The appearance of fleas turns the calm and measured life of a pet into a difficult existence. To combat small parasites, many means have been invented with different effects, effects on the animal and price. The article provides an overview and comparative characteristics of the most popular drugs, as well as a rating of the best flea remedies for dogs according to veterinarians and customer reviews.

Types of flea remedies for dogs

Sprays, lotions, and aerosols are the best flea treatments for dogs. They have a fast-acting effect, but they should be used only in special cases. Such compositions are able to rid the pet of annoying parasites in a matter of hours.

Features of flea remedies:

  • The entire body of the animal is treated with a spray, except for the muzzle and genitals. Then for a certain time the pet can not bathe and lick. Such a tool does not protect the pet from re-infection.
  • Flea drops are long lasting, easy to use and safe. Apply along the spine of the animal. After use, the dog receives flea protection for up to 2 months.
  • Collars should be classified as conservative means. First of all, they are used as a preventive measure, but they can cope with the initial stages of infection. Collars have different effectiveness and protect the pet up to 8 months.
  • An effective remedy for flea control is shampoo. It is applied in the same way as usual: you need to foam the drug, apply it on the skin and hold for 3-5 minutes, rinse the coat with running water.

Flea products for dogs contain natural ingredients that do not harm your pet. The body of the animal must be completely processed, after a while go through with a thick brush to comb out dead parasites. In this case, it is necessary to process not only the animal’s hair, but also its place of residence. It is necessary to spray the booth with a spray or aerosol, change the litter. If the animal lives in an apartment, the litter must be doused with hot steam, wet cleaning, using special preparations.

Flea drops for dogs


Feature of the drug: reduces the risk of infection, destroys parasites at all stages of development, prevents re-infection. Drops are a convenient form of application for puppies and dogs and are easy to use and store. Do not harm health. Usually does not cause allergic reactions in pets. The action of the product occurs within 24 hours after rubbing into the skin.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight from 2.5 to 10 kg
Duration of action 60 days
Volume 1 ml


  • convenient to apply;
  • do not harm the pet;
  • do not have a specific smell;
  • enough for several times;
  • quickly removes fleas.


  • small volume;
  • Flea free for at least a week.

Review: “I tried the drops on a 4 month old puppy. During the day, I killed all the fleas on the body. They walked calmly, the animal felt great. In principle, I am satisfied with the choice, but the remedy does not protect against re-infection.”


The least toxic agent for animals. Effectively deals with fleas and ticks. Produced in different volumes. Three main ingredients of low concentration affect the parasites. The product is intended for dogs over 8 weeks of age. Suitable for both treatment and prevention of diseases. Applied by dripping onto dry coat in several areas.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight from 30 kg
Duration of action 30 days
Volume 5 ml


  • convenient pipette;
  • easily distributed over the coat;
  • inexpensive;
  • does not require additional care products;
  • quickly copes with parasites.


  • no additional pipettes;
  • contains fatty oils.

Review: “The veterinarian advised me to buy the product. I noticed results after a month of use. The dog stopped itching, there were practically no fleas left on the coat. I use drops every 2 months as a preventive measure.

Inspector Total C

A complex drug that is used to combat parasites. The components included in the composition are carefully selected and compatible with each other, which allows the animal to be treated and prevented effectively, simply and safely all year round. The drug copes with 14 types of external and internal parasites. Protects against reinfection for up to 2 months. After the first application destroys 97% of parasites.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight from 5 to 10 kg
Duration of action 60 days
Volume 0.4 ml


  • all in one tool;
  • complex processing;
  • ease of use;
  • effective drug;
  • affordable cost.


  • inconvenient shape of the pipette;
  • oily base makes it difficult to apply.

Review: “Loved the product. They did everything according to the instructions. After 3 days they washed the dog and saw dead parasites. From now on, I will use only this tool. ”


Easy to use, water resistant for dogs of all sizes and ages. Drops have a detrimental effect on fleas and ticks upon contact. Two active substances – imidacloprid and permethrin – act on mosquitoes, ticks, without harming the animal. Produced in the form of drops at the withers. Remains active even if the pet gets wet. Suitable exclusively for dogs. Does not cause irritation and allergic reactions.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight from 10 to 25 kg
Duration of action 28 days
Volume 2.5 ml


  • import manufacturer;
  • convenient pipette;
  • practical packaging;
  • enough for a long time;
  • suitable for any age.


  • small volume;
  • price.

Review: “I bought drops in a veterinary pharmacy. With the help of pipettes, they were applied all over the body. The effect was visible almost immediately. Get rid of annoying fleas and ticks. Periodically I process wool. There are no complaints.”

The Best Flea Shampoos for Dogs


Nourishing shampoo is designed to quickly rid the animal of fleas and lice. The peculiarity of this brand is in its delicate effect and low toxicity. The composition of the product has a positive effect on the skin and coat of the pet, eliminates dryness and irritation. A mild conditioner improves the washing properties of the shampoo, maintaining the lipid balance of the skin. The role of the active substance is performed by permethrin, which has a pronounced activity against pests.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight from 10 to 30 kg
Duration of action 60 days
Volume 200 ml


  • lathers well;
  • neutralizes the smell of the animal;
  • soft and silky hair after application;
  • effectively eliminates fleas;
  • nice smell.


  • the lid on the bottle does not hold well;
  • small volume.

Review: “I was very pleased with the shampoo from the inexpensive class. Excellent hygiene product. Copes with parasites, besides, it has a positive effect on the dog’s coat. Nice scent, lathers well. I made the right choice, I trusted this tool.”

Doctor Zoo

Modern remedy for fleas for dogs. It has active substances of plant origin: thyme oil, rosemary, red pepper, sage. The composition also includes coconut oil, which protects the skin of the pet and the owner from dryness. Easily and quickly distributed throughout the coat. Has a pleasant smell, does not irritate the sense of smell of the dog. It does not cause an allergic reaction in people, so the shampoo is recommended for owners with hypersensitivity.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight from 10 to 25 kg
Duration of action 30 days
Volume 250 ml


  • removes odor;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • affordable price;
  • gives shine;
  • neutral fragrance.


  • small volume;
  • foams badly.

Review: “Good shampoo, kills parasites, thick consistency. After bathing, the dog’s coat looks soft and silky. Satisfied with the device.”


The tool is designed to combat fleas, lice and other parasites. Represents homogeneous liquid of greenish-yellow color without impurity, as a part of which only natural components. Permethrin serves as a blocker of nerve impulses of parasites, resulting in their death. Auxiliary components have a positive effect on the coat of the animal. Does not cause side reactions and irritations.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight from 10 to 35 kg
Duration of action 60 days
Volume 220 ml


  • effective remedy;
  • is well washed off;
  • foams easily;
  • quickly cleans wool from parasites;
  • quality product.


  • consistency;
  • specific smell.

Review: “Every owner wants his dog to be free of parasites. This is the tool that will easily cope with this problem. I’ve only been using it for a while, but I’m already seeing results. The shampoo is better than many other drops and sprays.”

The best flea sprays and aerosols for dogs

Bolfo (Bayer)

The aerosol has antiparasitic properties that affect lice, fleas and ticks. Used to treat the animal’s place of residence in order to more effectively destroy parasites. Contact with mucous membranes may cause slight irritation. Recommended to be used outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. The procedure should be repeated several times until the insects are completely destroyed.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight from 4 kg
Duration of action 10-15 days
Volume 250 ml


  • harmless;
  • easy to spray;
  • nice smell;
  • instant result;
  • effectively fights parasites.


  • small volume;
  • high price.

Review: “Good spray. We’ve been using it for six months now. After application, all parasites disappeared. In addition, the fur became smooth. A universal tool.”


Formulated with natural oils to protect dogs from fleas and ticks. The composition includes lavender oil, which is very unpleasant for insects and at the same time completely harmless to dogs. It has a beneficial effect on the skin of the animal, has antibiotic properties, has an antifungal and antiviral effect. Improves the appearance of the coat, reduces itching from bites. Can be used every 2 weeks for preventive purposes.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight from 4 to 8 kg
Duration of action 20 days
Volume 150 ml


  • harmless;
  • improves the appearance of wool;
  • nice smell;
  • well sprayed;
  • qualitative.


  • high price;
  • gives off an alcoholic aroma.

Review: “We walk the dog in the forest every day. We have to process the wool almost daily. Does not cause allergies, irritations. He is our helper in the fight against ticks.”


The spray is designed to fight fleas and ticks in animals. Processing is carried out in an open area to avoid contact with the mucous membrane. Repeat the procedure several times, as well as process the place of residence of the animal. This effective and high-quality product is widely used in veterinary medicine. Does not cause adverse reactions. Destroys both eggs of fleas, and adults within 2 months.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight from 4 to 25 kg
Duration of action 45 days
Volume 100 ml


  • acts quickly;
  • qualitative;
  • does not have a specific smell;
  • good atomizer;
  • rinses off easily.


  • price;
  • small volume.

Review: “We used to use shampoos to fight parasites, but now we switched to a spray, it is much more effective. The bottle is enough for several times. Doesn’t irritate.”

What to look for when choosing?

When choosing a drug, it is worth considering its volume, range of action and adaptation of parasites, because with the regular use of one remedy, fleas adapt to it, so the effectiveness of the composition decreases.

When choosing a drug, you should adhere to the following plan of action:

  • first you need to decide for what needs the remedy is used – prevention or treatment;
  • it is worth considering the characteristics of the pet, its habitat;
  • determine the degree of infection;
  • assess the physiological state of the dog.

Folk remedies for fleas

Folk remedies are a fairly effective way to deal with fleas. They are safe for humans, but require more time to achieve results. Such a remedy at home can be made from herbs. To do this, use tansy and wormwood. The tincture is brewed and the dwelling is treated. Branches of wormwood can be spread out in the corners of the house, where fleas accumulate most of all. Coniferous shavings have a similar effect. Baking soda is great for parasites. It is necessary to mix it with salt and process all the places where the pet rests.

If fleas are found in an animal, you should immediately contact a specialist who will prescribe the correct and effective remedy to combat this problem. Do not delay the procedure and give a chance to parasites that can multiply rapidly.