorate and cause indigestion.

The energy value 70 kcal/85 gr
Garnish Cereals
main ingredient Bird


  • affordable price combined with high quality;
  • no dyes and flavors in the composition;
  • pleasant meaty smell;
  • can be bought at any supermarket and pet store;
  • allowed to be stored at room temperature.


  • some cats eat only broth and leave meat pieces;
  • food in open packaging spoils quickly without refrigeration.

Review: “At first, the cat ate only jelly, and left meat pieces. But then, apparently, he tasted it and now he eats everything without a trace.

Comparison table of characteristics

A wide range of dry and wet food for sterilized cats makes it difficult to choose the right product. Information from the comparative table will help you buy the right product.

Product name The energy value Garnish main ingredient
Royal Canin 3641 kcal/kg Cereals poultry meat
Perfect fit 3000 kcal/kg Cereals poultry meat
Purina Pro Plan Sterilized 3200 kcal/kg Cereals poultry meat
Mera Finest Fit Sterilized 3513 kcal/kg Cereals Bird
Sanabelle 3610 kcal/kg Vegetables Poultry, seafood
Animonda Vom Feinsten 912 kcal/kg Not poultry meat
Hill’s Science Plan 75 kcal/100 gr Cereals Bird
Brit Premium 80 kcal/100 gr Not poultry meat
Blitz Sensitive 73 kcal / 100 gr Not Turkey, cranberry
ProBalance Sterilized 70 kcal / 85 gr Cereals Bird

All the foods presented in this top are made from natural ingredients, so they are suitable even for cats prone to digestive disorders and allergies.