As soon as a kitten appears in the house, there is a problem with choosing a toilet for him. Many pet owners prefer wood fillers made from shavings and sawdust. The toilet has a natural composition, and therefore does not provoke an allergic reaction in either the owners or the cats.

All wood fillers differ in volume, weight, aroma, properties, type. This type of cat litter is considered the most environmentally friendly. In the article, I will talk in detail about the best wood fillers from different manufacturers, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this type of cat litter, and also highlight the main criteria for choosing a product.

Rating of wood litter for cats

clean paws

The product is made from environmentally friendly compressed pine sawdust. The filler has a pleasant, natural, coniferous aroma. Granules effectively absorb liquid and neutralize unpleasant odors. Cat litter is economically consumed, has an antibacterial effect, does not contain artificial additives.

The product is suitable even for small rodents. After use, wood filler can be thrown into the toilet.

Type of absorbent
Volume, l 12
Weight, kg
  • small, light granules;
  • good absorbency;
  • odor neutralization;
  • does not spread around the house on its paws.

Excellent filler. The cat walks in it with pleasure. Effectively retains the smell, is absorbed into the granules instantly. I flush sawdust down the toilet after use. A nice bonus from the manufacturers was a bag of grass seeds for cats inside the package.

After each replacement of the filler, it is recommended to wash and disinfect the tray.

Cat’s Best Original

The product is made from recycled wood raw materials, which allows you to save forests, does not allow deforestation. Cat litter contains no chemicals, artificial flavors or other additives. The product is economical. It lasts for a long time, it is not necessary to change daily.

The filler effectively absorbs the smell of cat urine. It is permissible to flush the used product down the toilet, it will not clog the sewer. Plant fibers in the composition of wood pellets do not form dust, which protects the respiratory system of your pet.

Type of clumping
Volume, l 40
Weight, kg 17.2
  • clumps well;
  • without smell;
  • biodegradable;
  • economical consumption.

I think this is the best wood filler on the market. The price matches the quality. Perfectly clumped, absorbs an unpleasant smell. Economical consumption, the filler lasts for a long time.

happy paws

The filler is made of coniferous wood. It effectively absorbs urine, locking in unpleasant odors. Has a powerful antibacterial effect. Thanks to a special production technology, pressed granules are able to absorb a large amount of liquid, which indicates an economical consumption of the product.

Type of absorbent
Volume, l 16
Weight, kg
  • perfectly absorbs;
  • keeps the smell
  • eco-friendly;
  • affordable price.
  • not detected.

I am glad that the filler is inexpensive and, at the same time, it works efficiently and efficiently. It absorbs odor, perfectly absorbs liquid. Sometimes the remains of granules get stuck between the pads, but this is not a problem.

Homecat fine granules

The product is small, woody, densely compressed granules from coniferous trees. The composition of the filler does not contain chemical additives, flavorings, therefore, it is safe for you and your pet.

Excrements should be removed as they appear. When you completely change the tray, throw the contents into a trash bag, bucket. To ensure the hygiene of your pet’s litter box, it is recommended to disinfect and thoroughly wash the litter box every time you change pellets.

Type of absorbent
Volume, l 40
Weight, kg 12
  • large, economical packaging;
  • great price;
  • absorbs odor;
  • small expense.

We regularly buy only this filler. It has the best price, it has a pleasant woody aroma. The cat loves to walk in it. Pleased with economical consumption, neutralization of unpleasant odors, good absorbency.

Wood filler is recommended to be changed at least once every five days.

pussy cat

The environmentally friendly filler is produced using a special technology, thanks to which it quickly absorbs liquid and locks in unpleasant odors. The pressed granules have a pleasant, woody aroma.

Due to the disinfectant properties, the granules eliminate pathogenic bacteria excreted with animal excrement. The filler is characterized by economical consumption.

Type of absorbent
Volume, l 4.5
Weight, kg
  • cheap;
  • dense granules;
  • long enough.

Excellent quality filler. From the very appearance of the cat in the house, we buy only this toilet. There is no smell, perfectly absorbs moisture. I am also pleased with the economical consumption, although I change the tray every 1-2 days.


The product is made from high quality softwood. It has a pleasant aroma, there are no additives, dyes, flavors in the composition. Suitable not only for cats, but also for small rodents. Thanks to coniferous oils, there is an effective neutralization of urine odors. The filler has an antibacterial effect, so it fights pathogens excreted with animal excrement. When wet, the wood pellets give off a pleasant fir scent.

Type of absorbent
Volume, l 5
Weight, kg
  • pleasant smell of wood;
  • can be flushed down the toilet;
  • blocks unpleasant smells of urine;
  • economical consumption;
  • does not stick to cat’s paws.

We have been buying this litter for our cat for seven years now. The pleasant aroma of wood does not scare away the cat. I pour the granules under the grate, because the pet does not like to dig into them, and the paws remain clean.

Brava Pine

The pellets are made from coniferous wood. The filler is biodegradable and has excellent absorbency. Effectively fights against unpleasant smells, neutralizing them. The product does not contain harmful additives, and therefore, it is completely safe for you and your pet.

Wood filler deodorizes the air. For more effective action, it is recommended to shake the tray periodically.

Type of absorbent
Volume, l fifteen
Weight, kg
  • absorbs moisture well;
  • effectively absorbs odor;
  • small granules.

This is one of the best fillers in my opinion. In the store you can buy it at an affordable price. Medium sized granules, smell like wood. The smell is retained perfectly, the tray is easy to clean after it.

Barsik Natural

The product is made from coniferous wood, which is pressed into pellets. The filler effectively absorbs moisture, neutralizes the smell of urine. Granules biodegradable, lightweight. When completely replacing the wood filler, it is recommended to clean and disinfect the tray. It is recommended to throw the used product into a trash bag.

Type of absorbent
Volume, l 4.54
Weight, kg
  • masks an unpleasant smell;
  • excellent absorbency;
  • economical consumption.
  • not detected.

I think this filler is the best. I tried to buy others for the cat, but he refuses to walk in them. There is no smell, I clean the tray daily. One package is enough for about a month.

Cat’s Best Smart Pellets

High-quality wood litter is great for long-haired cats because the heavy texture of the granules does not stick to the coat, which prevents the contents from being carried around the apartment. It perfectly absorbs moisture and odors, thanks to organic fibers.

Contains no additives. Forms dense lumps when liquid enters. The product is characterized by a very economical consumption, it can remain in the tray much longer than other fillers. Does not produce dust, after use, the remains can be thrown into the toilet.

Type of clumping
Volume, l twenty
Weight, kg ten
  • absorbs well;
  • clumps well;
  • can be flushed down the toilet;
  • does not dust;
  • keeps the smell.

I have a Maine Coon cat, so it was important to choose the best toilet for her, which after each trip would not turn into dust. We tried many different wood fillers. It is quite economical and lasts a long time. There is no smell at all, clumping perfectly. I am glad that it can be safely disposed of in the toilet.


Wood filler is represented by compressed granules. It perfectly retains moisture, unpleasant odors. It is permissible to dispose of the used product in the toilet. What is important, the filler particles do not stick to the pet’s fur, paws. The granules are made from environmentally friendly material, and therefore are safe for animals and their owners.

Type of absorbent
Volume, l 4.5
Weight, kg
  • large granules;
  • absorbs odor;
  • inexpensive;
  • does not dust.

Inexpensive filler. It does not leave odors, does not dust, quickly absorbs liquid. The tray is easy to clean after.

Pros and cons

Wood filler is the most environmentally friendly and safe, because it consists of 100% sawdust compressed into granules. In addition, most of them have an antibacterial effect. The advantages and disadvantages of wood filler are described in the table below:

pros Minuses
Low price – this is due to the fact that the manufacture of this product does not require much effort and expense. When the granules turn into sawdust when moisture gets on them, the particles can stick to the paws and fur of the animal and be carried around the apartment.
Environmental friendliness – there are no chemicals in the composition, so it is safe, does not provoke allergic reactions. The wood filler has to be changed frequently, which means that it leads to high consumption.
Ease of Disposal – Used litter can be thrown down the toilet without the risk of clogging the drain.
Wood litter is great for litter box training.

For the production of filler, sawdust of coniferous trees is mainly used.

How to choose wood filler

This type of filler is not only an environmentally friendly product, but also the most inexpensive, practical option. Therefore, the wooden toilet for cats is quite popular. Before buying, pay attention to the following parameters:

Compound It should not contain chemicals that have a negative effect on the body of animals. For example, cobalt chloride or silicon dioxide provoke respiratory diseases in cats.
No moisture in the package Shake the package to check. The granules should be poured with a characteristic rustling. This indicates the freshness of the product and the absence of liquid.
Type of wood filler It is absorbent and clumpy. In the first case, the filler is wood pressed into pellets. It absorbs moisture. Clumping consists of natural wood dust. If liquid gets on it, it forms lumps, which are recommended to be removed from the tray in a timely manner.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is better to choose wood fillers from manufacturers that have proven themselves on the market. Such products were mentioned in the rating in this article.