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Little One Hamster Food Features

Owners of small pets often wonder what food is the most healthy and safe for their pets. Choosing the best option is not so easy, and you have to change the manufacturer from time to time – pets get bored with the same product. Animals stop eating food, which they ate without a trace a few months ago. The Little One brand produces popular and inexpensive food for rodents.

general description

The name of the domestic brand Little One is translated from English as “baby”. The brand’s products are positioned as 100% natural mixtures designed to feed rodents. Little One hamster food is a balanced and safe product that pets love. The most pleasant for the owner is the relatively low price of Little One brand feed.

The manufacturer offers everyday food, treats, tasty “toys”, sticks, dried vegetables and fruits, hay, roots and branches of various plants. – such a rich assortment can confuse even a sophisticated hamster breeder.


The brand produces Little One everyday food for the daily nutrition of all types of hamsters: Syrian, Chinese, including dwarf ones – Dzungarian, Russian. A balanced product enriches the diet of furry pets with all the necessary substances, including vitamins A, D3. The composition includes wheat, red millet, sunflower, oats, barley, corn, buckwheat, puffed wheat and corn, flattened peas, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, dried carrots, carob, herbal granules, additionally enriched with vitamins and minerals. Supplied in packs of 400 g and 900 g.

Little One is a complete food for dwarf species, specially formulated for the nutrition of small hamsters, it does not contain sweet ingredients and spicy ingredients. The size of grains and granules is chosen taking into account the size of pets. Diverse in content: millet, sorghum, buckwheat, barley, oats, flax, sunflower seeds, puffed rice and corn, crushed sesame peas, hemp seeds, dried zucchini, etc. Produced in packs of 400 g.

In addition to the main food, the company produces treats and edible “toys” that will become an additional source of nutrients, and will also keep little fidgets busy during the active phases of their lives.


Berry-fruit mixtures in several variants:

  • with berries and vitamin C – contains rose hips, ordinary and chokeberry, juniper;
  • with fruits – includes dried bananas, pineapples, raisins;
  • carob – very nutritious carob, a source of B vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium.

Vegetable mixes can include only one vegetable, such as dried carrots, or several such as pumpkin, zucchini, parsnips, tomatoes. This is an additional source of fiber, can be used as an additive to the main feed. Airy or flattened grains – animals love to feast on such popcorn, in addition to its high protein content, there is a small percentage of ash, which is good for digestion. Peas in a flattened form are easier for a pet to chew. Biscuits are an unusual top dressing made from bread containing egg products, also containing cereals, carrots, and honey. There is a special holder, thanks to which you can conveniently fix the biscuit.

Sticks are one of the most popular types of treats. The stick is hung under the stream of the cage, and the animal gnaws off small parts with pleasure. There are several types:

  • with meadow herbs;
  • with fruits and nuts;
  • with berries;
  • with puffed rice and nuts.

Branches and roots are intended for dental care, as rodents definitely need to grind their teeth. The assortment includes branches of currant and hazel, dandelion roots. Additionally, you can choose from sprigs sprinkled with fruits, vegetables or herbs. Rodent tunnel: large (480 g) and small (120 g). The big one is made of hay, marigold petals, hibiscus, cornflower, hop cones. Small – corn, dried carrots, alfalfa.

Mountain hay is available in two versions:

  • with chamomile;
  • with dandelion.

This is an environmentally friendly product. Pets like to gnaw through fragrant stems, make nests and fill the house with dry grass. Hay improves digestion, strengthens and increases the tone of the body of the animal. Insects are a favorite delicacy for rodents, a source of protein and chitin, an insoluble fiber. There is top dressing that contains only dried flour worms, and there is a team – from silkworm pupae, black fly larvae, crickets and flour worms.

The brand also produces other toys:

  • hay bell;
  • vegetable pizza based on dried herbs;
  • baskets of pressed meadow grass with vegetables.

These funny things will help keep a restless pet entertained and amuse its owner.

Overview of reviews

Everyday food Little One for hamsters, according to customer reviews, has a variety of fillings and is liked by pets. Other owners notice that the dzhungars do not eat the product completely, leaving oats and wheat in the bowl. The composition of the food is always clean, without dust, some call it “muesli for hamsters.” It is worth recommending for purchase. There are different opinions about treats. Most agree that the grain sticks are great for pets, but inside is a thick beech wood base. Why some owners are disappointed to say that the volume of the yummy is very small.

Others see this as a plus: a wooden stick is great for grinding down your pet’s teeth. Fruit and berry mixtures and carob fruits are more suitable for rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs; these products do not cause interest in hamsters. Vegetable mixtures attract the hamster and are eaten fairly quickly. Tunnel – this loophole is very popular with rodents, a small one is suitable for dwarf varieties, and a large one for larger breeds.

The only drawback: in the process of unpacking – removing the film, a lot of grains crumble.