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How to get rid of cat hair?

When a cute and fluffy cat lives in the house, then, of course, he brings a lot of joy and positive to his owners. But every day, owners of furry pets face such a problem as wool. During cleaning, it is not so easy to get rid of wool on furniture or things. How to quickly and easily get rid of cat hair, you can find out in our special material.

Cleaning and furniture

The owners of these beautiful and affectionate animals almost daily have to clean their homes from cat hair. It is especially difficult during the seasonal molt, when there is even more wool in the house. If there are long-haired cats in the apartment, then all the carpets, furniture, bed linen and personal belongings turn out to be in wool, which is not so easy to get rid of.

Pet hair sticks very strongly to carpets and furniture. Therefore, during cleaning it can be very difficult to get rid of it. Of course, the most common and effective method is cleaning with a high power vacuum cleaner. Many pet owners purchase models that are distinguished by their effective cleaning, have various nozzles included, and do an excellent job with pet hair. They ideally clean various surfaces from wool, dust and small debris. The so-called washing vacuum cleaners, vacuum models and robotic vacuum cleaners are the best to cope with the task.

In order to perfectly clean the carpet or bedspread from cat hair, it is best to use a special nozzle – a turbo brush. Such a nozzle perfectly copes with long and even short hairs on the carpet and other soft surfaces.

In the event that your house has an ordinary dust collector, then you should not be upset. You just need to first sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the surface of the carpet, and then the wool can be easily removed with a simple vacuum cleaner or even a broom. The fact is that baking soda softens the hairs of a pet, so they easily come off the surface.

Since pets love to spend time on cozy armchairs and sofas, any upholstered furniture in the house needs regular cleaning. In order to clean the furniture from cat hair, you first need to vacuum it with a special nozzle, which we talked about above.

In the event that there is no vacuum cleaner in the house at all, then the surface of the sofa and armchairs can be cleaned with a stiff brush. We recommend soaking it in water first. This will help to quickly and efficiently clean the surface of the sofa or chair. In addition, you can use a special roller with a sticky surface, which is usually used to clean outerwear.

Can also be used to clean furniture special hard sponges. But a regular foam sponge will do just fine. Just soak it in water and you can clean not only furniture, but also clothing. Unnecessary a piece of nylon fabric or unnecessary nylon tights can replace the sponge. Since this type of fabric has static electricity, it will be easy to clean any surface from pet hair.

Be sure to pay attention to the brushes that are made of rubber. Wool sticks easily to their surface, making cleaning quick and easy. This is the best option for cleaning upholstered furniture in a home with cats and dogs.

If there are no special brushes or sponges in the house, then the surface of the furniture can be easily cleaned in another way. For example, you can use wide tape, which is sold at any stationery store. It is quite possible to clean the surface of upholstered furniture from wool with your hands. True, you first need to moisten your palms so that the cleaning process proceeds easier. In addition, using a spray bottle, you need to slightly moisten the surface of the sofa or chair, and then clean the furniture from wool with your palms.

Clothes and linens

Of course, cleaning and cleaning upholstered furniture is much easier to handle than cleaning things. When washing, pet owners notice that their pet’s hair is everywhere. They are not only on bed linen, but also on clothing. After washing, some of the hairs still remain on the trousers and sweaters. Let’s see what we can do with it.

Before washing, clean all clothing from animal hair. This can be done simply with your hands, after moistening your palms. It will also help you deal with the problem. brush for cleaning clothes. It should also be moistened with warm water, so that it will be possible to facilitate the cleaning process. When cleaning things, try not to press hard on the fabric, otherwise you can ruin your favorite wardrobe item.

If a cute cat with long hair lives in your house, then be sure to purchase a special sticky roller. It is advisable to choose the option with interchangeable nozzles. You will use such a roller every day and it is convenient to take it with you if necessary.

In addition, it perfectly cleans clothes from wool, the most common stationery tape. But only this method is not suitable for delicate fabrics – it is better to clean them manually. In the case when you need to get rid of wool from a dense fabric, then before washing it can be vacuumed using a special nozzle.

When washing bed linen and favorite things, be sure to use a product such as air conditioner. Please note that this is an antistatic agent. You can also use special washcloths with the same action. Thanks to this, after washing, the hairs will not stick to linen and clothes so quickly.

In addition, you should use extra rinse mode, thanks to which things will be perfectly clean – after washing they will not leave shreds of wool. When ironing any item, be sure to use gauze. This will prevent the remaining hairs from sticking to clothes or bedding.

Tips & Tricks

Finally, we have some practical tips and tricks for everyone who has adorable fluffy cats in their home. Our tips will help you prevent the accumulation of wool in the house, and the cleaning process will be much easier and faster.

  • Before you start cleaning your room, fill a spray bottle with water and add some fabric softener.. As mentioned above, the agent must have an antistatic effect. Spray the prepared mixture in the room, and then proceed with the cleaning, during which the wool will no longer fly around the room.
  • It is quite possible to make yourself a convenient device for cleaning furniture or clothes. To do this, you need a regular stick and double-sided tape. You need to wrap the adhesive tape on a stick and you can use it.
  • As a rule, pets are very fond of riding on their backs and wiping themselves on carpeted surfaces. As a result, a lot of wool remains on the coating. To prevent this, you should purchase a special hard rug for your pet, which is available in every pet store.
  • To keep the house less wool, do not forget to brush your furry pet regularly.
  • It is important to maintain the humidity in the apartment at the right level, then the wool will not fly around the rooms. To maintain humidity, you need to use modern humidifiers or hang wet towels.

Start cleaning cabinets and other surfaces. Always add a cleaning agent that has an antistatic effect to the bucket of water. Thanks to this simple trick, wool will not accumulate in the corners of the room.

In this video you will learn a very simple but effective way to quickly remove cat hair in the house.