Broilers - rearing at home, feeding from chick to slaughter

When broilers are introduced to the farm, home rearing, feeding and antibiotics become the main issues. The diet and amount of food for all breeds is approximately the same, but it will be necessary to select the composition and introduce vitamin supplements through trial and error.

Feeding broilers at home

Breeds intended for short-term rearing are meat and need high-quality and plentiful nutrition in the first weeks of life. It takes only two months to feed a meat broiler at home, so balance and complex are in the first place here. In the question of what to feed broilers, the option with compound feed is considered obvious and justified. However, there are some risks to consider here.

  1. Unscrupulous manufacturers often sin by replacing natural amino acids and proteins with synthetic ones. The problem is that this synthetic does not mix well with the rest of the composition and after emptying the feeder, a white powder remains at the bottom.
  2. If you choose food among the products of trusted manufacturers, it will cost a pretty penny.
  3. feeding broilers at home

How to feed broilers at home?

The growth rate of a broiler chicken depends on the daily portion size. From the first days, you will have to feed up to eight times a day, after a week already five times in larger portions. There are two systems for feeding chicks.

  1. The cycle from the purchased chicken to the finished broiler is divided into two phases: the so-called starter feed is used for the first part of life, then the bird is transferred to the finisher.
  2. For a large farm, an option with three phases of fattening is suitable: for the first three weeks, pre-start feed is used, which can significantly strengthen the immune system of the bird. After that, feeding occurs according to the scheme above. Depending on the age of the bird, feed consumption for broilers is compiled, there is a table with the ratio of age and serving size.
  3. Approximate rates of consumption of dry feed mash by broilers in different age periods
    broiler age, days
    amount of feed per day, g

Broiler diet

Whichever feeding option is chosen, ready-made feeds or homemade feeds, the ingredients in the bird’s diet will be approximately the same. Each of them contributes to the harmonious development of the bird’s body.

  1. Most of it is corn. It gives a quick weight gain, trace elements make the body stronger and more resistant to disease.
  2. Germinated barley helps to replenish the vitamin component. This additive is responsible for the balance of elements, a fifth of the total mass of poultry feed is enough.
  3. A good increase in body weight of chickens gives the introduction of yeast.
  4. Improve poultry health and meat quality by adding a mixture of minerals to the broiler feed. We are talking about salt, chalk, and other additives.

Do-it-yourself compound feed for broilers – recipe

If you decide to prepare food for broilers with your own hands, the composition must be supplemented with protein. It is introduced by adding bone or fish meal, alfalfa or grass meal will provide protein.

  1. Three main questions when buying broilers: growing at home, feeding, proper diet. In the starting period of feeding, about half of the diet consists of corn and its flour. Another third is wheat and sunflower meal. The rest is divided into three: bone meal, pressed yeast and grass meal with feed fats.
  2. The composition of the finishing feed for growing at home is somewhat different. Here, corn is only 40-45%, another 30% is equally accounted for by sunflower cake with bone meal. The amount of grass is reduced by a third, instead the percentage of yeast and fats is increased to 3%, the rest consists of crushed wheat.

Feeding broiler chickens at home

We must not forget about the first and basic rule for growing broilers: they should have plenty of water and feed and be freely available. The feeding of broiler chickens depends on the weight growth and age of the bird: if initially one chicken had 5 g of grass and its weight increased tenfold, then the portion should increase to 50 g.

  1. In the first five days, on average, all broiler breeds need 15 g of feed. One chicken accounts for about 65 g for the entire period.
  2. Further, up to 20 days, the norm rises to 35 g per day. Cultivation continues with the starting composition, one chicken will need half a kilogram of feed.
  3. From this moment and for the entire first month of life, the bird is entitled to 65 g of the mixture per day. On the eightieth day, the portion increases to 100 g.

What to feed broilers in the first days of life?

The answer to the question of what to feed broilers on the first day consists of two parts: it is important not only to provide free access to food, but also to drink the bird with special preparations. In the first days of life, there is a chance of losing a bird due to infectious diseases. Preparations “Enroflon”, “Pharmazin” or “Vetom” give up to five days and thus solve this problem.

  1. The first four weeks of growing, access to food should be constant. Compound feed “PK-2” is considered optimal. There will be about seven meals per day.
  2. From the third day of life, you can add green complementary foods, and from a week of age, offer twisted carrots to the chicks. Separately, crushed shells and chalk are poured into the feeders.
  3. A mash is considered an excellent addition to the main diet at home. It consists of crushed wheat, finely chopped grass and supplements of fish oil and chalk. The bird is given a mash before the main feeding and cooked just before serving.
  4. To get large chickens, you can add cottage cheese to the diet. A more affordable option is to cook a mash with sour milk.
  5. what vitamins to give broilers

What vitamins to give broilers?

We must not forget about the feeding that broilers need: growing at home involves feeding with useful additives in the form of natural and pharmacy vitamin cocktails. Green onion feathers can be introduced into the bird’s diet from the fifth day of life. About one gram, then increase the dose to six. Onion destroys intestinal parasites and replenishes the body’s need for sulfur.

Later, sorrel and cabbage will appear on the beds, which are mixed with grain. Nettles and dandelions are also sent there. Pharmaceutical vitamins for broilers “Aminovital” are added to the bird’s water. As part of amino acids, and all the necessary trace elements. The preparation “Chiktonik” contains a complex of probiotics, it is suitable for chicks and adults.

What to feed broilers for rapid growth?

Vitamin supplements mixed with stimulants help to shorten the growth of the bird and provide healthy tasty meat. Growth stimulator for broilers “Microstimulin” enhances the immunity of birds, acts as a prophylactic drug against infections of all origins. “Avesstim” is sprayed, and thus airborne diseases are also prevented.