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PURINA Cat Chow Cat Food

PURINA’s Cat Chow cat food is available in dry, wet and 3-in-1 options. Suitable for adults and kittens, it caters to pets with different tastes. A detailed review of the brand’s products will help you understand what class and composition this product has, how the food marked Kitten, Sterilized and other options presented in the assortment differ.


PURINA Cat Chow has been produced by a renowned US manufacturer since 1963. Prior to this, the company specialized in diets for dogs and farm animals. Since 1970, the brand has been repeatedly recognized as the best in the North American market. In Europe, sales of brand products began only in 2002.

Among the features of Cat Chow cat food, the following characteristics can be distinguished.

  • Complete status. In addition to dry and wet food, cats do not need to be given other foods other than the recommended vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • Moderate dosages. They are listed on every package.
  • Detailed analysis of the composition. It is always indicated on the pack, which allows pet owners to avoid foods that can cause allergies when feeding pets.
  • Animal focus. For example, in the line for kittens there is an ingredient DHA, which is part of mother’s milk, for full growth and development.
  • A combination of protein and fiber. The feed uses duck and chicken, turkey and salmon fillets. Natural fiber comes in the form of corn, carrot, spinach, parsley supplements.
  • Special complex Naturium. It contains valuable dietary fiber to normalize digestion.
  • Approved by US and EU veterinary associations. The brand’s feed complies with established standards, does not contain dangerous carcinogens and other substances that are harmful to health.

Cat Chow Dry Meals are available in 400g and 1.5kg packs, as well as bags. Wet – pouches of 85 g, convenient for portioned feeding.

Kitten food

In this premium food group, Cat Chow offers age-appropriate wet, canned and dry formulas for kittens. This diet is also suitable for pregnant and lactating cats. Dry granules contain up to 50% meat ingredients, DHA and vitamin E. The 400 g and 1.5 kg packs are convenient for feeding a cat and her offspring during the transition from mother’s milk to solid food.

The composition of Kitten dry food includes:

  • cereals;
  • meat and products of its processing;
  • beet pulp, parsley, carrots, spinach and chicory;
  • Brewer’s yeast;
  • vitamins and antioxidants.

Soft foods of the same line are not represented by popular 3 in 1 diet options. But there are canned foods in 85 g pouches. In total, 2 types of wet food are offered for kittens. The first is in jelly, with turkey and zucchini. In the second, the vegetable ingredient is the same, but lamb meat and sauce are used.

The manufacturer paid special attention to the consistency of the products. It is very tender, the size of the pieces is optimal for growing kittens. Food in spiders can be given to cats up to 1 year old and after sterilization, then transferring them to an adult diet.

The proportion of protein components here is maximum, there are no cereals in the composition.

Nutrition for adult cats

Adult animals over 12 months of age need more protein to build muscle, but fewer carbohydrates to avoid excessive weight gain. In the Adult line, the Cat Chow brand has collected a wide range of products for every taste. For sterilized and castrated animals, you can choose a pouch marked Sterilized or dry food in packages of 400 g and 1.5 kg.

Liquid canned rations are presented in the line with the following products in a package of 85 g:

  • with lamb or salmon, green beans;
  • with chicken and zucchini;
  • with beef and eggplant.

Pouch meals are encased in natural meat or fish broth jelly for optimum consistency. Three such servings are enough for an adult animal per day. The composition does not contain preservatives and dyes of artificial origin, cereals, but there are vitamins and sources of fiber. Dry diets are also presented quite diversely. In the Cat Chow line, adult cats are offered high-protein foods based on poultry meat, in mono version or in combination with duck, salmon. The granules have an optimal shape and a pleasant crunch, not too hard, without excessive porosity. Their consistency is optimal for animals of different breeds.

In addition to the main ingredients, the food is additionally enriched with B and E vitamins and a complex of prebiotics. Nutrition is balanced with vegetable oils and animal fats. The composition includes root vegetables – a source of fiber, greens, antioxidants. To reduce the smell of excrement in the tray, a special additive is responsible – chicory. Cereal components are presented in the form of whole grains, more useful than processed ones.

Food for cats with special needs

Special Needs Adult line was developed by specialists of the Cat Chow brand for pets in need of special care. These are premium diets containing natural poultry meat – chicken or duck, with additives that take into account the health of the animal.

In addition to dry food, for cats and cats with sensitive digestion or a tendency to form stones in the urinary tract, there are canned foods in the lines that allow you to diversify your diet. And hair removal products will be indispensable for long-haired cats.

The main line of Cat Chow Special Needs dry food looks like this.

  • sterilized. Food for maintaining a healthy weight and muscle tone, rich in protein – its content reaches 50%. The composition contains special vitamins and prebiotics, vegetable fiber, whole grain cereal components. Such nutrition regulates the BMI of the animal, contains little empty fat.

  • Urinary Tract Health. A special diet for cats in need of urinary tract prevention and maintenance of urinary tract health. This is a high-protein feed with the addition of Omega-3 fatty acids with anti-inflammatory action, a complex of vitamins and minerals.

  • 3 in 1 Adult with Turkey. The food allows you to control the formation of tartar, due to special additives and the shape of the granules, it effectively cleans plaque from the cat’s teeth. Additionally, the composition contains ingredients for the prevention of KSD and the formation of hairballs in the stomach.

  • sensitive. A special nutritional formula for cats with sensitive digestive tracts based on salmon fillet, a hypoallergenic product that is easily digestible and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Also, the diet is suitable for animals with skin prone to allergic rashes, dermatitis. The composition contains special dietary fiber and a complex of vitamins of group B.

  • hairball control. Food to solve the problem of removing hair from the stomach with poultry meat and a high fiber content.

Wet food brands are less diverse. This includes chicken and green bean pouches from the Hairball line, Sensitive with salmon and zucchini, and Sterilized with chicken. All of them can be used as complete rations or in combination with dry food of similar series.

Overview of reviews

The opinion of experts about Cat Chow brand feed is quite positive. The products meet all the requirements for premium class nutrition, there are no potentially dangerous and harmful components. At the same time, veterinarians note that the content of animal protein in such a diet is at a low level, and the volume of cereals is too large. For cats, this can result in food allergies, digestive problems, and weight gain. Also mentioned is the poor balance of ingredients, including in the vitamin-mineral supplement. The opinion of cat owners is also ambiguous. In terms of cost, the food may well compete with the super-premium class, but at the same time it does not live up to expectations in terms of the proportion of meat in the composition.

Owners in the reviews note that the granules are quite dry in structure, have a pronounced specific smell that pets like. Cats eat food with pleasure, both in pouches or canned form, and in a dry version. Negative reviews are not only related to the composition. In neutered and spayed cats, the ingredients used in it can provoke the development of KSD. But for such pets in the line there is a special diet. But Cat Chow food for the prevention of hairballs is praised by pet owners, noting a significant improvement in the condition of animals.

In general, according to the reviews, we can conclude that the brand is focused on the mass market segment, it is trusted by many catteries and breeders, but in some cases the diet is not suitable for the cat.