Black dogs: color features and popular breeds

The dog is the most loyal friend and extremely popular animal as a pet. There are a lot of breeds, and their representatives have a wide variety of colors. But among this variety, the owners of black wool stand out effectively.

Varieties of colors

Color or suit is the main color of the dog’s coat. It is inherited from parents, and it is, in fact, impossible to influence it. The colors of the varieties are officially designated in the breed standard and are its characteristic features. There are basic colors from which all the rest are formed: white, black, brown and red. Coat color is produced by the pigments eumelanin (brown, black) and pheomelanin (red), and their absence determines the white color.

In addition to the actual color, it is customary to highlight the coloring, which implies the presence of spots (white and yellow spotting), as well as the presence of tan marks, marks or specks on the coat. Color is one-, two- and even three-color. Separate parts of the body may be distinguished by a different color in monochromatic animals, or a characteristic spot may be present in a specific place, most often on the chest, neck or muzzle.

In pedigrees, the color of the dog always fits in, but if the coat has several colors that are located in specific places and have an established shape, then the name of the color is indicated by color. It is customary to name complex suits in comparison with the natural color of the coat of wild animals: tiger, wolf, sable, deer.

All colors are divided into several types.


Solid or one-color suits, they, in fact, colors, have only one pigment in their composition or, in principle, do not contain it. Moreover, it is dispersed in the hair non-zonarly, that is, it is the same everywhere. Accordingly, there are 3 types of solid colors: light, dark, white. With an intense content of the eumelanin pigment, a brown or black color appears, and with its unsaturation – beige or blue. But the presence of the pigment pheomelanin at a stronger concentration provides a red color, at a weak one – sandy.

Both of these colors have a large number of shades.


Such colors have 2 pigments in their composition – light or dark, and the white color is completely absent. Given the ratio of these two pigments, mixed colors are divided into:

  • reddish with a mask;
  • red with black areas;
  • brindle-red;
  • black-backed red.

Moreover, there are options with replacing the red color with sand, and black with brown.


These colors appear on the basis of solid or mixed colors that have changed as a result of phenotypic expression. They are divided into 3 types:

  • gray and with gradual graying;
  • marble with fragmentary highlighting;
  • spotted with the main color partially hidden by white spots.

Color genetics

As everyone knows from the school bench, the carriers of heredity are chromosomes, each of which has a certain set of genes. They are denoted by letters, the characteristic genetic features are indicated in the formula, which details the name of the genes. The number of chromosomes is the same for each species, and each chromosome has a pair. In total, a dog has 39 paired chromosomes. Genes are of two types:

  • dominant or overwhelming is indicated in capital letters;
  • recessive or suppressed are marked with lowercase letters.

For example, to show the dominance of the gene for black over brown, indicate B > b. Gene A determines the uniform distribution of color pigment throughout the hair. Gene B is responsible for the formation of the black color.

The genetic formula for an all black puppy looks like AB. Genes C and D determine the intensity of the color. According to this formula, a black dog is ABCD. Gene E is responsible for the distribution of black color throughout the body. Solid black color looks – EEBB. To obtain a black color, the presence of B and E is necessary. The G gene determines age-related changes in coat color, g – indicates the absence of such changes.

The M gene is responsible for spotting, m indicates uniform pigmentation. S series genes determine hair depigmentation, white spotting. T – indicates dot coloring, t – the absence of specks. The R gene determines such a feature as roan, and r – normal color. The W gene determines the dominance of white color, w – indicates the usual color.

An example of the genetic formula for a black dog looks like this: ABCDEgmStrw, where:

  • BUT – solid pigment;
  • AT – the presence of a black pigment;
  • C – full coloring;
  • D – strong pigmentation;
  • E – distribution of black pigment throughout the body;
  • g – no age-related changes;
  • m – there is no spotting;
  • S – no white spotting;
  • t – lack of a net;
  • r – lack of roan;
  • w – no predominance of white.

What are the breeds?

There are quite a few breeds that stand out with a beautiful black color.


Among the large breeds, there are quite a few representatives with a black coat.

black terrier

Belongs to service varieties and needs an experienced owner. Representatives of the breed have excellent guard qualities, but at the same time they are faithful companions. Their character is restrained and flexible, so they are frequent participants in exhibitions and competitions. Despite its large size, the animal is affectionate and friendly. The Black Terrier does not show aggression, has a good disposition and an extraordinary mind.

Besides, the animal is very loyal and obedient. Representatives of the breed are easy to train and have a high working capacity. The coat is thick with a rigid structure, a beard of longer hair is formed on the muzzle, as well as falling bangs. Dogs are in excellent health and rarely get sick.

Giant Schnauzer

It is also a guard breed. The dog has a stable psyche and incredible devotion.. Outstanding appearance and excellent characteristics contribute to their participation in various exhibitions. Thanks to good mental abilities, animals learn very quickly. They treat children wonderfully, Giant Schnauzers make excellent nannies.

Despite the benevolent disposition, A dog is able to protect its master without hesitation. Very hardworking and active, so she needs frequent walks and sports. The coat of the representatives of the breed is thick and rather hard, there is a dense undercoat and outer hair. The dog has a peculiar beard and shaggy eyebrows.


Newfoundland dogs have many qualities. They are used as rescuers, hunters, watchmen and pets. The animal has well-developed muscles, a large head with a rather broad skull and a square muzzle. The nose is also quite large and the ears are relatively small. The dense jet-black coat is characterized by a double undercoat and oily hairs, which does not get wet.

He chooses only one member of the family as the owner and gives him all his devotion and obedience. The dog loves training, training lends itself easily. He treats children with tenderness, is able to babysit them for hours, but because of the considerable size, one must be careful.

The Newfoundland prefers a quiet rest near the owner to an active pastime, but still small energetic exercises are necessary in order to avoid problems with excess weight and heart in the future.

Cane Corso

Initially, dogs were perceived as watchdogs and shepherds. Now they are bred as guards and status pets. Cane Corso different obedient disposition and quick response to commands. The constitution of the animal is large, the skull has a square shape, the ears are hanging. The coat is rather short and harsh.

The standard of a purebred dog is black, but a small white collar is allowed on the chest. In the dog are simultaneously combined kindness, tenderness and courage. An affectionate and caring dog, when danger appears, will immediately rush to the defense of the owner, showing all his security qualities.

Needs human attention and active pursuits. They do not interact much with other pets, but they treat children kindly.

German dog

A huge dog with excellent guard and bodyguard abilities. Harmonious physique and majestic gait give the dog an aristocratic appearance. The nature of the animal friendly and reserved. The calm, confident dog never barks for no reason and gets along well with other pets. It also treats children well. Although the breed belongs to the security, but their aggression is completely absent, however they are quite capable of protecting their beloved master.

The dog is quite large, 70-90 cm high. The body is powerful, with a wide chest and a straight back. The head is elongated, with large triangular ears, the paws are long and muscular. The coat does not have length, but is shiny and rather dense.


Belongs to service dogs. The breed standard is black with tan markings. The formidable appearance creates a frightening impression, but this opinion is very erroneous. The dog has a calm disposition, very obedient and easy to train. Rottweilers are first-class guards and defenders, they zealously protect their territory and are able to protect their owner around the clock.

In the education of the breed regular, diligent training is necessary so that the pet learns to distinguish imaginary threats from real ones. He is wary of strangers and animals. Despite its severity, the dog needs attention and suffers from loneliness. The short coat has a fairly dense undercoat and lies close to the body. The physique of the representatives of the breed is athletic, strong.

The color of the breed is black with distinct reddish-brown markings that are placed on the head, chest and limbs.


The breed has several colors, and jet black one of them. Dogs are extremely good-natured and loving, they treat everyone with kindness, even strangers. Because of this feature, they make bad guards, but as companions they fit perfectly. Due to their high intelligence, they are extremely easy to train. The Labrador has a well-developed hunter’s instinct, so he brings things, slippers with great desire, in addition, he is a wonderful swimmer.

An athletic and energetic dog has a high working capacity, in connection with this it is often used as a hunting dog. The animal is extremely fond of all family members, and takes children under its care, playing and taking care of them. The coat of the representatives of the breed is short and rather thick, somewhat harsh. There is also a very dense undercoat that prevents the dog from getting wet.

Groenendael or Belgian Shepherd

It was originally used as a herding breed and later as a police dog. Now she copes well both with the role of a service dog and a good companion. The animal is quite smart and efficientit constantly needs to be occupied with something, otherwise it will get bored. Differs in fidelity and ability to protect the owner. Such a pet needs the attention of the owner, and long blue-black hair needs careful care.

On the neck, the cover is somewhat longer, which is why a magnificent collar is formed. The muzzle of the dog is elongated, the ears are erect. The body is strong, muscular, proportionately folded.


Breeds of medium size are not so numerous representatives of black color, but among them there are worthy ones.


A breed with good physical data and a beautiful shiny coat. Habits and demeanor betray him as an aristocrat. By nature, dogs are very active, but at the same time obedient. They have excellent guard qualities, get along well with other animals and love children. Dobermans are also characterized by devotion to the owner, high mental abilities and a stable psyche.

In the family circle, the dog is peaceful and affectionate, but in a moment of danger – fearless and decisive. The muscles of the dog are harmoniously developed, the physique is proportional. The smooth-haired coat is rather thick and hard, without undercoat. The color is black and tan with obligatory spots of a reddish tone in specific places.


Belongs to a fairly ancient guard breeds and has excellent protective qualities. Differs in fidelity and extreme devotion, but only to one owner. The dog needs his presence nearby, therefore you need to be ready to devote a lot of time to your pet. Hovawart will become reliable protector and guardian of the familyand for children – good babysitter. Remarkably treats other pets, considering them members of the family.

The disadvantages of the breed include late maturationonly after three years the dog loses puppyish playfulness and becomes more sedate. The strong body is slightly elongated, the chest is deep, and the back is even. The coat is long, slightly wavy with a slight undercoat, and has a beautiful sheen.


Belongs to rather rare dogs. A characteristic feature of the breed is the presence of a beard and rather hard wool. This coating protects well from cold and wet weather. Of the variety of colors, black belongs to the most common. By nature the animals are very friendly, cheerful and capable of quick learning, but rather wayward.

They treat people well, especially children, love communication and are very attached to the family. Barbet loves to swim and can do it in any weather.


Hungarian shepherd breed. Its representatives have a wedge-shaped head with erect ears and a strongly knocked down body. On the muzzle and forepaws, the coat is smooth and short, all other parts are covered with longer, wavy hairs. The dog can be called universal, she is good at hunting, and also as a guard and watchman. Differs in vigor and strong attachment to the owner.

Moody is very capable of learning and quickly learns everything new.

Portuguese water dog

A strong, lean animal that feels equally good both on land and in water. The coat is very thick, wavy, capable of repelling water. It has an obedient character, readily hurries to follow any instructions. An energetic dog rarely gets tired. In addition to these qualities, the animal is very smart, courageous and independent.


Black dogs of small size look very impressive and graceful.

scotch terrier

A hunting breed with a fearless disposition and intelligent manners. The dogs are pretty independent, which is manifested by some stubbornness, and consider themselves an equal member of the family. Animals often act according to their mood, although they are distinguished by an extraordinary mind. Children are treated as equals, therefore they might bite in retaliation. To protect themselves or their families, they will go to any lengths.

The dog is quite strong and well built, with a straight back, a voluminous muzzle with an original beard and eyebrows. The coat is long and hard, with a soft undercoat.


The dog has an unusual appearance. The muzzle of the animal is round, snub-nosed, resembling a monkey, with large round beady eyes. Because of this appearance, the dog was called “monkey pinscher”. The body is strong, muscular, with a slightly shortened back. The coat is of medium length, hard and wavy. Eyebrows, beard and sideburns are more shaggy.

Despite the small size, the dog is very active and courageous, loves to travel very much. The animal has irrepressible energy and curiosity.

Although the character of the dog is good-natured, he will without hesitation defend the owner and family. He loves to play with children, but will not tolerate a careless attitude towards himself.


A hunting breed that has long been used for burrow hunting. Now she is a devoted friend and faithful companion who loves active pastime. The dog is distinguished by some stubbornness, which often makes training difficult. Dachshund loves to be paid attention, treated with respect, and also praised and encouraged. A characteristic feature of the breed is long body and short legs.

The head is wedge-shaped, with an elongated muzzle, hanging ears. Representatives of the breed can have several colors, black is one of them. Possible light brown tan marks on the muzzle and limbs. Short hair can be both smooth and hard, there are also long-haired animals.

About the black terrier breed, see the following video.