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Collars for cats: types, selection and features of use

When planning to have a pet at home, you need to think about where he will live, what to eat and how he will spend his free time. Those who have cats in an apartment usually do not let them go outside to protect them from street animals, dirt and disease. But there are owners who prefer to walk with their pets or give them plenty to frolic on their own. To make such walks safe for a cat, it is best to put a collar on it. The comfort of the pet and its owner largely depends on his choice.


A collar for cats is necessary in the same way as for dogs, especially if the animal will move freely along the street. Now you can purchase any version of the product with different functions, sizes and colors, so there is no problem of choice. To more accurately understand whether a pet needs a collar, it is worth analyzing what its purpose is.

  1. It helps to make the cat calmer, makes it clear who is the boss in the house. The presence of a collar contributes to a faster and more successful training process.
  2. It gives a certain benefit to the pet: it protects against pests, helps to quickly find a lost pet, gives information about the cat and its owners if it gets lost. For a cat actively walking on the street, this accessory is simply necessary.
  3. The convenience of walking a pet with a leash if a self-expanding collar is used.
  4. It gives you the opportunity to decorate your pet, make it stylish and irresistible thanks to rhinestones, sparkles and any other little things.

If you are going to buy a collar for a cat, you should not stop at products for dogs, as they are not suitable for cats. In the creation of such products, not only the size and design were thought out, but also the safety of animals. Due to the fact that cats often climb trees, fences and other places, they can accidentally catch on something with a collar. To prevent the pet from strangling itself in this way, the collars are equipped with a self-release lock or elastic inserts that make it possible to get out of the collar.

To buy a suitable collar, you should carefully examine it. It should be odorless, the material should not leave traces of paint on the skin, certain measures should be provided for safety. When fastening the strap on the cat’s neck, you need to choose the right size, leaving a gap between the animal’s neck and the collar no more than a centimeter.

If you tighten the product tighter, then it will cause discomfort to the pet and rub the neck, and if you make it looser, the pet will quickly get rid of the extra object.

Most often, collars are made from natural or artificial leather, but now you can also find fabric products, options from rubberized materials and plastic. The main quality that this accessory should have should be elasticity. In order for the cat not to experience health problems, the strap should not cause allergies in him. Since the variety of cat breeds is growing quite intensively, collars are made with this in mind. For hairless varieties, it is worth choosing specialized options made from softer and more delicate material so as not to damage the delicate skin of the pet.

Another selection criterion is the age and size of the pet. For kittens, it is worth buying special products that are smaller and of high quality workmanship. For small and thin cats, you can buy a thin collar, for dense and large cats, a wide strap is more suitable. For a cat after castration, it is worth buying such a collar so that a protective collar can be attached to it, preventing contact with the operated area.


Since the functionality of the collar can be different, it is worth learning about it as much as possible. more to choose the right collar for your pet.

  • Antiparasitic is a cat strap that allows you to effectively counteract fleas and ticks, which are often found in animals that spend a lot of time outdoors. With daily wear, you can not only get rid of, but also protect the animal from parasites. Wearing such a strap is possible only for adults, kittens and pregnant cats should not wear it. This variety has a specific smell that repels fleas, which may not be to the liking of the cat itself or even its owners. The cat is at risk of developing allergies, as are people susceptible to the components of the collar. It is better not to buy such a collar for a pet if there are small children at home. An alternative may be ultrasonic options, which consist of a small device that gives out special pulses that negatively affect the parasites and make them leave the animal.

  • Decorative – needed for those cases when you need to dress up and decorate your pet. A beautiful collar is worn at exhibitions or photo shoots. It is better to use this accessory only on occasion, and then remove it, as it will cause discomfort to the pet. Its appearance differs due to the material used, the width of the product and decorations. Decorative collar can be with rhinestones, engraving, bell.

The choice of product depends on the sex of the animal and the taste of its owner.

  • Self-opening – the most suitable option for walking with a cat and if the pet likes to walk for a long time by itself. The design of the product suggests a flexible base that will stretch if necessary and prevent the animal from suffocating if it catches on something. There are options with a clasp or a notch that will free the cat from the object that constrains it.

  • Electronic device – This is a collar with a tracking sensor that allows you to be aware of exactly where the cat is at a particular moment. A strap with a navigator costs a lot, but it gives complete confidence to the owner and the cat that they will not lose each other. The design of such an accessory can be with a beacon or with a chip. With a GPS tracker, the cat will be protected not only in any place, but also in any weather, as the manufacturers have made its design in such a way that moisture and intense heat are not terrible for it.

  • Personal – This is a cheaper variation of the collar, where instead of tracking sensors there are other aids. Often these are straps with an address book, with a medallion, with a phone number or a personalized accessory with the name of a pet. On such products, the name of the animal and the address where it lives are indicated. The owner’s emergency telephone number may also be written.

  • Luminous – a collar that is partially or completely covered with reflective paint, which allows you to see the cat well in the dark. This option is very convenient for those owners who walk with the cat late at night and do not want to lose it. More modern products have a sensor that turns on the collar at nightfall.

  • Sound – makes it possible not to see, but to hear an animal that walks on the street. A simpler modification is equipped with a bell, and the modern one has an electronic warning system. This option is perfect for visually impaired or blind owners who value their pet.

  • Calming – this is a product that is impregnated with special pheromones that have a calming effect, with it even the most obstinate cat becomes calm and adequate.

  • Magnetic – can have magnets of two types – with and without healing properties. An ordinary magnet can be useful if a special door is made for the cat, which the collar can open. The medicinal product helps to improve the well-being of the pet, helping with diseases of the kidneys, stomach, intestines and joints.

After analyzing all the options, you can choose the right type of collar for the cat and gradually accustom the animal to wearing it.

How to choose?

To choose the right collar for your cat, you should pay attention to such options like:

  • right size;
  • suitable form;
  • optimal color;
  • comfortable material;
  • castle design.

You can choose the size of the collar, guided by the size grid or by determining the length already on the animal itself.

To know the desired value, you need to measure the width of the neck and add another 3-4 cm to this value – this will be the desired collar size for the cat. If you buy a strap from parasites, then it usually does not have a dimensional grid, it will have to be adjusted to the pet yourself. Having correctly put on and fastened the strap, you need to check whether it has sat down tightly and whether the cat will remove it on its own, and if everything is done correctly, then the excess part is simply cut off.

The shape of the collar is important, because the protruding internal parts of this product can rub the skin of the pet’s neck, which will not only cause discomfort, but can also cause various health problems.

The optimal shape will be a round section that does not rub the skin and does not fray the wool at the point of wear. The choice of color can be anything, this moment is decided by the owner himself without any special recommendations. You can select the range depending on the sex of the animal – the females are lighter and brighter, the males are darker. To increase the safety of your pet, it is better to initially purchase a collar with a reflector, which will protect the cat from the wheels of the car or make it easier to find it on the street.

To make a domestic cat stand out from the rest, it is better to choose bright colors of the strap: red, orange, light green, blue, pink.

The quality of the product, namely the materials used for its manufacture, is important. Usually, manufacturers select ingredients that do not cause allergies, discomfort, odors in cats, so pets calmly get used to them. Sometimes you can buy a low-quality product that is made from unsuitable materials and can harm the cat.. To distinguish a good collar from a bad one, you should look at the product as a whole, at its accessories, workmanship, and also read reviews about the manufacturer.

The design of the lock must be safe and prevent the animal from getting stuck or hanging somewhere, unfastening or stretching out in time.

When choosing a collar, you should pay attention to the lock itself, it should be safe, easy to use and not interfere with the cat, especially when it comes to long-haired breeds. The best option for a cat collar is a narrow product with a smooth inner side, made from quality materials and designed specifically for cats. Particular care should be taken in the case of kittens – an adult collar is not suitable for them, so you should carefully choose an accessory. For small pets, you can purchase anti-parasitic products that can be used from the age of three months. An important feature that distinguishes this option from an adult will be the amount of active substance that is on the collar.

Any other collar options are chosen in the same way as for adult cats.

It is worth remembering that babies grow quickly and the collar will have to be changed or refastened from time to time, and it is advisable not to miss the moment when the product begins to become tight.

How to put on?

The optimal age when it is worth starting training for the strap is considered to be 6 months, when the pet is a little stronger and ready for training. Very small kittens have too fragile bones of the spine and can harm themselves if they have an extra accessory. Adult individuals with great difficulty get used to innovations, therefore it is not worth delaying with the start of accustoming to an accessory.

To correctly put on a collar for a cat, it is important to follow a number of recommendations.

  • Having bought a collar, you need to show it to the cat, give it a sniff, play with it and study it well. If you put an unfamiliar thing on an animal, it will instinctively reject it.
  • The first attempts to put on the strap should be short-term, because the cat will not like the new accessory, and he will take it off.
  • To increase the duration of wearing the collar, you can put it on before eating and give food, praising the cat for obedience and wearing the strap. A positive experience, which will be repeated several times, will begin to stimulate the pet to take the new product around his neck calmly and get used to it.
  • From day to day, you should strive to increase the time spent in the collar from a few minutes to an hour. When the cat is used to and does not pay attention to the strap, you can no longer remove it.

Once your pet has gotten used to the idea of ​​a new accessory, it is worth accustoming him to proper use, that is, walking on a leash.

Only after practicing at home, you can go outside in this version, otherwise the walk can turn out to be very difficult for both the cat and the owner. In the event that the training is difficult and the cat does not want to try on the collar at all, there is no need to insist on this, scold the pet and punish him. By such actions, you can only achieve the opposite effect and your pet will definitely no longer walk in a belt. It is better to leave it alone for a week, or even a month, and try to repeat the procedure again, evaluating the results.

For those owners who plan to let the cat go outside or walk with him, the collar training procedure is necessary, because, in addition to controlling the animal, it gives him protection from parasites, makes him visible at night and contributes to more correct behavior. Only by choosing the right product and accustoming your pet to it in a timely manner and gradually, you can achieve the desired result.

For information on which flea and tick collars are most effective, see the following video.