Description of English dog breeds

In today’s world there is a huge variety of dog breeds. Against the general background, English varieties stand out, which are very popular among experienced dog breeders and novice breeders.

Despite the fact that the birthplace of English dogs (as you might guess from the name) is Great Britain, these breeds have spread far beyond the borders of the country.

However, it should be borne in mind that English dog breeds, like any other groups, have a number of special characteristics that must be considered if you plan to have such a pet at home.


Generally speaking, with regard to England, it has long been customary that the favorite animals of the inhabitants of this country are dogs. Many scientists believe that for the first time the breeding and selection of four-legged pets began to occur in this country.

In general, the whole variety of English dog breeds can be divided into 3 large groups:

  • shepherd’s;
  • hunting;
  • decorative.

Also English breeds include service and guard dogshowever, these categories are not widely distributed.

English dogs are quite diverse both in their appearance and in temperament, behavior, and physiological characteristics. That is why if you decide to get a British pet, then you should carefully study all the currently existing varieties of dogs and choose the one that you like and suits you specifically.

Main groups

English dogs are a heterogeneous category. On the contrary, animals that belong to English breeds are divided into several large categories. Let’s consider the most popular of them in more detail.


The category of English Molossians includes several breeds of dogs. Let’s get acquainted with the distinctive characteristics of the most popular and widespread varieties.


The Mastiff is a popular dog breed that belongs to the English group. According to scientific data, the mastiff is This is the largest of the currently existing breeds of dogs. So, the weight of some representatives of the breed can reach 150 kilograms. Animals of this breed are considered fighting.

If we turn to historical documents, we can establish the fact that this breed has a rather long history of its origin and development.

It has been scientifically proven that the progenitors of the English Mastiff breed existed back in the days of Ancient Babylon.

On the features of the breed, see below.


Distinctive features of this breed: short hair, snub nose, protruding lower jaw. Bulldogs often play the role of a guard or watchman. Breeding time – XIX century. Generally speaking, this dog is a kind of symbol of England. The animal is different from other species independent character.


Bullmastiff is a traditional representative of guard molossians. This breed is one of the youngest.


The original purpose of the English Shepherd – performance of watchdog and security functions.


Individuals belonging to this breed have long and fluffy hair. From a physiological point of view, they are incredibly strong. The typical character traits of the bobtail include devotion, good nature, activity, developed mind and independence.

Border Collie

One of the most striking characteristics of this breed is high intellectual abilities. Dogs lend themselves well to training and learning, learning not only the simplest basic commands, but also complex complex tricks. The Border Collie is a breed that has been bred for quite some time.. That is why the animal has such extraordinary abilities.

If we talk about the working functions of the breed, it is important to note that they are unsuitable for hunting. At the same time, border collies do an excellent job of caring for livestock during grazing.

Among the negative character traits of the breed, one can single out a tendency to independence and disobedience. In this regard, education, training and training are mandatory procedures.

Rough Collie

The Rough Collie (the second name of the breed is the Scottish Shepherd) is a dog that can perform the functions of a shepherd. Animals show extraordinary intellectual abilities, and therefore are easily trained.

It is important to note that in the process of caring for a dog, it is recommended to pay special attention to wool.

Since it is very thick and long, it should be combed out in a timely manner and tufts should not be allowed to form.


According to its characteristics, the Sheltie breed is similar to the Rough Collie. However, she copes with the functions of a hunter somewhat worse, therefore she plays the role of an ordinary four-legged pet.

welsh corgi

Welsh Corgis are very small dogs. They have a shortened body shape and large straight ears. At first glance, this breed of English dog may resemble a fox in appearance. The breed is considered quite ancient, because it was bred in the distant XII century. The body of the Welsh Corgi is covered with short hair with an undercoat. Some representatives of the species may have wavy hairline. One way or another, representatives of the breed in the back area have a characteristic mark, which in its appearance and shape resembles a saddle.

In the modern world, representatives of the Welsh Corgi live on English farms, where they perform the functions of shepherds and livestock guards.

Representatives of this breed are very smart, but at the same time quite independent. That is why the owner of the animal in the process of training will have to show all his patience and endurance.


The category of English terriers includes several dog breeds that are popular not only in the UK, but also in our country.

bull terrier

Representatives of this breed have impressive muscles. Initially, scientists bred this kind of dog with a very specific and specific purpose – to destroy rats and other harmful rodents. It was in connection with the need to perform these functions that animals were endowed with a large number of relevant characteristics. For example, bull terriers have very strong and prehensile jaws. Nonetheless a person should not be afraid of such dogs, because with the right approach to training and education, animals grow up to be kind and non-aggressive.

Generally speaking, the nature of the animal is quite difficult to predict, because for the most part the behavior of the Bull Terrier depends on the hereditary factor. That is why when buying a puppy, special attention should be paid to the parental couple.

The animal can live both in an apartment and in a private house. However, it is worth remembering that bull terriers need intense and regular physical activity and competent training.

West Highland White Terrier

This dog belongs to the decorative breed, because it has an aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, despite all the cuteness of the pet, it is worth remembering that he needs active physical activity. The dog has a highly developed intellect and an active character.

At the same time, do not forget about the negative aspects related to this breed.

So, the West Highland White Terrier does not get along well with other animals and may conflict with them. In addition, the dog is quite independent and does not make good contact with small children.

Toy Terrier

The toy terrier is a very small animal in size, which has a difficult character. As for numerical indicators, it is important to note that the mass of a toy terrier usually does not exceed 3 kilograms, and its growth at the withers is about 28 centimeters. Like the previous breed toy terrier is a decorative animal. The most popular color is black. Usually the dog has a smooth and short coat, however, there are also long-haired specimens.

If you keep a dog of this breed in your house, then it must be borne in mind that toy terriers never forget an insult, are rather wayward and can experience love and affection in relation to only one owner.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier – This is an English breed of dog that was bred in the middle of the 19th century.. The weight of the animal is about 8 kilograms, and the height does not exceed 40 centimeters. This breed is a typical representative of hunting animals. The nature of the dog is active and energetic. In addition, the owners of Jack Russell Terriers note that the animal shows extraordinary devotion and loyalty to the owner.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier – this is a breed that was bred by breeders at the end of the 19th century. Thus, she is relatively young and new. Yorkies are miniature animals, the weight of which usually does not exceed 3 kilograms, and the height at the withers is about 23 centimeters. Representatives of this species of English animals are distinguished by high intellectual capabilities. In addition, the animal is quite energetic and active in nature.

It is important to note the fact that The Yorkshire Terrier is a friendly four-legged pet that makes contact with people quite easily, and even with children. Therefore, if a baby lives in your house, then you can not be afraid when buying a miniature Yorkie. The animal can live both in urban conditions and in its own house with a plot.


Among English hounds, 2 main breeds are most often distinguished.


The history of the origin and development of this breed goes back to the XIV century. The Beagle is a breed that does not need specific or complex care. In this regard, the dog is quite unpretentious and picky. In relation to the surrounding people, representatives of the breed show good nature and friendliness. Beagles also easily get along with other animals.

basset hound

Representatives of this breed do not have predetermined functions. Often they serve as ordinary pets. The nature of basset hounds is somewhat phlegmatic.

Thus, we can make sure that the variety of English dog breeds is great, in addition, British breeders do not stand still and, perhaps, will soon please dog lovers with another interesting breed.

When choosing and buying a pet, pay attention not only to the appearance of the dog, but also to its behavioral and physiological characteristics.

Popular breeds

English scientists have been especially successful in breeding hunting dog breeds, some of which are more than one hundred years old. They fall into 3 categories:

  • greyhounds;
  • spaniels;
  • cops.

Consider the names of the most popular of these breeds.

  • Greyhound. Large dogs that have an active temperament.

  • Deerhound. The original purpose of animals is deer hunting.

  • Whippet or small English greyhound. The dog has a short coat and a friendly disposition.

  • Cocker Spaniel. It is one of the most common dog breeds in the world.

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Animals make good contact with people around them, have a charming appearance.

  • English setter. One of the oldest dog breeds used for hunting birds.

  • Retriever. Friendly establishment, ideal for families with children.

As you can see, there is a huge variety of breeds among English dogs. Among themselves, they differ in appearance (short-haired and long-haired, with long and short legs, miniature and large), behavioral characteristics (active and phlegmatic, vindictive and good-natured) and physiological characteristics. In addition, representatives of different breeds need different levels of care.

Some English dogs are bred for a specific purpose: for example, to play the role of a shepherd or hunting companion. Others are considered common household and family pets.