Cat food brands

Felix cat food

While there are a wide variety of different manufacturers on the cat food market, pet owners often resort to using the Felix brand name. Before purchasing this product, you need to familiarize yourself with its features, product range and reviews of real users or specialists.


The Felix brand belongs to the fairly popular PURINA company, whose head office is located in the United States, in the city of St. Louis. The trademark is registered in Italy. Some production facilities are located in post-Soviet countries, including Russia.

This manufacturer produces economy class quality products for pets since its foundation in 1996. Despite the fact that food and treats belong to the inexpensive segment, Felix cat food is much better than the more well-known companies Whiskas, Kitiket and others.

The main advantages of the brand are optimal cost, a wide range of flavors, the use of natural ingredients and the availability of a separate series for young or pregnant cats.

Products from the manufacturer can be found in almost all retail outlets, including large hypermarkets. As for the disadvantages, it is worth noting the presence of certain flavor and odor enhancers that can cause a pet to become addicted to food. Some varieties also have allergic ingredients, including brewer’s yeast. Unlike other popular manufacturers, the company does not produce preventive or medicinal products, focusing solely on food.

An equally important feature of dry or wet food is the calculation of the nutritional norm depending on the lifestyle and weight of the animal. Food is usually divided into two meals – in the morning and in the evening. When calculating an individual nutrition schedule, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of cats. Neutered or neutered animals should be limited to 2-3 times the food intake, as high-calorie foods negatively affect fat mass.

For cats that are expecting offspring, or sick pets, the daily dosage of food is increased, which makes it possible to achieve a high enrichment of the animal body with the necessary nutritional microminerals and vitamin complexes.

Regardless of the diet chosen, it is especially important to provide the cat with access to fresh and clean water.

Despite the fact that the reviewed feed belongs to the economy class, its constituent elements do not differ in many respects from more expensive or premium products. Such additives are often introduced into the diet as an additional nutrition, along with high-quality and expensive products made exclusively from 100% meat.

The high popularity of feed “Felix” is due to a fairly favorable cost – approximately 30-40 rubles. for 100 g of wet products and 90 rubles. for the dry variety (300 g). Higher-quality manufacturers often cost an order of magnitude more expensive – at least 3-5 times.

Dry food

Felix branded dry food is supplied under the “Double Yummy” series.. These products are produced in the form of crispy snacks and crickets. Modern food is available in plastic bags with a convenient “zipper” that allows you to quickly open the package.

The average cost of one package of dry food is 90 rubles. for 300 g. In addition to the standard volume, options for 750 g are available in stores. The manufacturer produces 3 different flavors: chicken, fish and meat.

The main composition of products manufactured under the trade series “Double Yummy”:

  • cereal elements with a high content of natural fiber;
  • meat components with a percentage of natural meat of at least 4%;
  • various sources of animal protein structures;
  • vegetable glycerin and saturated fats;
  • mineral compounds (zinc, iron, manganese, iodine and selenium);
  • preservatives, yeast and sucrose;
  • flavored compounds and dyes;
  • various vitamins and antioxidants.

Cat meat products are produced in a volume of 300 g, with poultry and fish – 750 g. The share of fish or meat products is 4%. For this purpose, the recovered substance from the recycled raw material residues is mainly used.

This dry food is well suited for both sterilized cats and neutered cats.

It is strongly recommended that you consult your veterinarian before using the product. This advice will avoid various problems in the future, including the risk of dangerous gastrointestinal diseases.

Despite the prevailing opinion, dry food should not be included in the constant diet of small kittens. Juveniles require food with sufficient fluids and a high moisture content. Otherwise, the gastrointestinal tract may suffer, which will lead to various unpleasant consequences.

Wet food

A distinctive feature of wet nutritious food produced under the Felix trademark is a fairly large variability of species, which allows you to choose the most suitable food. At the moment the company produces the following series:

  • “Double yummy” with the addition of meat cubes and thick jelly;
  • Sensations in jelly, sauce or soup;
  • “Appetizing Pieces”

The line “Double Yummy” consists of small pieces of liver, chicken and duck. As for the “Appetizing Pieces” series, it includes turkey, trout and lamb. Complete meals prepared in the form of canned food can be used to add to the regular diet. Unlike dry food, this product is characterized by a large number of useful trace elements and vitamin complexes.

The Sensations line is one of the most interesting varieties produced by Felix. This product is a soft and moist food, which is made according to a unique recipe. The series is supplied in sealed bags, which allows achieving high quality and a long shelf life. The appetizing platter contains a small amount of trout, salmon and cod meat.

The Sensations kitten food series is available in several formulations:

  • beef in tomato;
  • carrots with chicken;
  • spinach pate and duck fillet;
  • cod and salmon.

Wet food is sold in convenient bags or cans. In addition to beneficial minerals and vitamins, the Sensations range includes complementary nutritional supplements and natural flavors to enhance food cravings.

Unlike other series, this product is different high transparency gravy, because of which in its composition you can visually detect pieces of greens and vegetables. Despite this feature, the actual content of the ingredients remains at the same level as in the sauce.


In addition to dry or wet food, the company also produces pet treats. This product is marketed under the separate name Party Mix and is an incomplete dry mix that should only be used as a supplement. It is forbidden to replace food with it.

To date, there are 4 varieties of delicacies produced in the amount of 20 or 60 g:

  • cheese;
  • marine;
  • classic;
  • grill.

The above treats contain 35% meat, including additional processed products. The exception is the marine variety, where there is no meat. Instead, the main mass part is 26% of fish, of which 0.5% is assigned to cod, salmon and trout. The remaining elements are other types of fish and processed products.

The cheese delicacy contains the natural powder of cheeses such as Cheddar, Edam and Gouda. In the classic mix, meat products from chicken liver, turkey and a small amount of seafood account for most of the composition. The “grilled” variety additionally includes beef and salmon.

In addition to additional ingredients, you need to know about the main composition of the product, which is the same for all types of treats. The company uses the following components for its products:

  • cereal elements in the form of jelly;
  • vegetable protein and animal fats;
  • mineral compounds;
  • preservatives, sugar and yeast;
  • vitamin complexes A, E, D;
  • iron, iodine, manganese, zinc and copper.

In terms of guaranteed numbers, one standard 60g pack of treats has about 35% protein structures, 20% saturated fat, 8.5% raw ash and 0.5% fiber. A distinctive feature of the product is the presence of Omega-6 or linoleic acid – approximately 27 thousand mg per kg.

Dry treats from a popular manufacturer are mainly represented by the following varieties, which differ based on structural and visual features.

  1. Snack. Small soft cushions, supplied in 5 separate variations. The user has options from meat, fish or fresh vegetables. Usually used for small kittens.
  2. Twist. Soft sticks made in the form of a twisted spiral. Made from salmon and additional seafood (crab or fish), duck liver or chicken fillet. Mainly intended for medium breeds or animals that often suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Crispier. High-quality delicacy – small pillows made in the form of a star or crescent moon. 4 varieties are available in stores: trout and fish, salmon and vegetables, chicken and beef, and meat and vegetables. It is a universal look.
  4. Crunchy & Soft. The softest treats presented in the form of medium-sized croquettes. The main assortment range: chicken, beef, turkey and vegetables.

In all delicacies, without exception, you can find a certain amount of preservatives, dyes and cereal compounds.

Due to this feature, it is recommended to prescribe products only to healthy and strong pets. Experts also advise adjusting the daily diet based on the quantitative ratio of treats.

Overview of reviews

About the popular Felix pet food line, there are a fairly large number of both positive and negative reviews from real buyers. In general, users praise the food for the most optimal ratio of quality and cost.

At the same time, the opinion of experts is unequivocal – these products are prohibited to be used on an ongoing basis in the context of a daily battery. Professional veterinarians talk about the possibility of using wet or dry food, as well as treats as an addition to more expensive and premium products.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer produces specialized food for kittens, nutritionists do not advise it to be used for young individuals. This feature is explained by the fact that the presence of preservatives and a certain composition does not allow you to get from food the amount of useful elements that is necessary for the rapid and healthy development of the kitten.

Based on a thorough analysis of expert and user feedback, Feeding a pet exclusively dry food is strictly prohibited.

With dry products, you must always combine wet products, and also make sure that there is a sufficient amount of clean and fresh water in the bowl.

There is only one conclusion from all of the above – it is best to use Felix brand food in emergency cases, when there is a need for a quick snack. This will prevent your pet from going hungry.

On an ongoing basis, it is better to give the animal more expensive and high-quality products. However, if financial resources do not allow, PURINA food is the best option available.